Why Yeeply

We know it isn’t easy to find the ideal team to outsource your digital project. Let our experience, industry knowledge and expertise help you make the right decision.


How we can help you

These are the reasons why our clients have entrusted us with more than 2000 projects.


The best remote technological talent

We set high quality standards — all our professionals passed a demanding certification process. Based on the support you need, we select the right profiles to form your ideal team.


Fair pricing

We offer competitive pricing — thanks to the reasonable rates of our certified professionals and the offshoring of resources always in Europe —. Stick to your budget without sacrificing quality.


Quality and security

We work with the best teams and professionals, offshore but in Europe, with regulatory guarantees and security, regulatory compliance, ease of communication, same time zone, etc.


Flexibility and agility

We enable direct communication with your assigned team from the very start. Discuss the details of your project without any concerns, your idea is safe with us.







Custom solutions for any type of business

  • Work with certified professionals who have carried out similar projects to yours.
  • Get advice on choosing the most convenient digital solutions and technologies.
  • Communicate transparently and directly with your team from the very start.
  • We help you define a clear road map and support you through the entire process.
  • Your idea is safe. All our conversations are strictly confidential and we work with NDAs.
  • We find you the perfect team that fits your budget and helps you get the most out of your project.
  • Find professionals from any area on one single platform: developers, designers, marketing experts etc.
  • Determine your budget and receive one (or more) custom proposals to choose from.
  • Control your expenses—switch resources on and off according to your needs.
  • Save time finding the ideal team for your project. We take care of connecting you with the experts you need.
  • Find qualified professionals from any area on one single platform, ready to cover your project from A-Z.
  • Get that necessary flexibility in hiring resources—switch them on and off according to your needs.

Turn your project into a reality

Discover why you should opt for Yeeply


1. Industry expertise

When Yeeply was founded in 2013, its initial purpose was to launch a premium platform that anyone with a serious app project could use to find the perfect development team.


At that time, the founders had detected that in the current market there were already similar portals but they were focused on quantity rather than quality. Besides, those marketplaces where you could hire freelancers to work on any digital project were very generic. There was no such place yet that was focused explicitly on mobile app development.


First, Yeeply focused on establishing itself as a big player in the Spanish app development market and in 2015 they also expanded their business to the French and Italian markets. Two years later, the startup was considered a consolidated business, with clients from all over the world. Now, Yeeply has positioned itself as a strong leader in software development in Western Europe.

Experience with digital projects

During all those years, we did not only expand their business geographically but also in terms of services. What started as a solution for outsourcing app development, slowly became the place to also find the perfect team for web development, software development, digital marketing projects and many more.


Our clients now include startups, SMEs, multinationals and global brands. All with specific outsourcing needs, different requirements and customised levels of guidance. This turned out in a marketplace where any size of enterprise can find any type of solution to carry out a digital project. In other words, our clientele was evolving, so did our services.


The most common services that our clients are nowadays looking for to outsource with our help are:

Quality over quantity

Even though our outsourcing solutions are now covering a broader range of projects, the quality of the services remains top-level.


That is because all the professionals and teams that we are working with first had to pass our demanding certification process. Getting certified is not easy, only 1% of the applications that we receive are qualified enough to enter our premium platform.


This implies that not only we work with the best from the best. But that you— having a challenging digital project to carry out—also gets the opportunity to rely on a high-qualified team to turn it into reality.


2. How common challenges are defeated

Based on our experience, we know that it is not easy to carry out a digital project, especially without the right guidance and knowledge from experts. We have pointed out some common challenges that people have to face and how we, at Yeeply, try the utmost to tackle them for you.

Searching and picking the right team

It is essential to take the necessary time to research your options for outsourcing. However, since there are so many websites from freelancers, agencies, and development companies out there, it is not that easy to filter the best options. The supply is overwhelming, while the quality of the services is hard to validate.


Like we have already mentioned before, the teams from Yeeply have all passed our certification process. This means that we have seen their portfolios, we have checked at least two of their references, we have interviewed them (personally or digitally) and they have proven their skills and experience to us. We make sure to trust each one of our teams and professionals 100% before we let them work with you.


But that is not all the time and effort that we are saving you. Creating a perfect match between your project and the ideal team to carry it out is the most challenging part. So, how do we to that?


First of all, we rely on an authentic algorithm for tech-driven matching. Based on the details of your project and the required skills to carry it out, our artificial intelligence (AI) driven algorithm makes a pre-selection of teams that are suitable for your project. Then, it is up to the Yeeply team to hand-pick two or three teams from this shortlist.


Secondly, we ensure that the key requirements and preferences of the project match the team. Depending on the number of proposals you wish to receive and the availability of the teams, we assign one or more teams to your project. Then, it is up to you to make a final decision.


Also, you do not need to worry about keeping your project idea or concept safe. Our Yeeply team, as well as our certified teams, are not allowed to share details of your project with additional parties. However, if you prefer to sign an NDA before telling us all about your project, we can arrange this without a problem.


