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Ecommerce Website Design and Development for WordPress and Woocommerce

Ecommerce Website Design and Development for WordPress and Woocommerce

Online stores were already popular, but they have become even more relevant since the coronavirus crisis. Ecommerce has become a lifeline for many physical stores or new businesses that seek to lower costs and keep up in a world in which online shopping is a growing trend.

In today’s article we will tell you characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of WordPress and WooCommerce development to create your own online store.


What advantages do ecommerce website design and development platforms offer?

E-commerce platforms make it possible for you to build your own online store with no need to hire a web developer. These platforms allow you to create and manage your ecommerce, your products and daily operations intuitively and with little learning time.

Having an online store offers the possibility of selling in your own city or even in other countries. The same way, e-commerce does not close, so you can generate income while you sleep or you go on vacation.

The development of electronic commerce also means a reduction in expenses, since management costs such as rent, electricity, etc., are reduced. These types of stores are much more competitive because tasks like inventory management are easily automatable and they allow you to monitor your stock in real time and on all platforms where you are available, such as Amazon or Etsy, simultaneously.


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Custom Woocommerce development (advantages and disadvantages)

WooCommerce is a free plugin for WordPress. It is easy to use and very intuitive, so you will be able to shape your online store in no time. WooCommerce development is the most used in England and generates 99% of the stores created in WordPress.

Its free version is very useful, but also, it presents a large number of functionalities that you can incorporate such as reservations, product packages, VAT / tax calculations throughout Europe and many more. In case you have troubles with implementing these functionalities, we suggest you hire a woocommerce web designer (and we would be glad to help you find one!).

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Ecommerce website design and development by a freelance wordpress web designer. Source: Canva

Advantages of developing in WooCommerce

1. It is a free software

WooCommerce is a free and open source software. This feature is especially attractive for those companies that are starting and/or do not have a large budget.

2. Easy to use 

Any user can handle this tool. You will only need a few hours to familiarise with the platform. WooCommerce will guide you intuitively to get an operational online store.

3. It is very flexible 

It has its own integrations that you can add to obtain additional and personalised functions in your online store, without having to resort to a WooCommerce Web Developer. 

4. Available integrations 

It has free plugins to sync your products, orders, data from your users, etc., and integrates with various HubSpot functionalities, such as business contact management or email templates. At least at the beginning, you won’t need to hire a woocommerce developer or rely on a bespoke woocommerce agency to do that.

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Disadvantages of developing in WooCommerce

1. Outdated themes

Between the topics and plugins offered for free, some are out of date. For this reason, many of them are not really useful when it comes down to it.

2. Poor performance

WooCommerce could be slow for many online stores and this problem is made worse if you need to use a large number of plugins to cover your management needs.

3. It takes up a lot of space

This inconvenience is important to take into account, especially if you have a large number of items to sell, since you may have problems uploading your products to the platform.


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Bespoke WordPress development (advantages and disadvantages)

WordPress is an open source content manager that allows the creation of websites in an accessible way for anyone, even for those who do not have knowledge of WordPress programming.

Today, this content management platform drives 43.3% of all internet pages.

Advantages of development in WordPress

1. It is very easy to use.

It will allow you to create your online store with a professional design. No need to have experience in design or programming. Of course, although it is relatively simple, you will have to dedicate some time to it in order to get an amazing wordpress custom design.

2. Helps with SEO positioning

It has a software prepared to be easily positionable in search engines like Google. With SEO basics and its integrated SEO plugin you can work on both the positioning of your store and your products. If you need help, there are a lot of freelance wordpress developers who might help you!

3. Complete reports

It has integrated systems that bring together sales, billing or CRM business functions to obtain complete reports of orders, sales, etc. You know, information is power and good data will help you make better decisions in your business.

4. Customer loyalty

It will allow you to offer exclusive discounts based on different customer profiles, thus helping you to retain your customers based on their needs, since they will find exactly what they look for in your store. Also, it will be quite easy and cheap to get a bespoke wordpress website design when your store begins to grow.


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Disadvantages of developing on WordPress

1. Limited customisation

Although WordPress allows you to use themes with many options, there are elements that cannot be modified. In other cases, they are very difficult to edit and you will need a WordPress freelance web designer if you don’t have technical knowledge.

2. A very heavy platform

This feature can slow down the speed of your store, especially if you use a lot of plugins with different features like inventory management, multi-language platform, etc.

3. Security issues in WordPress

Being open source software, technically savvy people can review the code and find security holes. That’s why it’s essential to update all plugins and make backups periodically to avoid unwanted problems in your ecommerce.


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Yeeply helps you find your WordPress and WooCommerce developer

In Yeeply we want to help you implement easy and intuitive solutions such as WordPress and WooCommerce for your ecommerce website design and development.

Although these are useful tools, especially when starting your business, they are very basic. As your company grows, it will need more functionalities

Are you looking for a bespoke wordpress development or a woocommerce web designer? 

Whether from WordPress or WooCommerce we can help you add modifications to achieve greater customisation according to your needs, so that your online store continues to grow and be competitive.

With this in mind, Yeeply supports both companies and startups to find WordPress and WooCommerce developers who know how to code and provide tailored solutions to make your online sales platform take off.

You only have to contact us, and without obligation, we will give you all the information you may need.

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