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Is it profitable to be an Android Developer?

 There is a tendency to believe that an app is only profitable if you’re famous and you´re selling it for ‘millions of dollars’. But this is not the only way to be a profitable Android app developer.

It is generally thought that being an iOS developer is more profitable than the Android operating system, but according to recent data, it is clear that this second platform is increasingly popular. Although, it´s  true that the amount of free applications is increasing, especially if you look in terms of percentage.

It is a common misconception that iOS developers are more profitable over Android developers, according to recent data and reports the Android platform is increasing in popularity. However, we must keep in mind that the percentage of free applications is on the rise.

Android, taking advantage of the giant Apple

Within the last year there have been numerous free apps which have shown great potential, not only that but they´ve produced great returns. Monetizing a mobile app in the right way results in high performance. This strategy is applied very well within the Android apps, thus it is becoming more and more profitable to be an Android developer, even within a mainly Apple dominated operating system market.

Is it profitable to be an Android Developer?
Is it profitable to be an Android Developer?

As previously mentioned, Android apps are usually free and use from other types of advertising to raise funds. This leads to the profit being lower than many more iOS apps which charge for downloads. However, down the line Android will very profitable as it reaches a much larger volume of users, to an ever widening audience.

Good promotion, key to success

Let’s talk about the big players, Android, iOS or Windows Phone.  The success of an application heavily depends on a good promotion strategy. As an Android Developer or Windows Phone developer, if we want to prove the development of mobile apps can be profitable, we must invest in promotion.

One of the ways to ensure your mobile application is not lost within the sea of other applications is to work the ASO and optimize keywords so that they are visible to users. However, it is also very important to work on marketing, and above all else the ‘buzz’ that is generated through social networks, ie, to present the app to the public, create a brand and a strategy to encourage downloads and a return on any investments made.

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