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Custom Software Development: When and Why Does Your Company Need It?

Custom Software Development: When and Why Does Your Company Need It?

Bespoke software development is capable of adapting to the needs of all types of companies, whatever their size. 

Each organisation is unique and therefore, enjoying a software adapted to its particularities will allow you to quickly solve daily problems, improve its operation, resource management and maximise profits.


What is Bespoke Software Development?

Unlike what happens with standardised software, which does not vary between companies or sectors, bespoke software development is the set of programs designed and developed to adapt to any type of business model.

Therefore, a software development agency  aims to solve a set of clearly defined needs that are specific to a particular sector or company. 

These specific needs can range from a program for the maintenance of the equipment in a factory or production line to the creation of an online banking application, to cover the needs of the clients of a specific bank.

Tailored software development encompasses both the design, creation, implementation and maintenance of the program, and as we have mentioned, it adapts to all kinds of areas: (financial accounting, human resource management or even management of manufacturing processes… )

These customised programs manage to optimise resources, saving costs, optimising production processes, improving asset maintenance or simply allow a task to be carried out more quickly and efficiently. 

As expected, enterprise software development is a complex process that requires specific knowledge. That is why companies often outsource this development service to software providers who are experts in the field.


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Custom Software Development process

These are the main stages in the custom software development process, until you get a program adapted to your company.

1. Define what is going to be done and what tools are going to be needed

Both the characteristics of the final product and the tools necessary to carry it out must be carefully selected. From the front-end tools (frameworks like CSS, HTML, etc.), to the back-end (Linux, PHP, Python, Apache, etc.) 

2. Software development methodology

This step refers to the model of control of development, generation of reports and progress. The waterfall model and the agile model are the two most commonly adopted systems. 

3. Budget calculation 

Normally the budget for bespoke software development is packaged according to the estimated time of the project and the developers’ fee. However, it is recommended to add a margin of around 25% to be able to face any unforeseen costs. 

4. Design of the action plan.

It is essential to design a clear action plan. This avoids communication errors, helps to meet the deadlines and objectives set, which indirectly saves cost overruns due to delays in the project.

enterprise software development
Enterprise software development companies for SMEs and startups. Source: Unsplash

7 Advantages of Bespoke Software Development

It would be difficult to name all the advantages of custom software development, but we will name the most important ones below.

1. Flexibility and scalability 

Custom software is much more efficient than default software. Its applications are more operational, productive and flexible, which favours the scalability of the company. 

2. Greater control over the project

You will have greater control over the development of the program and you will be able to make sure that it is being carried out the way you want, introducing changes if necessary.

3. Maximum customization 

It provides the opportunity to request designs and features that make a product unique in the market. This will make it more functional for the company and attractive for consumers.

4. Easy integration in the company

Because the software is designed specifically for a specific company, it is easily integrated into the existing IT infrastructure. There is no need to change the way the business operates to accommodate the software.

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5. Security

It allows you to choose which protocols you prefer to protect your applications, depending on the entire market offer. This allows you to achieve the level of security that your application needs, either for your company or for your customers.

6. Support and maintenance 

The team of developers will also provide constant maintenance, solve technological problems, security gaps or other possible incidents related to the software. 

7. You will be able to better manage your resources.

It is especially advantageous for SMEs and startups that work in the service sector, since custom software for ERP applications allows you to enjoy optimised planning to manage the production chain, human resource management or work time. You just have to find the best software development agency.

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What types of Bespoke Software Development services are available?

Below, we list the main custom software development services:

Mobile applications

Software development is very important in Apps, as it allows us to adapt to the target audience we want to reach, guarantee a personalised and satisfactory user experience, and create unique features that differentiate us from other applications.


Capturing the customer’s attention and satisfying their needs is crucial, and to achieve this the key is personalization, through the incorporation of unique business processes, creating a personalised business web page or integrating the purchase with other payment systems. management such as ERP, marketing platforms and CRM. 


Within SaaS, we have customer relationship management (CRM) software, which helps organise business processes, remove bottlenecks, and improve time management. 

We also have ERP software for enterprise resource planning and management, by collecting, storing, analysing and interpreting data.


Also known as web applications, software in the cloud allows us to store data, serves as an analytical tool and is easy to maintain and improve depending on the resources we need at any given time.


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Yeeply provides tailored software development services for businesses

In our article we have seen what bespoke software development is and some of the main reasons why companies decide to opt for custom software instead of standard software. Some of the clues that indicate that your company needs customised software are:

  • Existing solutions do not adapt 100% to the daily tasks or operations that you carry out in your company.
  • You need a program that allows you to optimise resources, improve the products and services you offer or improve the experience of your customers.
  • You have very clear procedures, but you are aware that they can be improved through custom software.

Due to its great versatility, in recent years the number of companies that have implemented their own custom software has increased. This has given them competitive advantage and functional benefits, as well as improved development times and costs.

If you are evaluating the possibility of implementing custom software for your company, we invite you to contact us. 

 Yeeply is a software development agency that puts at your disposal the best team of development experts who can guide you and advise you on which is the best option in your case.

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