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What is the economic benefit of mobile app development?

What is the economic benefit of mobile app development?

Mobile applications can generate a lot of money, however, what is the real economic benefit of mobile app development?

The market for mobile applications is generating a significant amount of benefits which is not new to people. But how much do apps really make on average? Tristan Louis, a contributor to Forbes magazine published an interesting article; this prestigious medium helps to know more accurately the economic advantage of apps found on Google Play, App Store and Windows Phone Store.

Google play store is currently the industry leader; with 900 million active users per month therefore being the market leader is no surprise. However, the App Store is the one with a greater number of applications uploads: Behind them are about 235,000 developers, which Apple has paid them a total of 5 billion.


By displaying this data how is it possible for Windows Phone to be listed in this comparison of economic benefit for mobile app development if they are so far from the two giants of the mobile market? Microsoft’s platform may be substantially more rewarding for its developers, bringing in $.15 per download, which is only 10 percent of what the other platforms can offer (Forbes, 2013). According to Tristan Louis, although Windows Phone only has 160,000 apps in its store, a significant percentage of them are extra.


By looking at this data, it is clear that Apple is in the lead in terms of the total number of applications and money being paid to developers. Furthermore on average per application makes $4,000, therefore iOS applications can make more than $21,000. However, there are opportunities for Microsoft to improve. They should focus on managing their average per revenue along with growing their user base, and if carried out effectively they could potentially out-earn all other platforms.


We know Windows Phone has so much potential, and if they were to have similar records as Android they would be the leading operating system in terms of percentage of profits.

Tristan Louis’s article concludes that both Android and Windows Phone need improvement. On the flip side, Microsoft’s needs to attract more users to achieve good discharge figures and offer great benefits to attract more developers.  Moreover, Google’s platform must implement mechanisms to help its developers to carry out effective strategies for monetizing mobile app development, given the large number of free Android applications that exist. In fact, according to Louise, Windows Phone and iOS also should work in this direction, even though Apple’s platform already has a strong and rich market for its developers.

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