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Website Quote: How Much does it Cost to Develop a Web?

Website Quote: How Much does it Cost to Develop a Web?

The creation of a website can be complex since aspects beyond the development must be considered. To avoid misunderstandings, we recommend being precise when creating a website quote

You´re probably wondering “how much does it cost to create a website”? As well if you don’t know exactly what to include and what to exclude, in this article, are helpful tips for creating a website quote.

How to Create a Web Design Quote

After you have completed several projects, you will notice that preparing a quote is becoming easier and easier: You already have experience and know-how to work efficiently. However, if this situation does not apply to you, let’s move onto some important tips…

Before you start with the website quote, we recommend arranging a meeting with the customer. Whether in person or as a video conference, it doesn’t matter. It is important to discuss the customer’s needs as specific as possible. This way you know what the client expects and needs.

It’s useful to ask your customers about websites they like and its functions. Determining everything into detail will save you time in the next development stages and avoids possible changes that delay the delivery of the project. 


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web design sketches
Web design sketches. Source: Rawpixel


What you should avoid at all costs is to integrate new functionalities later on or during the execution of the project. If this is the case, don’t hesitate: write everything down and issue a separate invoice.

After this meeting, you should make a website quote. This includes estimations of deadlines and details of functions. You will also need to specify the payment method and payment deadlines. In this way, the estimate can be considered as a valid contract.

Once the offer has been accepted, it’s time to sign the required documents. It all depends on you and your internal processes as a freelancer or agency. But as mentioned above, do not be afraid to ask questions: The more details, the more precise for you and your clients.


Invest time in creating a clear client briefing. This will simplify the entire development process.


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What a quote should include

Hosting and Domain

It’s possible that your customer already has a website and only wants you to renew the design. In this case, you probably already have access to the domain and hosting. However, if this is not the case, you will need to ask who is responsible for hosting and maintaining the website. 

The type of hosting depends on needs and traffic. You can use shared servers for low traffic. Dedicated servers are recommended if you expect high traffic. If you have your server as a professional, remember to include the annual maintenance costs in the website quote.

Custom design or template

You should specify if the website is going to be a build with a custom design or a template. The price must be included in the quote.


wordpress web
Screen of Marketplace website. Source:  Unsplash


Plugins or extras  

For websites with a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress or online shops such as Prestashop, some plugins offer very interesting functions. Remember to include the expenses in the quote.

Type of website

Specify the type of website. For example, e-commerce, a website with a blog, or custom development. Both, the type of website and the number of pages or products affect the final price.


You should also specify how the structure of the website will look like. A list of the number of segments or categories is necessary if it’s an e-commerce site. If it’s an online store, you should also consider the approximate number of products you want to include in your catalogue.

Depending on what type of website your customer needs, it’s necessary to define the structure. It’s important to do this before starting the development, as the structure influences the ranking of the website and cannot be changed later.

web architecture
Scheme of the pyramidal and silo’s web architecture. Source: Yeeply


If the website requires additional functionalities such as an online payment system, user registration, multilingualism, integration with another website or ERP, this must be included in the website quote.

Estimated time

Based on the information provided by the customer in the meeting, you set an expected timetable for the project.

Although the final planning can only be determined after the budget has been approved, we recommend that you include an estimate of the time based on the complexity of the website.


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Payment method

Don’t forget to include the payment methods in the website quote. In order to avoid misunderstandings, it’s essential to ensure that a prepayment is made and the rest is due when the project is completed. Usually, 50% is the first payment and the remaining 50% is the final payment.

Indicate whether the payment is made by bank transfer or digitally with Paypal for instance. The more options you offer, the better.

What a quote should not include

Some aspects shouldn’t be included. However, you could still offer them and invoice them separately.

The customer often provides the necessary materials for the website: Texts, images, infographics… But for a better result, you can still offer these services to your customers.


Customers usually provide the copies for the website. You are responsible for ensuring that they are published. If the website needs to be well-positioned, it is advisable to hire a copywriting expert for the content. 


seo optimised content


In the context of copywriting, all websites should be SEO-oriented. For many companies, web positioning is of fundamental importance. It depends on the right keywords, the optimisation of the website structure etc. These services should be billed separately. 


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Although images are sometimes provided by the client, the use of stock images to create a website is more common. Ask whether paid images with copyright protection or free photos are preferred.

If the website is for a local company, a local photoshoot may be advisable, as authentic images give a company more credibility. 

How much does a website cost?

There is no concrete answer to this question. The answer depends on several factors. There are simple corporate websites, with a few sections and a contact form, or complex and customised websites. The costs range from €300 to several thousand euros. 

Now you know which aspects need to be taken into account when creating a website quote. Interested in receiving a price estimate for your website? Request it here!

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