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Yeeply: the Reference Marketplace for Professionals and IT Companies

Yeeply: the Reference Marketplace for Professionals and IT Companies

In the world of technology, competition is fierce and more and more companies and organizations are turning to development teams to help them create innovative technological solutions and of quality.

In this context, Yeeply has become theEuropean reference marketplace, with a presence in several countries, including Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Yeeply is a platform recognized for its customer-centric approach and commitment to quality, which has contributed to its success as a marketplace for reference for IT professionals.


  • What do we do at Yeeply?
  • What advantages do we offer you at Yeeply?
  • What kind of projects will you be able to access?
  • Our business model
  • Our subscriptions plans
  • What makes us different

What do we do at Yeeply?

We connect companies and organizations with technology professionals, software developers, web designers, mobile application developers, digital marketing experts, among others.

We invest our capital in digital marketing and sales force to get thousands of visits to our page and hundreds of projects.

Our team of experts carries out an exhaustive study and filtering of the projects, so that only quality projects reach our teams of developers and professionals. Just 20% pass the filter from our project managers.

We distribute the projects based on the specifications and the development team skills, we never pass on leads that are not within the technical skills of our professionals.


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What advantages do we offer you at Yeeply?

Access to a wide variety of projects

Yeeply offers you a wide variety of bespoke software, web and mobile technology projects, allowing development teams to findbprojects that suit your skills and preferences.

Work with quality clients

Yeeply makes sure that the clients that hire the development teams are quality ones. This ensures that our development teams do not work on projects that are not profitable or that do not meet their quality standards.

Flexibility and autonomy

Tech professionals working with Yeeply can choose the projects they want to tackle and set their own rates, giving them the flexibility and autonomy to run their own business.

Advice and support

Yeeply’s team of experts provides professional advice and support at all times, ensuring projects run efficiently and smoothly. In addition, our team helps customers to better define their goals and find solutions to their technological problems.

Transparency in the process

Yeeply is a platform where clients and professionals can communicate clearly and directly, avoiding misunderstandings and reducing the possibility of errors. In addition, the platform provides detailed information on progress of projects and costs.

Simplified project management

Yeeply offers an online platform that simplifies project management for development teams. The platform enables development teams to collaborate with their customers, communicate, and perform project progress tracking in one single place.

Secure and guaranteed payments

Yeeply ensures that development teams get paid for each completed milestone instantly. The platform takes care of the entire billing and payment process, which reduces the administrative burden for development teams.

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Your trusted Marketplace for digital projects. Source: Canva 

What kind of projects will you be able to access?

All our projects go through a filtering process: only qualified clients with real projects to develop reach our teams.

Depending on the maturity of the project, we distinguish between two types of clients:

SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) 

It is a potential client who has a project to develop. It is usually an individual or a company that is looking for information about the type of technology that can help him develop the project. He is in the early stages of the sales funnel and needs an expert to guide him to get a quote.


It is a client that meets these characteristics: Budget (has budget), Authority (is the person who takes the decision), Need (has a clear need) and Timing (it is a need consistent with the necessary deadlines). They know the type of technology they need and have predetermined deadlines.


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Our business model

We work with a business model based on monthly subscription to one of our plans. This model allows access to a certain volume and number of projects on a recurring basis, which vary depending on the needs and growth objectives of the development teams.

Our goal is to be the sales team of our professionals and manage a constant flow of projects, which will depend on the plan.

We want to differentiate ourselves from other platforms by acquiring a commitment to generate a certain volume of business in 12 months, which will vary by plan.

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Our subscriptions plans

The Premium plan: 100€/month

It is ideal for freelancers and small businesses, it allows you to acquire a monthly flow of up to 5 SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) per month.

The Bronze plan: 250€/month

It is ideal for small and medium-sized companies, since it allows you to generate up to €25,000 of extra business each year and, in addition, you obtain quality clients and projects. Up to 5 SQL (Sales Qualified leads) and 2 BANTS.

The Silver plan: 500€/month

Recommended for medium-sized companies that want to expand and have the size and resources to manage large projects. The silver plan provides you with a business volume of €50,000 per year and access to 10 SQL and 3 BANTs each month.

The Gold plan: 1000€/month

This plan is aimed at medium and large companies that seek to grow and generate large income. They are normally companies that have a multidisciplinary team, work with different technologies and are capable of working in at least two or more languages. This plan allows you to generate up to €100,000 of business per year and there is no limit on the allocation of projects.

The Platinum plan: 2000€/month

To access large projects. It is aimed at large companies, with a multidisciplinary team and working with different technologies. To subscribe to the premium plan, companies must be able to take on projects that amount to a generated business volume of €300,000 per year and have an indefinite flow of projects.


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That makes us different

Our culture, our values ​​and our team.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality, customized technology solutions to our clients, to help them grow and prosper in an increasingly digital world. We are committed to working with integrity and transparency, and to establishing long lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Our aim is to become the leading platform in Europe connecting premium clients with the best development teams at a European level.

As a company, we are guided by core values ​​that are essential to ensuring the satisfaction of our teams. We want to emphasize that these values ​​are quality, trust, security, transparency, professionalism and flexibility.

Quality is a key value for Yeeply. We work hard to offer high-quality services that meet the highest standards.

Trust is another core value of Yeeply. We take the responsibility of being your technology partner very seriously. We strive to establish lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Security is an essential value that guides all our actions.

Transparency is possibly the most important key value at Yeeply. We want to maintain clear and open communication with all of our teams.

Our professionalism is another value that characterizes us at Yeeply. Our team of highly trained professionals strive to provide high-quality services and adhere to the highest professional standards.

Last but not least, flexibility is another core value at Yeeply. We recognize that each project is unique and we commit to accommodate your specific needs. Whether you need custom solutions or a more agile approach, we’re here to help you achieve your goals.

These values ​​are the foundation of our company and what allows us to offer the best possible services to our teams.

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