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We help companies hire tech talent for digital projects. Software development projects, mobile app and websites development, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and all kinds of digital solutions.

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You can find tech talent for hire at Yeeply

We help you hire the best digital and remote tech talent in an agile, flexible and competitive way.

hire tech talent app and web developers

App & Web

software developers for hire

Software Developers: python, django, Java, .Net, php

AI and blockchain remote tech

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Experts

RPA programmers

RPA Programmers

EPM integrators talent

EPM Integrators

What to expect from us

These are the reasons why our clients have entrusted us with more than 2,000 projects.

certified remote talents

Certified professionals

The professionals you will work with passed a strict certification process. Depending on your project, we choose the most suitable tech professional to carry out your project.

competitive pricing

Competitive pricing

We offer the best competitive pricing within the tech industry – thanks to the realistic rates of our certified professionals and the offshoring of resources. Stay within your budget without sacrificing quality.



Communicate directly with your assigned team’s tech advisor from the start. Go over the details of your project with them without worrying, your idea is safe with us.



We detect your needs and help you hire the right tech team in an agile way. If you want to get started as soon as possible, we always have it professionals available.

Hiring tech talents. How it works

You’re only four steps away from getting your project off the ground. Shall we get started?


1. Tell us all about your project


2. We find you the perfect team


3. Receive a custom quote (or many)


4. We roll up our sleeves!

Our techs for hire

  • Technologies: JavaScript, React, Node.js, MongoDB.
  • Characteristics: Experienced Full Stack Developer skilled in JavaScript, React, Node.js, and MongoDB. Strong problem-solving abilities and effective collaboration in cross-functional teams.
  • Soft Skills: Excellent communication, self-motivation, and time management skills for remote work.
Hire tech talents from Yeeply
  • Technologies: Python, R, SQL, TensorFlow.
  • Characteristics: Data Scientist proficient in Python, R, SQL, and TensorFlow. Strong mathematical background for developing predictive models.
  • Soft Skills: Analytical thinking, remote independence, and clear communication of complex findings.
  • Technologies: Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, InVision.
  • Characteristics: UX/UI Designer skilled in Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, and InVision. Detail-oriented with a user-centered design approach.
  • Soft Skills: Excellent communication, collaboration, and remote design iteration capabilities.
  • Technologies: Ethereum, Solidity, Hyperledger, Smart Contracts.
  • Characteristics: strong command of Ethereum, Hyperledger and Smart Contract development. Deep understanding of decentralized technologies and cryptographic principles.
  • Soft Skills: Exceptional problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work independently in remote settings.

Hear from our clients


View all 113 reviews of Yeeply on Trustpilot

“Our experience with Yeeply’s development, design and SEO teams has been excellent. I strongly recommend it as a platform to hire tech talent. They are definitely a group of talented professionals who have conformed to our company’s values and understood the particular needs that we had. In short, we have proved a fine duo.”

“Yeeply added flexibility and speed to the development of our water and coffee delivery project. Their commitment, ability to adapt, and contribution to finding tech talents to fulfill our requirements, helped us to be more efficient and agile.”

“We were able to work with Yeeply to develop mobile applications and we would defenitely recommend other companies to work with their tech experts. There has always been someone to talk with regarding the status of the project and they are very sharp when it comes to detecting problems.”

“Yeeply has worked (and continues working) on several projects with La Liga. The experience of their team contributed to the launch of our app projects with a high-quality definition of the project, follow up and time management results. Probably one of the best technical hiring platform in the market.”


The best technological talent awaits you…

Find out more about us


4. The advantages of working with Yeeply

Did you know that we have already developed more than 2,000 projects? Clients in more than 50 countries trust us. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of some of the values we have already mentioned on this page and add a few more.

