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Yeeply Recognised as Top Web Developer [2020]

Yeeply Recognised as Top Web Developer [2020]

Great news in the world of software development! The ranking of Top Web Developers for 2020 is known… and we are on it!

A little reminder of our core business

At Yeeply, we connect you with the best software engineers, designers, and developers in the world.

Using our own AI algorithm, we’re able to match our clients with the most suitable and certified professionals to carry out their project. #matchmadeinheaven


?Our goal has always been finding the right professional for your project


By building such strong teams, we’ve been able to complete over a thousand successful projects. The possibilities for outsourcing are endless: digital transformation, software development, digital marketing, graphic design, and more!


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How we conquered the Top Web Developer title

Some of our clients are so pleased with our work, that they endorse our services by leaving a review with Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews firm. By conducting verified client interviews and analyzing market data, their team is able to identify top-performing companies from different industries.

With a dozen positive reviews, this year Yeeply has been highlighted among the best web developers in Spain! With an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5, we stand out as a leader in the development field



animation of yellow five star review
Five-star rating. Source: Giphy


We couldn’t be more excited about receiving this award! It’s an honour to be recognized for our hard work, dedication, and commitment to our clients. 

In addition to the recognition of Clutch, we’ve been highlighted on The Manifest among Spain’s leading B2B firms. In fact, we’ve been ranked fourth out of the hundreds of other service providers on the site.

FYI: The Manifest provides valuable how-to guides, collects business news, and compiles practical business wisdom for entrepreneurs across industries.


clutch profile from yeeply mobile
Yeeply client reviews. Source: Clutch

We focus on quality

Yeeply is well acquainted with your requirements: that’s why we only have teams with proven experience and which have been validated through a demanding internal process that ensures that you can rely on us.

Our extensive database of professionals includes teams with experience in all kinds of projects.

Tell us about your project and we’ll address all your questions. You’ll get earlier than you can imagine the best possible team to carry out your digital project.

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