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How to avoid the risks of being a freelance developer

Becoming a freelancer is a good alternative to avoid unemployment. Every time there are more and more qualified professionals who choose to become freelance developers. This is also happening in the world of mobile application developers, especially considering that most companies that need a mobile app relate them in a timely manner and outsourcing. Therefore, freelance work presents a number of opportunities that cannot be missed. However, being a freelance developer also brings some risks with it.

Principally, freelance work requires, above all, organization and discipline. You are your own boss, so you will have to take all the responsibility. A bad job or incorrect treatment of the client will affect him directly. There are also other risks that must be taken into account:


You do not have a fixed schedule

You decide when to work and when to rest.  However, you will have commitments to deliver work and deadlines with your clients, which have to be met without exception (with an exception of technological or personal catastrophes). Therefore it is necessary that you organize everything well and that you divide your time good over the projects: working time and rest time.

Unstable work for the freelance developer

There will be times when you will have a heavy workload and other times when you will spend the time looking for new projects because they are scarce. The best is to move yourself around in all the areas to find new customers. In this case, freelance networks can help you to find new tasks and projects.

Unstable incomes

This is closely related to the instability of the workplace. The more work you have, the more you earn and vice versa. In this regard, it is recommended that you save as much money as possible, so that you will be able to survive in ´bad periods´, while searching new projects. This is one of the risks of freelance that brings the most headaches.

Fixed expenses

Investing money in your work is assumed is one of the risks of freelance. As a freelance developer, you have a number of fixed costs per month: phone- and internet bills, transport, office material, etc. There can also occur unforeseen costs, like breakdowns that may arise on the particular vehicle you use to move or any of the equipment served for programming applications.


Probably, one of the biggest risks where the freelancers are the most afraid for is, not receiving the agreed reward. Before committing to a potential client, try to find out more about him, about his past relationships with freelance workers and his solvency. If the data are not reliable, it is better not to work for this client, especially not to waste your time that you can better invest in projects that pay definitely. In addition, you will save time that you will need to go to court or to companies specialized in debt management.  If the client is reliable and agrees, it is recommended to write everything down in payment conditions, especially since the documentary record can help you in claiming. But, without a doubt, the main solution for defaults is to do the job well and investing in a good deal with the customer.

Difficulties in communication

This risk can occur when you are developing an application for a foreign company, especially for the difference in time, and for the expensive international phone calls. Perhaps this is one the risks of being freelance deeveloper that is easier to solve, since you and the client can establish a communication schedule that is good for both parties, and nowadays, there exist many free software to communicate international for free like the free software for video conferencing (such as Skype and Google Hangout) which facilitates this work.

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