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Why being a freelance app developer and how to find work

For freelance app developers finding the most complicated projects is what satisfies them. Outsourcing of application development by companies along with the emergence of platforms has improved the chances of freelancers securing larger and better-paid projects. 

In one of our previous articles we spoke about the dangers and disadvantages of working as a freelance app developer in the field of developing mobile apps. Some of them pointed to no good organisation and several towards a lack in communication.

However this technique is presented as a possible solution to the high unemployment rates that came with the onset of the crisis, especially among the young and unskilled. Nonetheless what about those experienced professionals who cannot find employment commensurate with their experience and curriculum?

Meanwhile, companies are looking to cut costs from any department, so often they choose to outsource talent to help complete assignments. One is the development of mobile applications, Yeeply’s activity that has found its niche.



Without doubt, the greatest drawback of this method is to find sufficient amount projects that will prove to be profitable. First of all you have to define your working routine, if you are unorganised projects wont matter if you can’t meet deadlines. However by following a few simple guidelines this can all change.

Where and how can we find work as a freelance app developer?

The truth is there are numerous platforms that you can sign up to that require the service of a freelance app developer. You could even promote yourself on social networks like LinkedIn or similar that can help you create an online reputation and even find projects. However in many cases, these pages bring together professionals from all types of backgrounds, hence making it much harder to find a project that requires mobile development.

The conventional way to find work is to advertise on networks and participate in communities.

The main drawback in the freelance world is the loss of time during the search process, which a lot of freelance developers can relate to. They make an offer to client explaining why they are right for the job, only to be denied. This wastes a lot of time, which is indispensable for freelance app developers, as this time could have been put towards developing; activity that ultimately would bring in revenue.

For the above reasons Yeeply presents itself as a solution to this search that is tedious and unproductive.  On this platform we provide businesses and individuals interested in finding freelance experts in mobile applications like you.

Customers have already published well-defined projects in Yeeply’s platform where freelance developers can makes offers to develop projects that appeal to them, together with a safe payment method. As a result you will save time and be able to focus on the developing apps.

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