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Advantages of Remote Working: will the Great Resignation be an opportunity?

Advantages of Remote Working: will the Great Resignation be an opportunity?

The COVID-19 pandemic in some countries such as the United States has accelerated the trend of reinvention and job mobility. Millions of Americans have already left their jobs in recent months to seek new job opportunities, even abroad, encouraged by the advantages of remote working.

This movement has been dubbed “The Great Resignation” and it seems to be spreading to a large number of countries.


What is the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation is a trend that emerged in the labour market as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is related to a high number of people who leave their jobs to look for new positions with better conditions, either in their own country or abroad.

The trigger seems to have been the change in mentality produced by the coronavirus health crisis. Many people have questioned their way of life and therefore their work. 

Looking at the data, employees between the ages of 30 and 45 have had the largest increase in resignation rates, with an average increase of more than 20% between 2020 and 2021.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 3% of the US workforce quit their job in October of this past year. 

However, it seems that the coronavirus is not the only culprit that has pushed many citizens to look for work alternatives. There are also other economic causes, such as stagnant wages, rising inflation, difficulty in moving up in some companies or poor work-life balance. 


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Opportunities for remote workers  

As we have already mentioned, the Great Resignation in the US is a reality that responds to the need for a better position, better salary and/or better working conditions that respond to the new needs of workers in the current social framework.

This Great Renunciation occurs in all areas, but there are two sectors that are especially affected by this phenomenon, which concern jobs related to technology and health. 3.6% more employees in health care quit their jobs during or after the pandemic, and in technology resignations increased 4.5 %

In general, the highest rates of resignation are found among employees who worked in sectors that had experienced extreme increases in workload during the pandemic, leading to their subsequent burnout. 

These professionals are migrating, not only to other companies, but also to other work models such as Remote Working and self-employment.

advantages remote work uk
The advantages of remote working and the Great Renunciation. Source: Pixabay

What are the new digital talents looking for?

As a curious fact, a few years ago the technological profiles in job interviews asked if they could keep training in the company to continue developing their professional career. Now these profiles ask for more flexibility that allow them to combine personal and work life to have a better quality of life.

And it is in this sense that technological professions have an advantage, since they allow them to adapt to new needs and offer companies remote work, which is increasingly attractive for professionals seeking better living conditions.


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The advantages of Remote Working

Many of the people who have chosen to seek a new way of earning a living, as a result of the Great Resignation in UK as in other countries, have chosen remote working, which has powerful and attractive advantages:

1. Improves work/life balance

Reconciliation is an element that is increasingly valued by all types of professionals. One of the advantages of remote working is that it  helps to balance these two facets, something that is almost impossible with the face-to-face work model.

It allows us to save time travelling to the office , improving our availability for our personal life or dealing with matters that do not have to do with work in a simpler way than if we were in the office.

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2. More freedom

Except for important deadlines or specific meetings, it allows us to organise the working day as we want.

This greater flexibility and freedom allows us to move our sports or leisure activities for example to the mornings and work activities in the afternoon. We can also run an errand in the middle of our working hours and recover that time later and even telework from abroad if we want. 

The important thing is that the work is well done within the established deadline, but how we organise becomes indifferent.

3. Happier employees

Workers no longer have to suffer from traffic jams, or travel on crowded public transport, the rush for lunch and long hours in the office away from family or friends disappear. Working remotely can improve the health and the well-being of the employees – reducing stress

It also becomes easier to eat healthy, as you have more time to cook at home or even go to the gym. By being able to choose work hours, each person can alternate hours of productivity with hours of exercise, take a walk, or simply take a break if they need it.

4. Increased productivity 

Although remote work has some managers wondering if their employees are working from home because they can’t see them, data shows that remote working improves productivity.

When employees can set their own schedules, create their own work environment, and don’t have colleagues or people who can constantly interrupt them, they work more focused and productivity increases dramatically.

5. Savings for everyone

Companies have offices with fewer workers, which allows them to optimise space, requiring smaller offices and reducing costs associated with vending machines, coffee machines or heating. 

Employees also save not only on gasoline, but also on money for lunch, coffee or food. Even in certain cases, they have to invest less in clothes, since they do not need a specific outfit to go to the office.

With the advantages of telecommuting, even the planet wins, since the carbon footprint is reduced and it is better for the environment.


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Yeeply combines the advantages of Remote Working with business 

Since its founding in 2012, Yeeply has always stood out for its ability to adopt practices to digitise business processes and improve them over the years. 

In this sense, the highlight of our business model is our online platform, which allows us to manage all the development projects that we receive from our Leads in a scalable, fast and efficient way. All this in a format oriented to remote working, in order to benefit from its advantages. 

We firmly believe in this new agile way of working, so much so that not only do our workers apply it on a daily basis, but we adopt it in all the projects in which our clients and certified developers participate.

The first contact with our clients is always through a video call. When we go to present to our development partners, we always do it through tools like Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, etc.

In addition, all the development of the project is carried out by professionals who work remotely, that is, through the complete outsourcing of all the resources that the client needs to complete the work. 

If you are either a digital and technological talent looking for digital projects or a company that needs a technical team to take care of its development, you can count on the help of Yeeply.

Our experts will support you and will always be looking out for you while working remotely.

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