  • Quality. Our certification process, AI-based algorithm, manual assignation process… all of Yeeply’s procedures are focused on quality. We know this is the only way to guarantee you peace of mind and earn your trust.
  • Transparency. From the beginning, you will have direct contact with us and your team, through the communication channel of your choice.
  • Reliability. Your idea is totally safe with us. All the information you share on our platform, with our teams or with the Yeeply team is subject to our privacy policy. You can also request a confidentiality agreement (NDA) if you wish.
  • Fair pricing. The relocation of resources and our long-term relationships with the teams allow us to offer you competitive prices that are in line with your budget.
  • Flexibility. With Yeeply, you can create customised teams and switch resources on and off depending on your needs. This allows you to optimise your budget and only invest in essential services.
  • Commitment. You can always count on our support. We offer all our clients a six-month guarantee to fix possible bugs in the features included in your contract. However, the contract will always be signed directly with us, not with the team.

We hope this convinced you. If you have any doubts, you can tell us about your project and we will contact you to solve them (without commitment).


3. Tech profiles available on Yeeply

As we already mentioned, Yeeply is a platform that guarantees a 360° service for tech projects. On this page, we listed some of the most in-demand profiles but there are many more! Here are a few examples of popular profiles that you can hire via Yeeply.

App developers

In its early days, Yeeply was a platform focused solely on the development of mobile apps. That’s why we have developers specialised in any operating system (e.g. Android or iOS) and any type of app (cross-platform, native, web apps etc.).

Software developers

These profiles are in high demand for projects that have a challenging back-end development workload. They will be needed if the project you have in mind is, for example, a new product based on a digital tool or if you need to programme a customised internal tool for your company.

Web developers

Both front-end and back-end. We have a wide portfolio of web developers and we will assign you the best one depending on the type of website you want to create (e.g. an e-commerce, corporate website, comparison site, marketplace etc.) and the required technologies.

Experts in Artificial Intelligence

Strengthen your project with Artificial Intelligence, thanks to which machines, software and all kinds of technological tools can work efficiently and analyse huge amounts of data in the blink of an eye, and solve problems through supervised, unsupervised or reinforced learning.

RPA programmers

RPA programmers can implement process automation systems that allow companies to use software robots in their processes. These robots mimic human actions and can optimise repetitive tasks and reduce time spent, as these tasks are performed in less time and by fewer people, so that these resources can be used for higher-value tasks.

EPM Integrators

With EPM solutions you can plan, analyse and report in a single integrated EPM solution. EPM solutions provide reliable enterprise-wide data and enable you to increase efficiency and improve business planning processes.

UX/UI designers

In order for your project to obtain the best results, it is necessary that the targeted user feels comfortable using it. Experts in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are responsible for achieving this.

Graphic design experts

They are responsible for defining and creating any graphic elements you need. They can work hand in hand with a development team on the design of a website, for example, or work independently if you need to create a logo, define your brand identity and more.

Marketing experts

For any area! Think of social media, paid advertising, SEO, email marketing, branding etc. You can work with a team responsible for your brand strategy as a whole or hire an expert for a specific area.

Design Thinking experts

Are you going to launch a new product or service? Perhaps you need the help of an expert to define it. The Design Thinking methodology will help you to launch a product or service that is better prepared for the market. If you are interested in this topic, you can download this ebook.

Digitalisation experts

Another popular profile at Yeeply. If you want to start your digital transformation, we will first carry out an in-depth analysis (following the steps explained in this ebook) before connecting you with the ideal team.


Do you need a different expert from the ones we have listed above? Tell us about it so we can help you out.


2. How Yeeply works

The Yeeply platform is convenient, user-friendly and allows you to find a qualified team in record time. We have already mentioned the four basic steps to get your project up and running but let’s dive a little deeper into them.


