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I want to hire an app developer, but first… How do I protect my idea?

If you think − despite everything − that protecting your idea before you hire an app developer and share it with him is important, you can get him to sign a non-disclosure agreement (commonly known by its acronym: NDA) before you describe your idea to him.

As in most agreements, you will have to get the following key points reflected on it in order to achieve this:

  • The Parties: will include each person involved in the agreement and will contain the following legal information:

1. Full name or company name in the case of a firm (in addition to its agent)

2. Identification document

3. Home or registered office in the case of a firm

  • Subject matter: an explanation of the agreement’s purpose regarding the exchange of information for the development of a mobile application with specific characteristics.
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  • Non-disclosure: where the mutual agreement is explained − an agreement with which the intellectual property of the idea or project is protected under the agreed terms and conditions.
  • It should be noted that − at this point − everything should be specified with as much detail as possible because a development company or a freelancer will usually not sign an NDA on something very generic in nature because it would be very limiting for them regarding future projects.
  • Intellectual property: the terms and conditions concerning the protection of the intellectual property will be explained, as well as the rights and obligations of the Parties.
  • Amendment or termination: you can include the possibility of terminating the agreement with the express consent of both Parties.
  • Jurisdiction: it’s advisable to specify the terms and conditions for arbitration in case of dispute and which rules will govern such arbitration.
  • Date, execution and place: a non-disclosure agreement regarding an app project − as any other agreement − should be properly signed and include the date and place of execution.

Yeeply offers you the possibility of describing your application project in detail so that our chosen developers are able to study it and send you an estimate of the total development cost explaining the details of the whole process. Then, the time comes to hire an app developer. Out of all the offers received, you can choose the one you think will suit your project best. The development process will eventually begin and you will be able to monitor it at all times and be in permanent contact with the app developer you have chosen.

In our platform all the projects are private, so no one has access to your idea. Only when we find the right professional for your project, only he will have access to the project in order to make a good proposal for you.

This service guarantees that only candidates who have already signed the agreement will be entitled to receive such information. And last but not least: please contact us if you need any help. We will be happy to advise you when the moment comes to hire an app developer.

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