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Innovative Tech Startups that are Revolutionising their Sectors [2020]

Innovative Tech Startups that are Revolutionising their Sectors [2020]

Big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning… These are some of the tech breakthroughs that have already been among us for a little while and technology startups want to take advantage of them to revolutionise industries as disparate as healthcare, finance, or education.

Yeeply would now like to review with you which are 2020’s best innovative companies in each industry. Take a leap into the future by the hand of these innovative startups that are modelling a new reality.

Categories of the best tech startups

  1. Fintech startups
  2. Biotech startups
  3. Healthtech startups
  4. Edtech startups
  5. Insurtech startups
  6. Foodtech startups
  7. Proptech startups
  8. Cleantech & Greentech startups
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Please note that this list is Yeeply’s selection of tech startup companies: it’s not a comprehensive list and the order of the technology startups included follows no specific criteria.


Fintech startups


Industry: Financial services, payment tools, cryptocurrencies
Location: London
What they do: Revolut defines itself as a global money app. It offers multiple services related to savings, mobile payments, international transfers, savings tools, and even the possibility of buying gold and cryptocurrencies in just a few seconds. Since its launch in 2015, Revolut has been expanding its services to quickly adapt to a hyper-connected world.


Industry: Fintech, payment tools, security
Location: New York
What they do: Privacy.com introduces a new way of making online purchases without sharing your personal information or credit card number. Privacy.com creates a unique card number for each purchase, thus avoiding problems arising from e-commerce security breaches or hidden subscription fees.



Industry: Regtech, AI
Location: London
What they do: Onfido is a regtech startup that aids in the task of verifying people’s identity by combining a photo ID, a selfie, and artificial intelligence algorithms. This tech startup company uses manual technologies combined with machine learning to compare images and prevent fraud.


Biotech startups


Industry: Software, cloud services
Location: San Francisco, Boston
What they do: Benchling is a platform that accelerates, measures, and makes forecasts regarding scientific research. It renders it faster and more collaborative. Scientific research teams often have to rely on outdated computing tools. Benchling seeks to increase the rate of scientific production by employing a platform on which researchers can design and run experiments, analyse data, and share results.


Industry: AI, machine learning
Location: Istanbul
What they do: emoty.AI offers emotion recognition services by applying deep learning techniques on physiological data coming from bracelets and facial recognition devices. These techniques are useful for companies in industries and fields such as advertising, film, TV, or UX testing to find out if and when do their customers or target group lose interest in their products/services.

Adaptate Biotherapeutics

Industry: Immunotherapy
Location: London
What they do: Adaptate Biotherapeutics focuses on developing therapeutic antibodies that modulate the activity of a patient’s cytotoxic gamma delta T cells. This targeted approach allows addressing current cancer immunotherapy challenges more safely and effectively.

Healthtech startups


Industry: Digital healthcare, big data, AI
Location: Berlin
What they do: xbird uses AI on data collected from smartphones and wearables to predict and prevent health risks. The company currently applies its technology to prevent hypoglycaemia in diabetes patients by monitoring their behaviour and its impact on blood sugar levels.


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Luma Health

Industry: Digital healthcare, apps, SaaS
Location: San Francisco
What they do: Luma aims at simplifying and improving patient experience. By using a platform, patients can schedule appointments, receive reminders, get in touch with the doctor or get video call assistance, among other things. This helps to automate procedures while reducing phone calls and curbing cancellations and non-attendance.

Kaia Health

Industry: Digital healthcare, therapies, AI
Location: New York
What they do: Kaia Health uses an app to provide therapies aimed at helping chronically ill patients suffering from a variety of disorders. It makes use of technologies such as AI or computer vision and works side by side with medical personnel to offer interdisciplinary treatments. Thus, Kaia Health enables people to access non-pharmacological therapies at home at a low cost.

Edtech startups

A Cloud Guru

Industry: Education, cloud computing
Location: London
What they do: They define themselves as cloud learning’s Netflix. A Cloud Guru has been created by engineers for engineers and offers courses at different levels that specialise in cloud computing and have a practical and enjoyable approach. They target a field in which keeping up-to-date is paramount and this has yielded them already over 1.5 million students.


