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Phablets seize the market

Phablet is a hybrid between tablet and smartphone. Currently this market is dominated by Samsung which offers 3 generations of phablets Samsung Galaxy Note

Obviously, when you read the term phablets, you will think that someone misspelled the word and what it truly means is “tablets”. The truth is that no, this term is recent and it refers to a hybrid between tablet and smartphone and this is what technology companies are currently doing to monopolize the market which is more specialized in features, but it only requires one device, regardless of its physical size. The main feature is that the screen should exceed five inches.


Considering multiple advantages you get at these devices , we realize that although a device may be considered “bulky” or “oversized” , the impact it can have on its use and its cost is extremely important.

Currently this market is dominated by  Samsung brand which already has three generations of phablets available under the brand Samsung Galaxy Note. Let’s see an example of this brand, their products and the benefits they can provide to their customers.

If you are interested in buying a Samsung Galaxy tab, which is the latest in the market , it will cost about 200 dollars . If you are interested in a smartphone that has the latest technology and of the same brand , you’ll find  Samsung Galaxy S4 for about another 200 dollars. In total, you would spend 400 dollars for two devices of excellent quality but with very similar functions. And here is where the brand presents its latest bid, their device Samsung Galaxy Note , considered a phablet, that costs about 300 dollars. Seeing this example you can realize the benefit-cost of these devices is much higher, taking away only a small portion of the screen size but providing two devices in one.

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