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Keys to a Successful Digital Transformation

Keys to a Successful Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is one of the current buzzwords in the business world. Many may presume that it’s simply about incorporating technology into a company’s day-to-day activities, but the concept is much broader and deeper.

Are you about to undertake your company’s digital transformation?

Yeeply is willing to tell you about all the keys to a successful digital transformation.

What is digital transformation?

If you are not sure about what digital transformation is, let’s begin by putting it in a nutshell: it’s incorporating new technologies into a company to improve productivity, be innovative, reduce costs and crank up strategies focused on customers.

As you may already sense, there is more to digital transformation than simply installing a certain piece of software or acquiring new machinery for industrial manufacturing — just to name a couple of examples.

However, digital transformation is much more than this. It involves a whole mindset change and remodelling how to address internal processes in the company. The entire team — from the CEO to the most rookie of employees — must be engaged in this new way of working for it to be successful. Otherwise, the company’s digital transformation strategy will most certainly be doomed to failure.


illustration of people working
Illustration of a company’s internal processes. Source: Rawpixel


Another requirement of digital transformation is improving your company’s online presence, which will in turn yield new spaces to interact with your customers. All these actions must always have clear aims. It’s not about being present in every social network or installing a certain piece of software because it’s currently in fashion and regarded as something that “must be done”.

The digital transformation strategy involves a thorough assessment of your business, setting goals that must be achieved and establishing a roadmap to turn these into a reality.


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Advantages of undertaking digital transformation

Digital transformation is meant for you, regardless of whether your business is a small company or a large organisation. Having said this, aspects such as the kind of company or its size will surely have an impact on how to address its digital transformation. But, be that as it may, your company will benefit from the advantages entailed by digital transformation.

Process automation

Digital transformation involves reviewing the company’s internal processes to redefine them and — to the furthest possible extent — automate them too. By incorporating new technologies, tasks that previously had to be done manually can now be automated. This means reducing the time needed to carry them out, avoiding possible errors, being able to monitor the processes and obtaining real-time reports.


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man sitting and watching his iPad
Person with analytics on iPad. Source: Unsplash


Detecting new business opportunities

Adopting new digital tools entails generating large amounts of data. Many of these tools make use of Big Data to generate reports that enable concluding more easily than with older tools.

With data analysis, you’ll be able to detect new business opportunities, make predictions and adapt to changes sure-footed.

Improving customer relationship

You can manage the information you collect from your customers more effectively by incorporating tools such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management). These tools include specific features for sales and marketing, which ultimately means offering a better customer support service.

Besides, you’ll be capable of easily identify customer lifecycle statuses, increase their retention and boost sales. On the other hand, the use of CRM also streamlines in-house communication between the company’s different departments.


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Enhancing competitiveness

Your company’s competitiveness will be the main winner from undertaking a digital transformation strategy as you save time on processes, improve the relationship with your customers and detect new business opportunities more easily.

Keys to a successful digital transformation

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Book on business strategies. Source: Unsplash


Mindset change

As said earlier in this article: a mindset change within the company is necessary before incorporating tools. This involves that senior officers must — especially — be 100% engaged with digital transformation.

Innovative employees who throw themselves into this process are unlikely to be a great asset if they can’t rely on the company’s top management. And the same applies the other way round.

Invest in training

Sometimes a company must resort to incorporating new employees with new professional profiles, but during its every-day course, it’s paramount that it provides its current workers with suitable tools. And here is where training comes in as a key to the success of the company’s digital transformation.

First of all, you must assess what are the real training needs to set up a training plan for your workers. It may be necessary to allocate more resources to your company’s continuous training programme.

But, perhaps, MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) prove a good option to train in specific skills and learn in a flexible, cross-platform way. Identify what your company’s needs are and then contemplate which options are most appropriate.

E6 Ebook transformación digital

Labour flexibility and telecommuting

The mind-set change we were discussing earlier also involves taking the plunge into new forms of telecommuting. For example, if you are offering customer care services through digital channels, why not allow the employees involved working remotely at least one day a week?

To ease labour flexibility and telecommuting has a positive impact on the team’s well-being, which on its turn translates into greater productivity. Redirecting work towards goal achievement brings multiple advantages.

Ongoing improvement

Nothing lasts forever. A digital transformation strategy is not something that is carried out at a given moment and may afterwards be neglected; it must rather be an attitude that should be present every day. All this innovation regarding processes must come along with periodic assessments to find out what is working, what is not, and what improvements must be deployed. In a changing environment, a company must be prepared to introduce changes.

Big Data

We’ve already discussed the importance of Big Data. Using tools that employ these data analysis techniques in order to make predictions and having at hand new profiles who are experts in this area will prove a competitive edge to increase your business profits and adapt to changes.

Are you ready to kick off your company’s digital transformation?

Addressing digital transformation is no longer an option today: it’s something unavoidable if you’re seeking to succeed. 

Despite it being a process that can be complex for companies with already deep-embedded dynamics, the advantages it offers are undeniable. An exciting path is opening before your company. Yeeply would like to accompany you throughout the process to ensure that your company’s digital transformation is a success. Shall we talk?

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