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Why use Augmented Reality for Android app development?

Why use Augmented Reality for Android app development?

The world around us is not as simple as taking a look at our environment, but you have to interact with the environment too. It’s not enough with just looking, we also have to play, talk, interact and yet, we are left with the desire to know more, to discover the possibilities of the environment. New technologies allow us with a simple mobile device and using Augmented Reality in Android app development or in iOS devices, for example, to rediscover the world around us from anywhere with augmented reality apps.

Defining it differently, and as you know if you have read the previous article about Android app development with Augmented Reality (AR), you will know what this technique is. If we define augmented reality, regardless of the mobile device and other software in which we use it, we realize that your definition is very literal, since it involves increasing the information given us by the reality around us.

“That means that the Augmented Reality helps us to add information and context to the reality that surrounds us virtually and with the use of technology. It was a term born in the 90s to refer to overlapping virtual elements on a vision of reality. “ 

Now with the increasing use of mobile devices in our daily lives, we can apply these technologies in many areas of daily life. Especially now that more than half of smartphone users have an Android, iOS or a Windows Phone device, Augmented Reality is literally in the palm of our hand through AR apps.

Android app with Augmented Reality


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How to succeed in Android app development using AR?

Getting an app to triumph and success among smartphone users is no easy task. On the way to success, there are many obstacles and hurdles, but a key choice is an operating system for which you are going to develop applications. In the case of the Google operating system, choose Android app development can provide you some things. A further target, more likely to reach more people, and therefore the success will be greater if we do things right.

Second, in Android app development with Augmented Reality, we must consider the issue. When we say success with our mobile augmented reality application, we do not mean get great income, but we are looking to achieve a target and loyal users who regularly use our app so we can monetize it properly.For that, we need a good mobile marketing strategy with which market our app and continue to attract users. This phase will also be important to work the ROI on mobile apps.

The engagement that we receive from our Android app Augmented Reality also depends entirely on the sector to which we turn. It is not the same to choose to develop an Android Augmented Reality app in the field of education than to do it for medicine. Of course, there are some star sectors in the development of augmented reality and always shall be taken into account that the more specialized and professional is our sector, the number of users will be lower but these will be more loyal.

So the question of how to succeed in developing Android apps with Augmented Reality, the answer is simple. We must choose a good app project for a sector in which the AR contributes much more, worry about analysing and looking for loyalty in our mobile user. That’s the key to success! But how much does it cost to create an Android app with AR? Find it our in our guide: “How much does it cost to make an app?”

Android app with Augmented Reality

What kind of android app development uses Augmented Reality?

There are many possibilities offered by Augmented Reality for Android. It is precisely specific sectors that give us opportunities to enhance the functionality of the AR and bring them to a level that really is useful to a mobile user, whether for entertainment or as a source of information. The audio-visual communication skills and power of the AR make it a Star tool for different types of apps:

  • GAMES: Games are the most used for Android apps of Augmented Reality. The potential of AR in video games is huge, allow us a much greater interaction and immersion in the game making it much more realistic. One way to interact with the environment and with the game at the same time.
  • MARKETING AND ADVERTISING: growing advertising agencies that are committed to advertising campaigns that include applications, but also involved with Augmented Reality apps Android. A clear example of this is the recent Toyota campaign that invites users to download the Mystery Stories application, an Augmented Reality app for Android that lets you see what’s under the hood of a car brand without actually open it.
  • TOURISM: This time it seems obvious what Augmented Reality for Android can bring to tourism. Basically, you can turn a smartphone into a tourist guide with a simple app of Augmented Reality. These tourist applications with augmented need just a camera device and to recognize the place or monument we approach, then AR app brings us extra information.
  • EDUCATION: The possibilities offered by Augmented Reality in the education sector are very powerful. Especially if we consider that in terms of use of mobile devices, the younger ones use it the most and are better using these tools, children are digital natives and we must know how to exploit and adapt knowledge and education to new generations.
  • FASHION: AR is going to change the way that fashion is created, visualised and eventually sold. The upcoming year, an explosion of opportunities will be expected which will totally redefine what we understand as fashion nowadays. 
  • MEDICINE AND HEALTH: also for adult professionals. There are professionals who need to be continually learning or ‘recycled’, such as physicians or surgeons with Android Augmented Reality apps they can learn from  Nexus 6 or Samsung Galaxy tablet, but also diagnose and treat sick patients.

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