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Software Developer Hourly Rate (UK): How Much Does a Programmer Make?

Software Developer Hourly Rate (UK): How Much Does a Programmer Make?

Although more than 50% of companies already hire offshore programmers in order to optimize software development costs, finding this type of professional is not always easy.

It is also not easy to assess whether the programmer’s hourly rate for his work is fair.

We will have to trust professionals or be guided by a price comparator, such as a marketplace.


Why compare the software developer hourly rate in UK

Comparing the price-hour cost of a software programmer in different countries can mean savings of between 40% and 70%.

For example, in the U.S., these professionals charge between 65 and 130 dollars per hour, while in Europe (Central and Eastern) their salary is in the middle, around 70 dollars. This price is similar to Latin America, between 35 and 70 dollars.

In Asian countries, the salary of a computer programmer ranges between 40 and 45 dollars per hour.

And offshore resources in countries like the Philippines can be up to 20-30% cheaper than in Australia, Europe or the United States.

But, in addition to the price, outsourcing the custom software development of your company has other advantages, such as benefiting from the latest technology or better adjusting to certain time frames.

Therefore, at the time of comparing the price-hour cost of a software programmer, you must take into account different issues beyond the numbers.

Among them, the needs of your project (management, development, UI/UX design, maintenance, etc.).

It is also convenient that you value the different outsourcing models: 

Fixed price

You will agree with the company or the subcontracted professional a global price for your project.

Time and material or T&M

You will pay according to the hours worked by your provider and the materials used.

Dedicated team

You will have an external company that will function as one more area of ​​your organization, and you will agree with them the hours of work, the rate and other terms.

Staff increase

You will hire an experienced software developer on a temporary basis.

Details to consider when looking for a software developer

When analyzing the salary of a senior programmer, you must take into account several aspects.

Among them, the total costs of hiring, the minimum wage of each country, taxes, worker benefits (medical insurance, vacations, social coverage, etc.) or their experience and certifications.

These elements explain why the salary of a web developer varies so much from one place to another.

programmer salary uk
How much does it cost to hire a software developer? Source: Canva

You should also consider:

Onshore/Offshore Developers

Onshore developers are located in your country, while offshore developers are abroad.

The former are more expensive, but they guarantee better communication and are in your same time zone, which facilitates collaboration in real time.

Offshore developers are usually cheaper.

You will have access to international talent and you will be able to find professionals with more specific skills.

This type of contracting also has potential problems, such as different quality control standards in each country.


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Freelance programmer vs software house company

The freelance developer’s hourly rate is usually lower than software houses’, and could be a better option if you are looking for a very specific programming language or technology.

By hiring a software house, you will have all the services related to software development (quality control, app development, incorporation of artificial intelligence, etc.) at more affordable prices.

Additionally, most of these companies have their own in-house project managers to ensure milestones are delivered on time and on budget.

Time zone differences

Software development agencies are experts in providing remote services.

They use “asynchronous” to work with clients in different time zones thanks to tools like Google Docs and messaging and task management platforms like Slack or Trello.

This way, you can enjoy the benefits of a cheaper hourly rate without compromising a smooth working relationship.



The language barrier can be a problem to outsource the software development of your company or startup.

Our advice is get to know the software development team before hiring.

Only then will you be able to assess how the communication with its members is through text or videoconference.


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Factors influencing the programmer’s hourly rate


As we have already mentioned, you should not only focus on the programmer salary as a whole. Rather, you should look at the programmer hourly rate. It is significantly lower in Europe, Africa or South America than in Canada and the United States.

For this reason, most American companies end up hiring technology services abroad, since they have the best value for money.

Size of the company

Larger companies have more bureaucracy and protocols, which makes working with them.

Small businesses usually offer greater customer knowledge and greater flexibility.

Soft skills

The so-called “soft skills” are essential in the world of software.

It is increasingly important that developers and programmers have a high capacity for communication, adaptability and social skills, something that can determine that your salary is higher.


The more specialized companies usually charge more for their services.

If you are about to start a complex project that involves various technologies (i.e. front-end combined with back-end, etc.) your budget will increase considerably.


The salary of a senior programmer will be higher than that of a junior one. And again a senior web developer hourly rate can’t be the same as interns’.

Obviously, complex and extensive projects are not the most suitable for beginning programmers, so it is advisable to choose the right professional profile for each case.

Project complexity

Technologically complex projects pose a challenge for programmers, and it is normal that their cost is also higher.

The delivery term

The delivery term is essential before assigning a task.

If time demands, you will need a larger team or more hours of work from the development side, which also increases the final price of the project.

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Ebook 2 Web Descarga

What is the price per hour of a programmer?

Nowadays you can find a freelance programmer from €40/h.

For some projects that only need support or specific tasks, this is the most cost-effective solution.

In the case of technology consultancies, the cost of programming services ranges between €60 and €150/hour.

Although, as we have already said, it all depends on the complexity of the service, the customization degree, delivery time, revisions and corrections, etc.


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In any case, we can establish these basic criteria:

  • Junior programmer price per hour: between €15/h and €35/h
  • Senior programmer price per hour: between €35/h and €90/h
  • Freelance programmer price per hour: between €20/h and €45/h

Yeeply helps you compare software developers’ hourly rates

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Budgets for this type of service can vary greatly, so you should be clear about what kind of project you want to develop and what kind of professionals you need.

Anyway, are you still wondering how much does a programmer makes, or more generally how much does custom software cost?

In Yeeply we help you get different web developer hourly rates in the UK, both from freelance programmers and companies, and both in the UK and abroad.

We explain the characteristics of each proposal, we compare them and we justify the programmer salary (we know all our suppliers because we have worked with them) so that you can choose the most advantageous alternative for your project.

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