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To create apps: being an entrepreneur in the mobile industry


Entrepreneurship is booming more than ever. And − along the same lines − mobile applications are also living a golden period. So, looking forward to create apps and to become a successful entrepreneur at the same time is not unreasonable at all. In fact, combining both becomes a must for fresh and innovative entrepreneurs.

The reasons why you should be an entrepreneur in the mobile industry and devote yourself to creating innovative apps may not yet be very clear to you. But we’ll give you now plenty of good reasons to do so. And take for granted that we will try to convince you!


Reasons to take an entrepreneurial approach and create apps

Being an entrepreneur in the mobile industry − regardless of the ultimate reason for doing so − is in vogue within the world of entrepreneurship, start-ups and companies. In case you are determined to become an entrepreneur but are not sure whether developing apps is what suits you best, we’ll now give you ten reasons why you should create apps:

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1. Further access to information

In the first place we will discuss full access (in both directions) to information through the application. I.e. users will obtain all the info they need and require through the app and, on the other hand, the app’s developer will obtain more individualised information on potential customers and will thus be able to cover a larger market share.

2. Smaller than the desktop version

No one doubts that the digital world is currently one of the strongest focal points for businesses and entrepreneurs. In fact, many companies are now focusing heavily on having a well-grounded digital presence. However, this no longer means being present on all computers. Companies must now go beyond and be accessible on every mobile device.

One of the advantages of having a mobile version is its size. Mobile apps and web apps are ultimately much smaller than their desktop counterparts and therefore more simple, concise and easy to load when optimised for mobile devices. In addition, your website should also be optimised for mobile devices, otherwise it will be penalised by Google when it comes to positioning.

3. Providing a better user experience

Another advantage inherent to creating mobile apps is that mobile environments offer a better user experience. This is due to many factors: speed, personalisation, customised results, geolocation, a more modern app design, immediate results, 24/7 availability, etc. However, much remains to be improved and optimised to take full advantage of the mobile experience. So we must therefore create apps that take full advantage of these opportunities that lie ahead and become successful entrepreneurs.

4. Offering mobility

This is obviously the most important reason why mobile devices enjoy their current popularity and, thus, why it’s a good idea to become an entrepreneur in the mobile industry to create apps. The idea of mobility is based on being able to take your company or business with you anywhere − even to the Kalahari Desert − within your mobile device; and also a data link, a game, social networks, etc.

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5. Being available 24/7: at anytime from anywhere in the world

As previously mentioned, full-time availability is another advantage associated to mobile apps. This availability is way bigger than the one offered by a desktop computer. Being able to access an app and work with it while we are waiting for something is another of its strengths. It allows us to use our time while waiting for a friend, in the supermarket queue or when we’re on a bus, train or plane.

6. Customisation: adjusting to each target and each user

Just as each user is different, the information they will each receive will also be different. It’s therefore very important to get to know our mobile users, analyse them and act accordingly. This also applies when creating apps. We will always have to interpret the analytics we collect when it comes to optimising and creating apps that we want to become success stories.

Being an entrepreneur in this industry means that we may not have all the specialist knowledge required to interpret the data and customise our app to meet our objectives and our users’ preferences. So, it’s therefore also very important to be able to rely on good industry experts when creating mobile apps. These experts will make our mobile project succeed.

7. Tailored to the individual: one person, one app

To achieve this we have to customise the apps that we create so they meet the preferences of our target audience. Creating an app with motor racing contents will not be the same as creating an m-commerce app for a toy store, for instance.

In addition, we will also have to customise the content that we offer on our mobile app. If someone is looking for jeans in our m-commerce app but finally doesn’t buy them, we can customise an incentive and offer a small discount to encourage him to complete the purchase.

8. You may even have a mobile platform or online store

Although many entrepreneurs may not contemplate it at first, the truth is that you can get your business rolling on mobile devices straight away from the very beginning. In fact, ideas that are good and cover a need related to mobility often succeed easily.

There are many cases of m-commerce apps that even have no desktop version. Some are just available only for smartphones and tablets and make money by selling through the mobile app! A good example of this trend is Venca’s app, which has managed to increase its sales in a very short time and now manages a volume that exceeds its website version.

9. Strong growth in the mobile industry

As you may know, the mobile industry is growing steadily and is not expected to slow down anytime soon. So becoming an entrepreneur by creating apps will be a profitable career for years to come. There’s no doubt that creating mobile apps has a future.

10. Yeeply is at your side to lend you a helping hand

Finally, if you are still reluctant about creating apps and do not know whom to rely on to get your project started: know that we’re here! As experts in app development and the mobile industry we can help and advise you throughout the app creation process. We can also aid you with defining a mobile marketing strategy and even find designers so that your app enjoys a great appearance and user-friendliness.

You’ve got all you need. Shall we get started?

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