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Why your Digital Agency Needs Yeeply to Outsource IT Projects

Why your Digital Agency Needs Yeeply to Outsource IT Projects

When Yeeply decided to change its business model and we started certifying all the professionals on our platform, digital agencies have become our clients. This model, in fact, has taken root in our main markets such as Spain, France, Italy and England.

It was just like this that the IT service outsourcing has started to grow especially in the last few months. And it is precisely the digital agencies that turn to our platform in search of the best talent in the sector. In this sense, we are pleased to be able to provide this service to our customers and select the best professionals in the development of apps, web, UX/UI, CRM and many other types fo projects.

In fact, more and more often digital agencies outsource mobile and web development tasks, as well as other IT services. In this way, as we have already told you in other articles on this blog, you allow your team to focus on what they do best: creativity. And it also allows you to become a scalable company that can handle a larger volume of work.

To be completely honest, the issue of outsourcing is complicated. And even more complicated when it includes software development. We could compare it to when we leave the care of our child in the hands of a nanny: we are entrusting one of our most precious assets to someone external. That’s why we must make sure the process is safe, and generating trust is essential. And that’s exactly what Yeeply achieved with his model change.

Here’s how Yeeply helps your Digital Agency

  • Transparent access to a network of certified mobile/web developers and designers. Most of these are software houses, but we also count on freelancers, all based in the UK or Europe, prepared for any type of international multilingual project.
  • Agile methodology and a Project Manager dedicated to your project. To ensure that activities and milestones are completed within estimated timeframes and within a competitive budget.
  • Flexibility to fit your agency’s payment policy. Something that is not always possible when outsourcing IT to small development teams or freelancers.

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Trusted professionals to work with your team

Digital agencies are themselves outsourcing companies, so they know perfectly well how important it is to have a partner you can trust. And that when you get a job, it is often based on the reputation of the agency you have worked for and cultivated over time.

And things get complicated when you have to outsource part of a project that has been entrusted to you. It can be very difficult to evaluate the benefits of hiring someone else to do that particular job. Especially since a failure can affect your reputation as an agency.
Cody Littlewood, CEO of CodeLitt, tells us his point of view.

The biggest problem is agencies’ lack of ability to adequately veto outsourcing companies. Many try to sell their excellent skills, when in reality they have poor technical equipment which ends up causing headaches.

Matt Goolding, founder of the British digital marketing company KYO, agree:

With the increase in the number of freelancers on the market and the even greater number of specialized portals, the most critical thing is the abundance of options. It can be difficult to filter through the noise to choose good and also affordable experts.

Another problem we encounter when looking for professionals we can trust is portfolio plagiarism. It is difficult to prevent and takes time to detect. Therefore, when outsourcing important work or critical elements in a project, the agency spends a lot of time “screening” candidates.

We at Yeeply do this research for you. Thanks to our marketplace of professionals, we have access to a network of more than 100 refined developers and designers with whom you can work on your projects

We are not just any marketplace, in which the user can get lost among hundreds of options without any guarantee of reliability: we give priority to quality rather than quantity, and offer a personalized customer-focused service, with the best digital professionals in the sector.

“Our teams cover virtually every technology, from web development to mobile development, from frontend to backend, from development to design, adapting to the customer’s budget needs.” says Héctor Badal, COO of Yeeply.

We worked on Uber-style apps, Tinder-style apps, streaming apps and also on the creation of the official LaLigaFantasy Marca app.

And when you find someone who is talented, who is reliable and who you communicate well with, stick with them.

Totally agree with Matt Goolding.

Complete management of any type of project

Another critical point for digital agencies is communication with the outsourcing team. As indicated by Mark Tuchscherer, president of Geek in Chicago, “you need someone who can do more than just write code.” From their experience they have seen “many teams that fail to communicate effectively or do not understand the project.”

Being able to get work started quickly and effectively is key to getting a project with a digital agency off the ground and running over time (and by extension within budget).

We at Yeeply understand this completely, here’s why we offer a Project Manager for projects with digital agencies. We speak the language of technicians but also that of salespeople, and we know what needs to be done at every stage of the project.

PM for agencies

Having someone as the primary intermediary between the digital agency and the development team allows the IT team to focus on programming.
This understanding of the project is also critical. Just as Jason Brewer, CEO of the digital agency Brolik, says «When considering adding a development partner to a project, the biggest concern is the lack of specialization. Or even the challenge of transferring knowledge from the agency to the development partner. There are many small problems and small decisions that a developer will have to face during a project.

Having the role of Project Manager means that these small problems and decisions will have a prompt and quick resolution. It also means that there is a person on the project who can see bigger problems during the project and anticipate how this will affect the team.

Great attention to the details that matter most

When you tackle big topics like creativity or development and work with agencies and teams, the smallest details seem to get in the way. With the agency and development team focused on the creative vision and technical design respectively, no one will object to these little details that make the difference.

Budget matters. If you’re in the IT outsourcing industry, you know that high quality and low prices don’t go hand in hand. When we talk about competitive rates, we do it because Yeeply is a constant “customer” for our developers network. The teams understand that we also place great value on our customers.

It’s not just the budget we neglect. Sometimes the most important part of any project is the one we talk about the least: confidentiality. We understand that our clients often work for large corporations, multinationals and well-known brands. And we take confidentiality very seriously. We are willing to sign a confidentiality agreement with each project. If the agency doesn’t want us to talk about our role in the project, we won’t.

Peace of mind now and in the future

We provide the source code to digital agencies once the project is finished. Our goal is to be the first platform you contact when you get a new project. But we don’t want to make you come back simply because we have the rights to the code.

We also offer a 6 months warranty to resolve ‘bugs’ and errors if they appear. Once again, we aim to provide high quality work. We want to make sure you know we’re there if you have any issues after we deliver your project.

To conclude

In a world where remote working, agencies and outsourcing are becoming commonplace, we want to be part of this new developing landscape.
How? By work to connect developers and other trusted professionals with digital agencies working on cutting-edge projects. It is an area we are proud to be involved in and have worked to ensure it is successful for everyone involved.

If your digital agency has a project and you haven’t worked with Yeeply yet, now is the time. Let’s talk!

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