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The most popular Programming Languages for developers in 2023

The most popular Programming Languages for developers in 2023

Programming languages ​​have become a basic tool for any sector. There are hundreds of different languages, each with its own rules.

However, within all this tangle of communication between humans and computers, only a few of these languages ​​are the most recommended by programmers in 2023 and those that commonly appear in job offers.


What is a Programming Language?

A programming language is the way programmers interact with computers.

Instead of using words, sentences are built from written algorithms so that machines can understand, process, and execute commands.


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Types of Programming Languages 

​​Currently we have more than 675 different types of programming languages , but many of them are obsolete or are only used for very specific cases.

Depending on the area in which they are applied, they are divided into different macro areas:

​​Application Development

The application development language is a native programming language for creating all kinds of apps that are increasingly intuitive and easy to use.

Development of Artificial Intelligence

In the development of Artificial Intelligence , orders as such are not given to the machine, it is taught to program and learn by itself.

Database Development

It is responsible for creating the fundamental piece in the development of any type of app, which are the databases that store your information.

Video Game Development

Behind the visual part of video games there is a really complex programming job.

Frontend and Backend Development

It creates the interface with which the user interacts with the machine (frontend) and also implements the database and the server (backend) with which the computer responds. 

Web Page Development

It uses a combination of database processes, using a browser to perform certain tasks or display information.

Programming Languages ​​for Android Applications 2023

1. Java

This was the official language in Android until it was replaced by Kotlin. Many of the apps on the Play Store are built using Java, which is also supported by Google. 

2. Kotlin

It is currently the official language for developing applications on Android. It is a cross-platform programming language that can work together with Java.

3. C++

C++ can be used for Android application development using the Android Native Development Kit (NDK). However, you can’t build an app with just C++.

4. C#

This program is similar to Java, making it ideal for Android application development

5. Python

Although Android does not support native Python development, Python can be used for Android application development. 


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Programming languages ​​for iOS applications 2023

1. Swift

It allows the development of macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and tvOS solutions. Designed to work with frameworks like Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. 

2. Objective-C

Created as an extension of the C programming language. Mainly used for programming systems like OS X and iOS and their APIs. 

3. C#

Tightly integrated with the .NET platform, which is both a framework and a runtime environment. Commonly used for writing applications for Windows. 

4. HTML5

Also called HyperText Markup Language 5, it is used to create websites.

5. Java

Your code does not need compilation to run on any platform. Also one of the preferred languages ​​to develop Android applications.

Programming language 2022
Web development trends 2023. Source: Unsplash

Programming languages for web development 2023

1. JavaScript

It is the most popular language among developers. It is the only language that allows you to create web applications as well as mobile applications.

2. Python

The Python programming language has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and is probably the most versatile programming language today.

3. TypeScript

It is a modern programming language within web development trends. 

4. PHP

It is a dynamic scripting language that makes it very easy to create web applications

5. Ruby

It is really useful for web development, easy to learn and perfect for beginners.

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Database Programming Languages ​​2023

1. R

It contains open source packages for nearly every quantitative and statistical application imaginable and it comes with built-in statistical methods and functions.

2. Python

Very popular general-purpose language in data science, as much of the process revolves around the extract-transform-load process, which makes it a perfect fit.

3. SQL

The “Structured Query Language” or SQL defines, manages and queries relational databases. It uses a wide range of applications and its modules make SQL integration with other languages ​​easy.

4. Java

It allows seamless portability across platforms. Its general purpose compiled language and high performance make it suitable for writing ETL production code and Machine Learning algorithms.

5. Scala

It is compiled into Java bytecode and runs on a JVM, which means it is a paradigmatic language that allows for both object-oriented and functional approaches. 

Programming languages ​​for Frontend and Backend 2023


Mainly focused on creating web services that are consumed by any kind of front-end

2. Ruby

An interpreted, reflective, object-oriented programming language.

3. Python

It is completely open source and capable of carrying out any type of project. It is used for development backend and in the scientific field.

4. PHP

It allows you to easily produce web pages, with all the resources available to developers, even with little experience.


Front/backend web development consists of the conversion of data into a graphical interface so that the user can see and interact with the information digitally using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Programming Languages ​​for Artificial Intelligence 2023

1. Python

Programming AI with Python is the most popular and effective way. Perfect for platform independent programming as well as deep learning. 

2. C++

It is an ideal system for complex AI codes, SEO optimization, ranking or faster mathematical calculations.

3. R

​​In addition to being a general-purpose language, R is also a procedural programming and dynamic writing.

4. Java

Its cross-platform capability makes many programmers choose this language since they can program for various platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, iOS.

5. Prolog

It is a semantic inference engine for logic programming in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 


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Programming Languages ​​for Videogames 2023

1. Python

It offers infinite possibilities to develop video games, adapting to all types of operating systems

2. Javascript

Developers tend to present this language as their preferred option, which is also used for all kinds of applications (like Python).

3. Java

Native Android applications use Java, which is an incentive to delve into this language.

4. C++

It is used mainly for analytical purposes, research and also for the development of video games.  

5. Golang

It is one of the languages ​​that is arousing the most interest in recent years. It has been developed by Google and could be a threat in the medium and long term for older languages.

types of programming languages 2022
Types of programming languages ​​2023. Source: Unsplash

Ranking of Programming Languages ​​2023

1. Python

It is used for a wide variety of tasks, from simple scripts to advanced web applications and Artificial Intelligence. Being a high level language it is easier to use but it also consumes more memory and is slower than other languages.

2. Java

It is the most popular language for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, it is multiplatform and its learning curve is short. On the other hand it has some limited options such as 3D and not all computers are suitable for running its programs .

3. JavaScript

Allows you to configure dynamic and interactive content, animated graphics and other complex functions on the web, but you may experience security flaws.

4. SQL

It features high security, is easy to configure, and has configurable data storage. On the other hand its compatibility with both certain hardware and other systems is restricted.

5. Ruby

It is intended to create web applications of different complexity, it is open source, but its support service is limited and there are few frameworks created for it.

6. Swift

Programming language created for the Apple ecosystem. It is fast, secure and open source, but being a “new” language there are some elements that still need to be polished such as its limited number of libraries.

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We have reviewed the most popular Programming Languages ​​for developers in 2023 and in recent years. 

As we said at the beginning of this article, there are hundreds of programming languages, and each one of them can be more or less suitable for the development of one or another technology, project or product that you want to carry out. 

It is no coincidence that nowadays almost all developers decide to specialize in only some of the mentioned languages, which gives rise to a huge variety of profiles with different skills. 

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