How to create a website and succeed?

Having a website itself is something that is on everyone’s agenda, and there are many reasons for having a website. Perhaps you want to improve your personal brand or to open an online business. The possibilities and reasons for creating a website are virtually endless, but it is also very common to not know how to make a web site. At this point we have to consider the options, often depending on the budget.

Before asking a friend to create a website we must think through the purpose of this and how it will turn out. That is, the type of website you need. Not everyone wants to start a personal blog or a website type portfolio, or create a website that is an e-commerce, for example.

Each type of website has its peculiarities, its difficulties and its complications. Not all cost the same to make, either in money or time or effort. So you need to put down on paper all your web ideas, and allow only professionals to assess and make a proposal on your idea. You will then need to define how much it costs to create a website like the one you have in mind.

1. The types of web pages

As mentioned, not all websites are created in the same way. Each type of website has its own characteristics and it is these that will guide us to the type of website we want. Pay attention to the most basic elements and features you need on your site.


This is literally a digital store. There is an increasing amount of stores that have no physical headquarters, but exist only on a network (eg, Amazon). However there are many who choose to adapt to new times and create a digital store homologous to its physical store. This model is still big in chains and companies such as El Corte Ingles, Zara and Carrefour.

Website with blog

This type of website has many possibilities and can be for almost anything. From a personal website to a page of a company that has a simple website and a corporate blog. Usually in these cases the main part of the site is static and very simple. It is however part of the blog which is updated and that generates new content.

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Company or corporate Web page

In this case we are talking about companies that focus their efforts on having a complete business website with lots of information. In many cases they have many pages and carry a strong brand. They are constantly updated to give news of the sector or the company.

Web as

When none of the above solutions fit with the idea of web we have in mind, we have to opt for other development. In many cases the web is so personalized that we should focus on making a website tailored to respond to our demands, our objectives and have the features we want.

Landing a mobile app

If you have a mobile application, you may also be thinking, do I need a website? Well, you’re on the right path because to promote a mobile app properly we must make it known on the Internet. A good idea is to create a landing page explaining the operation thereof and indicate the download links from the app. This is a way to publicise your app development for those who surf the Internet.

2. What more could you need to create a website?

Not everything is the creation of a website, so you must take into account if this is the first version of your business site or if you need an expert in digital marketing to promote it.

The website will have a similar style

In this case we have something advanced already, but much more is needed. It is advisable to have a web designer in these cases to advise you in this process and to fit the needs of the app user and the web user.

Number of pages

You need to be clear about the number of pages that your website has. A website with one page is not the same as one with 200 pages. Each product we have for sale needs its own page. The more pages, the higher the price of the website.

Need to make payments?

We need to consider the option of making payments on a website, as well as in mobile applications, from the beginning of the project. Our website will need to be secure if we are to process payments, users will not buy anything on our website if it is not.

Integration with other web or apps

We must also take this into account especially because these tasks take time for programmers and if we do them later, the project time will extend and it will become more expensive.

Login and creating users

This not always necessary but more and more websites have the option to login or have their own profile for each customer. In many cases it facilitates sales and faster payments while improving the sense of privacy of users. Although this functionality is also complex to implement.

Internal search engine

Internal search engines do not always get used, but it often makes the user’s life easier. Analyse your site and decide if you need one. An e-commerce for example should have one to facilitate the search for specific items; meanwhile, a business website with three pages does not need to have search engine.

In one or more languages?

This part is especially important for companies that have a presence in several countries in different languages. The simplest would be to have it in the native language and English if the company has expectations to expand in the future. If we are already present in other countries, and we adjust our website into several languages, you need to notify your project for professionals to take this into account.

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3. How much does it cost to create a website?

Now that we have clearly defined our digital project, it is time to find out how much it costs to create the website we have in mind. It is difficult to define a price range for everything we have had in the previous section.

However, luckily, we have created an automatic calculator on our website that you can use to calculate an estimate of how much it should cost to set up a website. You will receive an estimate in real time and it takes less than 2 minutes.

Once you establish the budget, if you’re determined to create your website, you only have to create your project on our platform. We will find the best team of certified professionals in creating web pages for your project.

How much does it cost to create a website?

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If we started with our business but do not know if it will work, we can create a ‘Minimum Viable Product’ (MVP). That is, the basic website we need to start a project. This type of development is expressly necessary for businesses that are starting out and need a first version of its website. It is cheaper and gives scope for major changes before making a version of your website in high quality.

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In addition to web development or mobile applications, Yeeply offer the option of hiring a consultant for digital projects like yours. We have experts in digital environments that can advise you to create a website or create a successful mobile app.

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Digital Marketing

And finally the digital marketing. In the case of web pages, the sooner you start working with your marketing team and preparing your web code to analyze visits and promote the web the better. Often the marketing strategy begins even before launching the website to the public. In fact a small preparation or ‘setup’ is needed. Keep this in mind when you start your project to make a website.

Are you ready for your first project?