Challenges that are tackled at this stage:

  • Ensuring that the team has experience in similar projects;
  • has the right profiles and resources to carry it out;
  • has the required skills and technological knowledge;
  • has the availability that matches your deadlines;
  • has an hourly rate or total price that fits your budget.
  • Last but not least, making sure that your idea is 100% safe.


Looking for a team to carry out your project? Tell us how we can help you out!


Project management

Still, Yeeply is more than just a marketplace that connects you with the right team to outsource your digital project. It is also a convenient platform to manage your project from start to finish. Accepting proposals from teams, signing contracts to get your projects up and running and payments that have to be made—can all be managed through the platform.


Once your team starts working on your project, you can easily keep track of its progress. Since all the tasks are divided into several stages (milestones), each time a milestone is completed by the team, you will receive a notification. Then you can enter the platform to confirm that the tasks related to that milestone are completed. The team will receive a notification of your approval and will continue working on the next stages.


Another benefit of our platform is the chat function that you can use to directly contact the assigned team or the Yeeply team. Compared to traditional email, for example, it is way quicker to solve your doubts during the development process.


However, the level of support and guidance that our clients require during the actual development process tends to vary. For example, some of them ask us to define a clear roadmap beforehand and support them during the entire process. While others prefer to work more independently with the team and only contact us when necessary.


The same applies to the type of contract that you can sign for. There is no such thing as one outsourcing option at Yeeply when it comes to the number of hours that are necessary to carry out the project. Depending on the magnitude and complexity of the project, you could choose for a contract that is based on an hourly rate, time and materials, a fixed amount of hours etc. You even have the option to switch resources on and off according to your needs.


Challenges that are tackled at this stage:

  • Having a clear roadmap of the entire development process.
  • Keeping an overview of the progress, communication and documentation related to your project.
  • Reviewing and approving interim results to avoid unexpected results.
  • Quick solving of questions or problems to avoid delays.
  • Receiving a custom level of support and guidance throughout the project.
  • Find a way of working that meets the requirements of the project and the client.

Continuous improvement

After a project has been completed, most of them still require maintenance or technical support services. For example, a website. Once it is live, it might be necessary to optimise its speed and functionalities. Let alone the possible unexpected bugs that might be popping up. Especially when starting to get your first visitors, it is important to make a first good impression.


On the other hand, there is the possibility to continue improving the functionalities of your website according to feedback from users. Also, think of A/B testing to discover which colours, designs, copies etc. work best. There are tons of ways to improve the conversion rate of your website, not only on the server-side (back-end) but also on the front-end.


Despite the type of project that you have, it might be a good option to keep working with the same team that developed it for you in the first place. It is very common among our clients to do this as it saves them a lot of time (and sometimes also costs) to look for another team to rely on when necessary.


Last but not least, think of additional services that you might need at a later stage. We will use the example of the website again. Imagine that after a few months after its launch, you are still not getting the expected number of visitors. In that case, it might be time to try our new marketing channels (e.g. social media, PR, SEM etc.) Or you might need to improve your SEO strategy to increase organic traffic.


Whatever type of additional services you need for your project, we can connect you with the right team, through the platform you are already familiar with.


Challenges that are tackled at this stage:

  • Finding a team to rely on for maintenance;
  • technical support;
  • amplification of functionalities;
  • front-end and back-end optimisations.
  • Looking for new teams to outsource additional services.


3. How Yeeply ensures that your project runs smoothly

Not only our clients but also our certified teams get the necessary support and guidance that they need. This to ensure that the entire project goes smoothly from the beginning till the end. Therefore, communication is key between all parties to avoid any misunderstandings.


Thanks to our experience in carrying out similar projects to yours, we know how to prevent common bottlenecks. We know exactly how to anticipate the first red flags to prevent delays or other issues. In other words, we are not only there to give you advice when necessary but also to guide you before you know it is needed.


Another way of ensuring that your project will run smoothly is that we take responsibility for it if the team does not perform as agreed. This is reflected in the contract that you will sign for carrying out your project with one of our teams. Instead of signing a contract directly with the team, you will sign one with Yeeply.


Besides, in that contract, we offer a six-month guarantee to our clients. This means that we take care of fixing any type of bug or technical incident regarding the functionalities that are defined in the contract. If you want to add new functionalities to your project, it will not be included in the guarantee.

Working with Yeeply vs. without an intermediary

A frequently asked question among our clients is: “What is the difference between choosing Yeeply instead of hiring a team directly?”


The answer is simple. We make it easier to find the ideal team for your project and drastically lower the risks for you. This is how:

  • Based on our experience, we know exactly what profiles you need to carry out your project.
  • You save time finding your dream team with experience in realising projects that are similar to yours.
  • Professionalism and quality are guaranteed as all our teams and professionals are manually certified.
  • Many projects require support in different areas. With us, you can cover all your outsourcing needs in one place.
  • We provide custom solutions for any type of business. Your needs, scope of the project, company budget etc. are taken into account.
  • If the assigned team or their proposal does not match your expectations, we can put you in contact with another team.
  • We are here to make sure everything goes as planned, the chance that something goes wrong is really small.