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Enterprise Solutions: from Software Development to Custom Services

Enterprise Solutions: from Software Development to Custom Services

Within a company, it’s quite common that certain tasks can’t be carried out in-house. Think about software development, graphic design, copywriting, marketing strategies and other enterprise solutions.

However, a lack of resources doesn’t have to be a problem when you have a digital partner to outsource the work. Yeeply, for example, is a platform where you can find the right team to help you out with any type of development, design or marketing-related project.


5 Enterprise Solutions you might need

We offer different types of enterprise solutions via our online platform. Over the years we have completed various kinds of digital projects and are therefore able to offer you a broad range of services. Let’s take a look at the main solutions we offer:

1. Software development

Think about the programming process of a website or a mobile application. When outsourcing such projects you should take several things into account. 

Depending on the scope of the project, you can choose to hire one professional or an entire team to help you out. It’s important to define how big the project is, how much work it’s going to take to carry it out and when it has to be finished.

A small web project, for example, that will mainly serve as a business card for a startup company won’t include the same amount of work as a mobile application for well-established international e-commerce. 

Despite the size of your project, Yeeply can offer you a custom solution for your project. Whether you’re looking for web, app, mobile game or web app developers, we have all kinds of profiles within our network of certified professionals. 

Our most popular software development services include:


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People with different devices for different projects. Source: Rawpixel


2. Adapting to the world of mobile

We are experts in the mobile sector and during the last 6 years, we have completed hundreds of projects. Besides the development of the app itself, we also offer the necessary consultancy and additional services that are needed to carry out the project from A to Z.

We advise entrepreneurs and companies on how to adapt to the fast-moving world of mobile. This includes not only app development but also ASO (App Store Optimisation), mobile marketing, responsive websites and web apps. Everything our client may need to improve the mobile experience of his clients. 


Check out our success stories if you want to know more!


3. Consultancy 

You will not only receive support from our side but also from the team that’s going to realise your project. Because in most cases, companies are not only looking for a development solution but they also need technical advice or additional support.

Frequently asked questions are: 

It’s our job to provide you with a solution and we will do the utmost to advise you on all aspects of your project

E6 Ebook transformación digital

For the more technical questions such as the type of app you need, the recommended operating systems you want it to develop for and the necessary functionalities it should have, are questions that the development team tends to answer best.


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Assistance for the project on the computer. Source: Rawpixel


4. Design and creativity

It’s possible that even if you have a complete development team, you are missing creative profiles to complete your project. Think about the designs you need for a website or the mockups for your mobile application

App design is one of our most requested services after the development of it. When creating an app for example, if you want it to be available on Android, iOS, tablets, smartwatches, desktops etc. you’ll need a suitable design for each device

Our most popular design services include:

  • Design for Android apps
  • Design for iOS apps
  • Design for cross-platform apps
  • Web Design
  • Mobile game design


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5. Custom marketing

Last but not least, we provide custom marketing solutions. Depending on your needs, we can offer you support in:

  • Digital strategy
  • Branding
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • ASO (App Store Optimisation)
  • Web analytics
  • Online advertising
  • Social media & Email

Whether your goal is to better rank your website in Google, promote the launch of a new product or position your app in the corresponding online store, we are here to help you out. We connect you with the best experts to outsource your marketing needs.


Ready to find the perfect solution for your enterprise?

Relying on a trustworthy partner is key when outsourcing digital projects. Especially for the execution of technical tasks or the ones that require specific knowledge. 

A digital partner can accompany you in your digital processes and contribute its experience to ensure you make the right decisions. 


If you’re looking for a digital partner to help you overcome your tech challenges, contact us!

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