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We look beyond experience

We’ve developed a demanding certification process for our professionals. This procedure consists of an interview, a reference check, verification of technical skills etc. Eventually, only 1% of the applications we receive are approved.

Once we start working with a team, we gradually increase the number of projects and responsibilities as they prove their expertise. They are all unique, yet the same—providing high-end, custom solutions, at a fair price.

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A demanding certification process

Our certified professionals are developers, partners, tech companies, marketing agencies and more. Thanks to our unique certification process, we only work with the best remote talent worldwide.

First screening
Reference check


First screening

We filter all incoming applications by professional background, skills, experience, and current market demand. As a result, only a quarter of the enquiries pass this initial screening.



We set up an interview to get to know the professional/team. Depending on the profile(s), we do the utmost to verify their skills and abilities they want to be hired for.


Reference check

At this stage, previous clients are contacted and meetings are set up to verify their recommendations. At least one valid reference from a previous client is required to proceed with the process.



After completing one of our smaller projects for a client, the professional/ team gets officially certified. From now on, larger projects and responsibilities will be assigned to them.

Choose your projects and work format, on your terms

Work flexibly and remotely for our clients, always with our support and security.



Work remotely, from wherever and whenever you want.


Choose your project

Choose the clients and the projects that best suits you, your way of working, rates and technologies.


Forget about payments and paperwork

We take care of everything, the administrative and management part with the client. Just enjoy your work!


Get more and better projects

Show your talent and your quality and you will not lack interesting projects to grow personally and professionally.

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What profiles do your certified professionals have?

We cooperate with a broad range of profiles from the tech industry. A few examples are:

  • App and website developers
  • Software developers
  • Design thinking experts
  • UX/UI designers
  • Graphic designers
  • Digital marketers (SEO, ASO, SEM etc.)


How long will it take to get a response to my application?

Our professionals are certified on a first-come, first-served basis—depending on the characteristics of their profiles and the balance between supply and demand.

We have a long waiting list, and only 1% of the candidates pass our certification process. If we’re interested and in need of professionals with your profile, we’ll contact you to follow the necessary steps.


What are the benefits of working with Yeeply as a certified professional?

Unlike other platforms, we don’t charge any commissions or membership fees. Other benefits are:

  • You save marketing costs to capture new clients and sign new projects.
  • We filter the incoming leads to ensure that you only focus on high-quality projects that match your expertise.
  • You’re free to accept or reject new projects, and allowed to set your own prices.
  • You can communicate directly with the client, and there is full transparency on the final price.


Once I’m certified, can I be removed from the platform?

Yes, that’s possible. At all times, we try to maintain the highest standards.

  • In the following cases you could be removed from our platform:
  • Non-compliance with the clauses established in the contract
  • A sudden decrease in the quality of your work
  • Incorrect treatment of clients
  • Etc.

However, we always try to investigate the case and depending on its severity, a professional can be resigned temporarily or permanently from a project and the platform.


Who are your clients?

Every project we help to carry out is unique, just like our clients.

We work with all kinds of companies—from startups to SMEs, large enterprises, agencies and more. The core business, size of the company or sector doesn’t matter. As long as the client has a serious project and the funding available to carry it out, we can start working together.


What type of projects do you carry out?

Over the last years, we’ve carried out more than 1000 digital projects for a variety of clients worldwide.

These are a few examples of services they outsourced:

  • Digital transformation
  • Mobile app development
  • Web development
  • Software development
  • Design Thinking
  • Digital marketing (ASO, SEM, SEO etc.)
  • UX, UI and graphic design


How can you offer such a competitive price-quality ratio?

A high-quality service doesn’t necessarily mean it’s also the most expensive option. We’ll do our utmost to provide a solution that fits your budget and needs.

This is achievable because of strong partnerships with our certified professionals and because everything is online. On the one hand, continuous cooperation with partners gives us the possibility to negotiate. And on the other hand, our certified professionals are spread geographically, which results in a different price per hour, for example.


Do you work with hourly rates or with fixed pricing?

Both. You can hire our professionals based on a fixed price model, or you can choose a time and material contract. It all depends on your wishes and what fits your project best. We help you to define the hiring conditions you’re most comfortable with.


Can you give me more insight into the cost of my project?

Yes, we can. First, you’ll have to tell us a bit more about your project. You can do so, via this form. After that, we’ll contact you to discuss the remaining details before we send you a quote.

Requesting a proposal is obligation-free. If it matches your expectations, you can accept it, and we’ll start working on your project!


What is Yeeply?

We’re a marketplace that connects you with the best team for your digital project—a quick and safe way to outsource all tech services you need.