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9 Augmented reality apps that you won’t be able to put down

9 Augmented reality apps that you won’t be able to put down

Augmented reality apps are already present in our day-to-day lives. But despite this fact, it’s a technology that’s still very striking to us. Augmented reality (AR) is also a technology that’s very versatile as evidenced by all its potential uses.

And unlike virtual reality apps, which require powerful equipment and gadgets to work, you’ll only need your smartphone to enjoy augmented reality apps.

We want you to fully immerse yourself in AR. Get ready and enjoy picking up which are the best augmented reality apps.

The best augmented reality apps

We’ll now share our pick of apps with augmented reality examples for all tastes. Handy tools, decoration-oriented, kid entertainment, fashion… Let yourself get surprised by the things that you can do with your mobile device!


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Myty AR

If you are thinking about redecorating your home, augmented reality apps can prove great allies for such matter. Imagining the final result of home refurbishments accurately is undoubtedly quite hard. However, Myty AR (iOS and Android) makes this a very easy task for you.

This augmented reality app allows you to test how a piece of furniture will look in your own home, hence making your decision to purchase it or not easier. And if you need inspiration, you have a gallery with hundreds of images and the opportunity to discover new brands and new furniture designers.

Besides, it also allows you to create virtual rooms where you’ll be able to alter the walls, change the kind of floor and add doors or windows to make yourself an idea of how such changes will look like.

Ikea Place

If you’re not into designer furniture and tend more towards Ikea products, the Ikea Place augmented reality app is a good option for you. Ikea had already taken its first steps in augmented reality by adding a few things to the latest editions of its catalogue and now has finally launched a specific AR app.

It’s perfect for discovering new furniture models, comes in free of charge and has been released for iOS and Android. Ikea Place is perfect for finding out which couch or shelf model will look better in your living room.

Civilisations AR

There are augmented reality apps addressing all tastes and interests. You’ll love Civilizations AR if you’re passionate about history. This app is linked to the BBC documentary series that goes by the same name.

You can discover with it the secrets of 30 artefacts from different periods and civilisations wherever you are. It’s available for iOS and Android.


Kids can have a blast with augmented reality apps like Quiver. We could describe it as a 2.0 colouring book and it can be downloaded for free on its website.

Once coloured in, drawings come to life through the app with animations and special effects that will leave your little ones and their friends open-mouthed. Quiver is available both for iOS and Android.

screenshots of Quiver app
Quiver app for iPad. Source: Quiver


WallaMe makes use of AR to enable you to paint or leave messages on walls or any other surface present in the real world. This app incorporates also a social dimension, as it allows you to share your paintings or messages with whoever you want: only with your friends or with the wider world.

You can discover on a map where the paintings or messages that others have created near your location are. This augmented reality app is free and has been released for both Android and iOS.

screenshots of Wallame app
Wallame app with Augmented Reality for Android. Source: Wallame

Star Walk 2

Enjoying a starry sky is an awesome treat. But it’s often hard to recognise which constellation we’re gazing at. To erase any doubts you just have to aim this augmented reality app to the sky. Star Walk 2 lets you know which star, planet, or constellation is there right in front of you.

It also has offers other services such as an astronomical calendar or sunrise and sunset times, amongst other things. It’s a very interesting app for children and adults alike and adjusts to all levels of astronomical knowledge. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Just a Line

With Just a Line you’ll be able to make simple AR drawings and share them as short videos. You can draw alone, but it’s always more fun to connect with a friend and draw together since this is something that the app allows you to do.

This augmented reality app has been developed by Google Creative Lab and is also available for both Android and iOS.

screenshot of Just a Line app
Just a Line app for Android. Source: Just a Line


Are thinking about getting a tattoo? The first and foremost thing to bear in mind: a tattoo is permanent. It’s quite commonplace to be unsure about how it will look or in what part of the body you should place it. Inkhunter will give you a shove as to making a decision.

This augmented reality application — available for both iPhone and Android — will show you how your tattoo will look by just pointing to the area where you want to try it on. You can choose between pre-designed drawings or uploading your own sketches and it also allows you to rotate the designs and save pictures to share the result.


How many times have you needed to measure something but didn’t remember where you last left the metre ruler? Thanks to augmented reality, you can now replace it with your smartphone.

The Measure application developed by Google for Android allows you to measure the height and length of objects or surfaces. It also includes the option of taking pictures of your measurements or copying these onto the clipboard.

screenshot of measure app for Android
Measure app for Android. Source: Measure


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Augmented reality app development

Now that we’ve given you some ideas about all the possibilities that AR entails, you may want to take the leap into creating an augmented reality app.

If so, rely on the best digital partner to get it done. Get in touch with Yeeply, tell us about your idea and we’ll find the team who knows best how to create augmented reality apps like the one you have in mind. We look forward to hearing from you!

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