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How to design m-commerce applications?

Mobile devices are increasingly present in our daily life and activity, to the point of making purchases from them. Indeed, m-commerce applications have had a great impact in Spain.

This type of online and mobile commerce moves about 2,500 million euros, as indicated by the Mobile Commerce 2013 study made by the Online Business School. In percentage, mobile purchases now account for 6% of online commerce. Of these, many are made from m-commerce applications, specifically created to buy from the mobile terminal.


The convenience and speed of m-commerce have become a growing trend worldwide, with a great reception in Spain. As a result, institutions are increasingly opting for the development of mobile applications to meet this demand.

Designing apps for m-commerce

Choosing application development m-commerce is just one of the options, but the most widespread. However, to properly design these apps you need to follow a number of tips or steps to optimise performance and profitability.

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The screen

Note that you must design the app for many smaller screens. The content should be easy enough to visualise. That is, the design that we can see from you website.


Like most content that you access from your mobile, it is always advisable to go straight to the point, short and indicate only the relevant information from the beginning. It is better to indicate the characteristics most directly and clearly visible images with an appropriate size. It is also important that the price is visible, since the objective of the application is to sell products.


Simplicity and usability

A simple menu will always have a better reception by users. Usability is one of the key elements to successful applications. Although apps will fullfil all requirements, if it is complicated for users, it will end up not being used and therefore will not meet its goal. This means, you must always be thinking about the design and development of m-commerce applications and should facilitate customer use. The inclusion of search engines is always in view; it is a very effective plus and greatly increases the usability of the app.


GPS systems are found in virtually in all smartphones and mobile devices, geolocation has become one of the encouraging tips you can exploit when executing mobile marketing.

Payment Security

Reinventing payment systems have been a major change with the advent of electronic commerce. In this type of shopping, physical money’s no good, and we have to resort to other means to make the payments. From traditional card or bank transfers to PayPal, there are various methods of payment. With the development of m -commerce mobile applications, we should be very careful in this respect, and always ensure that the payments are safe for the customer and for the company.

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