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Jakub Zalas, valuable developer: “we improved the servers performance”

Jakub Zalas studied at Poznan University of Technology, and we had the pleasure of his visit during 5 days,from 11 to 15 April. Zalas shared his knowledge in web development with our web developers. “We have made several performance improvements and infrastructure servers,” said Zalas.

From the first day he arrived, Yeeply’s web development team worked to focus their efforts on different tasks. In fact, they wanted to winning in time and quality of service, so it has managed to automate deployments code. Also, our team worked to improve and modernize numerous development tools that will allow to stop doing it manually.

Web development expert Jakub Zalas at Yeeply

Mr Héctor Badal, COO Yeeply (left) and Jakub Zalas, web development expert.

Jakub Zalas started investigating and learning about the different web development languages at a very young age. Nowadays, he belongs to Symfony, a complete framework designed to optimize the development of web applications based on the Model View Controller pattern. He loves to feel useful that’s why he works on different projects, also Jakub can sure be replaceable so that when it is gone, the team can maintain the highest standards of web development.

Our web development team, formed by Javier Sanz and Mario Motos, appreciates the improvements made by Zalas, who accepted the proposal that we offered him about our project for the reason that he considered it really attractive. In fact, Jakubs thinks that Valencia is a city of international standing, full of culture and life.

He told us we’ve done a good job during these three years, and he said that anyone who start working in Yeeply can easily be adapted, despite having many developers involved. In addition, the start-up function that we develop is “slowly changing, but everything can be improved,” he finally said that “the project is very good.” Also, as we try to do with all our customers, employees and all who visit us, we did feel that Jakub comfortable and happy with us because Yeeply always behave as a team.

Web developers have the desire and the drive to improve and learn, Zalas explained that everyone eats together and perform activities during weekend time or free hours. Yeeply “has done me feel very comfortable all time here” he concluded.

Yeeply thanks Jakub his involvement in our project and appreciated help. We hope to see you again, Jakub!

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