Industry: Education, SaaS, e-commerce platforms
Location: New York
What they do: In the current online training boom, Teachable allows anyone to create and sell online courses easily on a customised website. The platform already hosts more than 22,000 active teachers and is used by professionals from various industries and by large companies using the platform to train their employees.


Industry: Education, language learning, marketplaces
Location: Beijing, San Francisco
What they do: VIPKid is an online education company connecting students and teachers worldwide for English private lessons. It’s aimed at primary and secondary school students and enhances the benefits that cultural exchange entails for children by offering them the possibility of learning with teachers of other nationalities.


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Insurtech startups


Industry: Insurance, sports
Location: Austin
What they do: Spot is an insurtech startup that is opening a brand new distribution channel. It targets people with an active and adventurous lifestyle, enabling them to purchase short-term monthly policies at an affordable price through a simple platform.


Industry: Apps, on-demand services
Location: Washington
What they do: Dobby is the smartest and fastest way to manage, maintain, and carry out home refurbishing. The app partners with home service providers and uses AI to enable you to keep the reins over what is being done in the property and get in touch with maintenance professionals.


Industry: SaaS, deep learning
Location: Natick (Massachusetts)
What they do: Given the increasing impact of deepfake videos and forged photos and audios, Attestiv uses deep learning models to validate the authenticity of images and other digital files submitted in insurance claim procedures.

E8 Ebook Design Thinking

Foodtech startups


Industry: Agrotech, sustainable farming
Location: Akademgorodok (Russia)
What they do: iFarm is committed to short-chain food products and to developing automated greenhouses located within cities to grow salads, berries, and vegetables throughout the year. They focus on vertical farming in order to make the most of space and achieve greater efficiency.

Solar Foods

Industry: Food, food technology
Location: Lappeenranta (Finland)
What they do: Solar Foods produces plant-based alternatives for meat by employing a combination of air, electricity, and CO2. Their objective is to curb the environmental impact of food production. To achieve this, they have conceived Solein®, a technological solution that enables producing natural proteins anywhere by using air and electricity.


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Peas and Love

Industry: Urban agriculture
Location: Brussels, Paris
What they do: The mission of Peas and Love is to help people achieve a more sustainable lifestyle by renting urban garden plots with a set collection of fruits and vegetables that can be cultivated in them. Users don’t need to be farming experts since the plots are cared for by a farmer. The app also notifies its users about the harvest plan and the farm schedule.

Proptech startups


Industry: Smart homes
Location: Los Angeles
What they do: Caspar offers ready-to-move-in smart homes that are tailored to meet the needs of each resident. These ‘turnkey houses’ are equipped with sensors and mechanisms that guarantee safety and security and allow taking remote actions or detecting faults in real-time such as water leaks, for instance.



Industry: Real estate
Location: London
What they do: Nested combines technology with experienced real estate agents to assist their customers throughout the whole process of buying or selling a home. They negotiate both sales and purchases of homes to achieve the best conditions for their customers, who may now stop worrying about having to handle the process.

Radius Agent

Industry: Apps, marketplaces
Location: Broomfield (Colorado), San Francisco
What they do: Radius Agent is a collaborative platform that enables real estate agents to generate leads and close deals as part of a quality network made up of other real estate agents.


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Cleantech & Greentech startups


Industry: Energy efficiency, software
Location: San Francisco
What they do: Ohmconnect is a software-based power plant. Instead of consuming more energy at peak demand, Ohmconnect induces users to cut their energy costs. When signing up, users are advised when to reduce their electricity consumption. If they adhere to the advice, the energy they have saved is sold as surplus energy in the market and — on top of saving money by saving energy — they also earn points that can later be exchanged for money.


Industry: Cars, electric vehicles
Location: Santa Barbara
What they do: EVmatch is a P2P network of electric vehicle charging points. By displaying private charging points anywhere in the US (and hopefully anywhere in the world, eventually) that are not currently being used, this service enables electric vehicle drivers to easily find them and make a reservation. The EVmatch app includes positioning, reservation, and payment features as well as a price estimation algorithm.


Industry: Consumer electronics, IoT, SaaS
Location: San Francisco
What they do: Particle is a platform that allows connecting devices to the Internet. It makes prototyping, scaling, and managing IoT products easier. This is achieved by means of web infrastructure, development and management tools, and providing affordable no-contract, SIM card-based plans that work in over 100 countries.

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