  1. Publish your project on our website. You can do so via this form, in which we will need you to tell us what kind of project you have in mind and what services you will need to outsource. You can also leave us a description of your project: the more you tell us, the easier it will be for us to provide you with the right solution. Finally, we will need your contact details. The Yeeply team will review the information you have provided and will contact you to discuss your project in more details.
  2. We assign you a certified team. Our algorithm will select several proposals that we will review before manually assigning you one or more teams to choose from. We make this selection based on the technological details of your project, the required skills to carry it out, deadlines, your budget etc. Remember that all these teams have already passed our certification process, so you don’t have to worry about validating their competences.
  3. Receive one (or several) proposals. If we have assigned you more than one team, you will receive more than one proposal from which you can choose. Each proposal specifies the project’s objective, scope, technologies, methodology, planning etc. If you have any doubts, Yeeply’s consultants will help you make the best decision for you. If none of the proposals convinces you, we can connect you with another team. You are also free to choose not to work with Yeeply: the whole process is free of charge and obligation-free.
  4. Accept the proposal… and let’s get to work! The assigned team will start working on your project, milestone by milestone, until the final handover. During this process, we remain at your side to track the evolution of the project. This helps us to avoid possible miscommunications and solve any issues. We also support the assigned team whenever necessary. 

Once the project has been completed, you can upgrade it with additional services – if necessary. Many of our clients work this way. In the case of a web development project, for example, you could hire the same team for maintenance, a graphic designer for visual support or a complementary marketing team to take care of its SEO and other digital marketing activities.


1. What is Yeeply

Yeeply is a platform that allows you to find the right team of professionals to turn your tech projects into reality. It’s a marketplace where you can outsource services of professionals from any discipline (app development, web development, software programming, Artificial Intelligence, RPA, EPM and all kinds of digital solutions) to carry out the project you have in mind, whatever it may be.


Yeeply works on the premise of quality over quantity. For more than seven years, we have strived to bring the best tech talent in the world together. This allows us to connect you with high-performing offshore professionals, capable of responding to your project needs and adapting to your requirements in terms of deadlines and budget.

1.1 What is a tech marketplace and how does it work?

A tech marketplace is a platform that acts as an intermediary in outsourcing services to professionals with technological profiles.


On these portals, you can contact a pre-selection of tech profiles (shortlisted based on our AI-algorithm), and hire their services for your projects. In exchange for making this perfect match, the marketplace gets a percentage of the final fee.

Differences between Yeeply and other marketplaces

With Yeeply, unlike other portals, professionals first have to pass a demanding certification process to get access to our platform. We do this to assure we, and you, only work with top-notch experts.


Another difference is that we have an AI-based algorithm that selects the right profiles for your project. This saves you time and avoids mistakes when selecting the right professional(s).


Furthermore, we offer our clients ongoing support before, during and after the development of the project. This means that, in addition to working with the tech team of your choice, you will have the support of one of Yeeply’s professionals to guide you throughout the process.

Differences between Yeeply and an agency

On the one hand, an agency may be limited when it comes to offering you a 360° solution. Normally you will find agencies specialised in a specific type of project (e.g. digital marketing) but their business model does not allow them to have in-house profiles to cover tech-related tasks. At Yeeply, however, you can hire any profile through the same provider, which will save you a lot of time.


Yeeply is also more cost-effective. This is because our professionals work remotely and you can flexibly work with them. In other words, you can switch resources on and off according to your needs, whereas working with agencies is usually based on more rigid contracts with long-term clauses.

Differences between Yeeply and a freelancer

If you want to hire a freelancer on your own, you will first have to face the work of reviewing profiles, validating references, consulting portfolios… Nowadays, there are more professionals specialised in tech jobs than ever, which makes it difficult to find the right one. When working with Yeeply, we have already taken care of this validation process. This way, you save yourself time and high-quality results are guaranteed.


Also, a freelancer can handle a limited amount of work, whereas with Yeeply you have a lot of flexibility: work with a freelancer, with a team of professionals for a specific area (such as app development) or with a multidisciplinary team including, for example, developers and Artificial Intelligence experts. You set the rules.

1.2 Yeeply, the 360° marketplace

Yeeply was founded in 2013 to offer a premium portal where any user with a serious app project could find a development team to carry it out. Although some similar portals existed, none focused on quality or offered a specific solution for app development.


More than seven years later, our clients have evolved and so have our services. Today, Yeeply is a platform where you can outsource any digital project from A to Z


The variety of top-notch profiles you can find on our platform has led us to collaborations with clients all around the world. Also, to establish ourselves as a strong leader in software development in the Western European region. If you want to discover some of the companies we work with, you can visit this page.