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Web creation: 12+1 Questions to ask yourself before developing a site

Web creation: 12+1 Questions to ask yourself before developing a site

The myriad of decisions to be taken when starting a website creation project may be overwhelming.

The main challenge is to be able to create a website that meets customer expectations. However, it’s equally important to choose the right website programmer for your project and manage to convey your requirements, needs and goals precisely.

We want to offer this article as a guide so you may face the website creation process successfully. By asking yourself the right questions, you’ll definitely streamline your communication with the development team and obtain the results you seek. Please, pay heed to what comes next!

12+1 Questions to ask yourself before developing your site

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Website creation by adding different elements. Source: Giphy


Good communication with the website programmer is essential in order to obtain the website you require.

It’s worth talking about these points with the designer — or even writing them down to have them as a guideline throughout the website creation project.

What do you do?

The website designer must be clear about what is your business intent. If you are not sure about this, this uncertainty will end up reflected in the website’s content, design, and structure.

In addition, the appropriateness of the website’s structure and design often depends on what kind of business you run.


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Who are your users?

It’s very important to define who your users are. It’s very common to have several customer profiles instead of just one. Define your buyer persona to determine what your needs are and how your website will meet such needs.


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Types of website users. Source: Giphy

What action do you want visitors to perform?

When creating websites it’s essential to be clear about what is the main action that we want a user to perform on our website. It may be to carry out a purchase, fill out a form, register for an event, play a game, download an app, etc.

This main action to be performed will influence the website’s design and the structure of its contents. Each section should focus on a small action contributing to the website’s overall aim.


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Do you already have a website?

Creating a website from scratch is very different from redesigning one. If you already have a website, the website developer you hired to create it may not be participating now in the new project. Do you have full access to your website’s hosting and domain?

This is far from being a minor issue and often proves problematic because it’s easy to disregard this kind of technical aspects if this is not the area you work on or specialise in.

Remember to always retain control over your website’s access points, even if its creation and maintenance is carried out by outsourced professionals.


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What makes you special?

The website developer must understand what makes you different from your rivals in the industry — in other words, what makes you special. Are you the sole provider of a certain product or service?

You need to beat the drum for your company when briefing the designer so that he/she may approach the website creation process having in mind what kind of clients you have. It will also come in handy when it comes to portraying through the website’s design what your unique value proposition is.

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Who are your rivals in the industry?

It’s not about copying your rivals but rather about knowing what they are up to. Show the websites of your industry rivals to the designer, because this will often be a source of additional information about your project.

Which are your favourite websites?

Make a selection of around 3 or 4 websites that you especially like and highlight the features that you would like to include on your own site. You could also pinpoint a particular website design of your liking that could prove inspiring for your new site.

Which are the essential features your website must have?

If you are sure about which features you want to include on your website, don’t be afraid to put it straightforwardly. Moreover, delays in the website creation process often arise due to not having properly defined these features at the beginning of the project.

Make these clear from the first moment and everything will run smoothly.


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animation of developing a website by adding functionalities
Example of a website’s functionalities. Source: Giphy

Do you currently use Google Analytics?

If you already use Analytics, you can supply the designer with the information relevant for understanding the users’ behaviour on your website.

This way the designer will be able to determine which sections are the most important and how the new structure and navigation must be conceived.

Do you have your own pictures and/or videos of your business?

Having your own pictures and videos of your business or the products you sell is essential to create an emotional bond with your users. Bear in mind that this is not attained to the same degree when using stock images.

If you do not have them at the moment, you could take advantage of your website’s redesign to make them. And if you are planning to include them, let the web developer know from the very beginning that they are available for your website’s design.

Have you conceived and implemented your corporate identity?

If your company or brand is already a long-running reality, it’s most likely that you’ve chosen certain fonts or colours for it. However, is such a corporate identity still in line with your business?


A website redesign process is quite often an ideal time to introduce corporate identity changes that fit your company’s current reality.


And beyond colours or fonts, it’s important to have a style guide or brand identity manual. It will define many aspects beyond the brand’s graphic design, such as your brand’s style or tone for instance.

All this information is extremely useful for the designer, enabling him/her to face the website creation process with greater chances of success.


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Do you have a deadline?

Availability problems often arise just when you thought that you had found the right website creation team. If you need to launch your website on a specific date, the team should be well acquainted with it from the very beginning to ensure that they have the availability required to take on your project.

Do you plan to make changes after its launch?

Are you planning to have a website that will be out there alive and kicking over time without undergoing any further significant changes? Or will it rather have certain features that will be expanded and enhanced depending on needs that may arise in the future?

This decision is of paramount importance and you must tell the website programming team where do you stand on it, as it will determine the website’s structure and back-end.

Create your website by partnering up with the best professionals

When it comes to choosing a website development team, make sure the team you have at hand is the one that suits your project best. Yeeply can match you with this most suitable team.

Let us know the answers to the questions we pose in this article and our algorithm will use this information to find the team that is the best fit for your project.

It will be made up entirely by seasoned certified professionals with immediate availability to create the website you long for. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

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