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Custom E-commerce Websites Development: Prestashop and Shopify Development

Custom E-commerce Websites Development: Prestashop and Shopify Development

The custom e-commerce websites development is used by brands such as Adidas, Apple or Airbnb. However, bespoke custom design for ecommerce is not only useful for large companies

In this article we will tell you all the keys to use Prestashop and Shopify CMS, and thus benefit from the advantages of adopting a personalized e-commerce development and design.


Why customize your online store with a custom CMS development

Many online stores make themselves known on the Internet through a CSM platform, since they do not require programming knowledge and are available to almost any user

However, these ecommerce apps have been evolving. Now they are really complete and with a greater number of functionalities than before. For this reason, it is common for many businesses to hire CMS experts, thus ensuring that their business is perfectly configured, guaranteeing consistency of content and platform updates.


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Main benefits of custom e-commerce websites development

1. A CMS adapts to your needs and not the other way around. You will be able to develop your e-commerce according to the needs of your customers and your products, from scratch, and both at the software and brand image level. 

2. Integrated business functions that will allow you to have your business objectives and marketing strategy well defined, something that is not so easy to achieve with a standard solution. 

3. Security, since thanks to the personalized CMS your store will be protected against vulnerabilities and new integrations, avoiding potential risks that may appear in predefined solutions.

4. It makes it possible to achieve market objectives faster, since personalization achieves a better adaptation of the product, brand and strategies for a specific sector and market.

5. Differentiation from the competition. A custom CMS allows you to have control, flexibility and an unrepeatable style. Fostering an image of your own brand will be key when it comes to distinguishing yourself from your competitors.

Prestashop development (advantages and disadvantages)

Prestashop is a custom CMS for e-commerce  websites development that is very popular worldwide. Its attractive and easy-to-use interface has a wide variety of functionalities, and also, it is free.

If you need to customize your store at the code level, we recommend you contact a Prestashop programmer (or a freelance Prestashop expert). You can save yourself a lot of time and effort if you don’t have any programming skill.

development of e commerce website
E-commerce development: e-commerce website for SMEs and Startups. Source: Canva

Advantages of Prestashop development 

1. Its open source will allow you to create a fully customizable e-commerce, both aesthetically and functionally (back-office and front-end). 

2. Wide variety of themes and templates that will help you customize your online store web design quickly and easily.

3. Availability of plugins and modules that will help you make your online business unique, creating new features, enhancing its design and web performance.

4. Help with the positioning of your store thanks to the creation of friendly URLs and titles that will locate your online store in internet search engines.

Disadvantages of developing in Prestashop

1. The design of complex marketing strategies can be tedious. Implementing specific marketing actions for this CMS can take more time than you think. In this case, counting on a trusted programmer may be a good idea.

2. The best templates, themes and modules are paid, so you should assess whether it is convenient for you to make the additional payment to access more functions or hire a programmer.

3. Your website may slow down if your company is big with a large number of products, or if you use a lot of plugins you may have compatibility issues in the long run.


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Hire a Prestashop developer to customize your website

In short, Prestashop is designed so that you can create your own online store web design by yourself. However, in order to get the most out of its benefits, it is best to have a specialized Prestashop developer or an expert Prestashop freelancer. 

Relying on an ecommerce developer will allow you to implement the different tools without errors and free you from all the technical aspects, being able to spend more time with your products and customers.

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Custom Shopify development (advantages and disadvantages)

Shopify is another CMS platform focused on sales for e-commerce websites development. In this case, its platform is based on a subscription model with different available plans. All of them, including the standard one, support the creation of a complete online store (and also the app development for Shopify) and a range of tools such as stock control, sales tracking or payment processing, among others.


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Advantages of Shopify development 

1. Ease of use is one of its strengths. It allows you to run your business through an intuitive interface, quickly and easily.

2. Customer service at your disposal with 24/7 support. You can communicate with them via phone, email or live chat. 

3. Help with your web positioning thanks to the creation of landing pages and the synchronization of your marketing campaigns with your online store. 

4. It provides hosting and security. It is a self-sufficient platform that does not depend on a host, with more than 1,200 internal and third-party applications with bug-free software.

Disadvantages of developing in Shopify

1. Its number of free themes and templates is less, if we compare it with other CMS platforms

2. It presents some limits on transactions, since your payment processor will only allow you to sell from certain countries. 

3. Your setup can be somewhat complex when adding custom fields like text boxes or file upload options.

Hire a Shopify developer to customize your website

The best way to create a custom ecommerce on Shopify is to do it through a developer or a Shopify freelancer. As a professional he/she will be able to design changes to the predefined themes or create a unique theme for your products

An ecommerce developer will also save you a lot of time if you don’t have technical knowledge. The expert will quickly and safely implement everything necessary for the development of the e-commerce, freeing you to devise new products, services or give the best attention to your customers without having to worry about your website. Also, if you have problems designing your website, it is advisable that you contact a freelance shopify web designer.


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Yeeply provides a network of Prestashop and Shopify developers

At Yeeply we bring our experience to design, develop and optimize online stores that offer unique experiences to customers. 

We are not only dedicated to the e-commerce websites development of Prestashop and Shopify, we are also associated with different platforms that can be integrated with your commercial ecosystem. 

We already helped countless businesses, whatever their location and trajectory, to grow their online store. 

If you are looking for a Shopify developer or a Prestashop programmer expert in ecommerce web design in London (or in any other city in England), you just need to contact us, and thanks to our network of professionals you will be able to find developers specialized in all kinds of CMS solutions.

We will work together so that your business can scale, implement strategies, optimize conversion rates and grow exponentially. 

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