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Yeeply brings important novelties in the app development

Clients and professionals working in app development can now take advantage of new features we have implemented in the new version of Yeeply. New features, a new interface and more possibilities to manage projects development. This is the new version of Yeeply, which brings significant novelties both for the clients and for the app development experts. We offer you a number of resources that will make you working through our platform easier and more comfortable. Would you like to know what we bring back?

Yeeply new version 1

Without a doubt, the most remarkable thing in this new version of Yeeply is the interface: simple and intuitive. We have worked very hard to make the website smoothlier. In this way, you can browse the platform in a comfortable and fast way.

But Yeeply not only brings a change in appearance. To facilitate work in apps development and to make our clients get the mobile application in a more satisfactory way, we have also included a number of features that contribute to make our platform a workplace at all levels.

One of the most striking features that can be seen is the new chat service that we have included. On the other hand, a member of our technical team is available to help you answer any doubt about the functioning of the platform or resolve any technical problems that you have. This chat service is a quick and efficient complement our customer service. You can also send us your technical queries to support@yeeply.com whenever you have a need.

Yeeply new version 2

Novelty for customers and developers

Would you like to post a project but you do not have enough time? Do not worry. One of the features that the new version of Yeeply brings is the ability to save a draft of the project you are preparing without having to publish it. In this way, you can continue with it later, adding information to complete it and publish it on the platform. Moreover, you can make your project stand out from the rest on the list, to get a developer as soon as possible. On the other hand, if your project contains sensitive information, you can request to make it not indexed by search engines or you can protect it with a confidentiality agreement. Developers who wish to bid will be able to accept this agreement.

Meanwhile, developers can also increase their visibility, standing out from other professionals. To do this, the new version of Yeeply includes four types of subscriptions. Thanks to them, developers will not only raise their visibility, but also will be able to realize more offers, opt for projects of bigger importance and reduce Yeeply brokerage commission. Each of these four plans is adapted to the characteristics that every professional has in the app development area.

Yeeply new version 3

Escrow and projects management

In order to speed up the work on the app development through the platform, the new version also includes improvements in the Yeeply project manager. On the one hand, developers have a calendar through which they can see delivery times and add new events with their clients, such as meeting or videoconferences. Meanwhile, customers can follow the work of the contracted professionals more precisely. In addition, we have set up a private chat area to facilitate instant, fast and fluent communication.

Remember that you can access this project management service only through the secure payment method Yeeply Escrow. But why to choose this method? Yeeply Escrow is the guarantee that, as a customer, you pay for a job that really convince you. As a developer, you can be sure that through Yeeply Escrow your work on app development will always be paid, minimizing the risk of non-payment by customers.

With these new improvements we want to make Yeeply a more functional and effective meeting point between our customers and developers. However, this is only the beginning of a new era. We are going on working to offer you the best service and meet your needs at all levels: both to get the app you need and to participate in interesting projects, that will bring you experience, recognition and significant profits in the field of app development. For this reason, we expect your feedback and we hope that this new version of Yeeply will be the starting point for our platform to become an essential tool for all actors involved in the field of mobile applications.

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