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The Importance of Mobile Application Development for SMEs

The Importance of Mobile Application Development for SMEs

It’s no secret that leisure applications increase customer loyalty and allow transmitting the company’s values to consumers while they are entertaining themselves and having fun. This is why mobile app development for small businesses and their customers is so important.

For many SMEs, it’s essential to get customers acquainted with the companys culture and its benefits. This goal may be achieved through a very simple and effective method: by using video games. And the thing is that applications allow users who download them to get more closely acquainted with a company’s processes and operation.

This way, companies obtain many potential customers and users can enjoy closer contact with those companies that are present in their lives. By offering games, many companies achieve that a significant amount of the customers that use their applications gets to have a better idea about the company.

What’s the purpose behind mobile app development for small businesses?

The final goal is none other than that of promoting customer loyalty. It targets an audience that is no longer attracted by cheap merchandising like pens and caps. It targets users who use their mobile devices for up to 90% of their day-to-day tasks.

“It’s about incorporating the brand into the consumer’s lifestyle. He may not know how to handle a video game console, but will nevertheless engage in a trivia game on his phone about the geographical origin of different chocolate products from his favourite brand” assures Jesús Hernández, an expert in advertising and communication.

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The secret lies in Gamification

This is a style of app development that’s currently on demand by plenty of companies. The set of tools known as gamification is interesting for SMEs for using game mechanics to give visibility to their products or services.

However, we must take into account certain factors of great importance when hiring the development of this kind of apps before embarking on a gamification approach to mobile app development for small businesses.

The kind of company you have

It’s very important that the reason why your company seeks an app of this kind isn’t just that it’s very fashionable and you want it to have one at any price. The service industry constitutes a potential stronghold for this kind of apps since its traits fit in nicely with these tools.

However, you’ll have to be very careful when it comes to other industries with a more serious, sober and traditional touch, since this kind of apps will not always work with them.

Our experts shed light on this: “It’s not the same to make a game for a restaurant than for a law firm, although the game for the latter may work if it’s based on a good idea. The key lies in the company’s creativity and therefore the product it develops.”

A clear example of this may be the shop right beneath your home. It may come up with the idea of an RPG involving a treasure hunt in which the customer has to look around the shop’s shelves to find an award. However, this can end up being very expensive and hard to afford.

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The app’s target audience

Any company contemplating to bet on mobile app development for small businesses has to study the market it wants to target, and this involves the users that will enjoy its application.

“The audio-visual narrative, graphics and aesthetics vary depending on whether the app is aimed at children or at adults” as our developers and mobile designers put it. The younger ones are more attracted to drawings and simple games, so it would be interesting to incorporate a differentiating pet or hero.

In addition, the company can devote its products to enhance the knowledge of young customers. Hence, it’s possible for a couple to choose it as a means to get their child to learn geography while having fun.

It’s much easier when it comes to adults, since a company may associate its services with plenty of leisure-related approaches. This will make the user relax and will allow the company’s values to settle strongly.

The app model you are looking for

It’s difficult to establish a specific pattern that ensures a successful implementation. This particularity can be reflected in many aspects ranging from user-friendliness to aesthetics that are visible to the user and may have an impact on whether he opts or not for your application. If you want to find out more about business models for your app, read this article.

The user’s interest in your application

To ensure success in this regard, we must awaken the player’s interest in a way that he doesn’t get bored and quits using the app before than expected. This may be achieved by posing challenges that offer real rewards.

In short, you must be clear on which market you are going to be focusing on and how you are going to do so before getting involved in mobile app development for small businesses. If you have a good idea for an app and you think it will strengthen your company and benefit its users, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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