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TestFlight the app development testing service closes February 26th

Barely a year after the Cupertino Company acquired the service TestFligh, mobile app development testing tool, and Apple will close it soom. Developers of mobile applications for iOS using this service received this week a statement through their email that communicates about the closing of services of TestFlightApp.com next February 26th.

The closure of the service seems to be a direct consequence of the release of the new version of the old Apple service called iTunes Connect which was release last year. As of now, Apple has begun to encourage all developers to export and migrate all publications in testing process at TestFlight to the new version of iTunes Connect service.

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“The services offered at TestFlightApp.com will no longer be available after February 26, 2015. To prepare for the TestFlightapp.com closure, developers and team leaders are recommended to transfer their testers to the all-new test Flight Beta Testing in iTunes Connect. “

The company provides all application developers for iPhone and iPad with projects in the process tool TestFlight indicating all the steps to make the change. Although is not an automated process, every developer will need to do it by himself.

Do not forget that the closure of this service will also affect the native mobile app development for iOS devices that is available on iTunes Store operating system, but that will also stop working from February 26. The new service of TestFlight in iTunes Connect includes a panel for developers and its own native app development for testing.

The parent company of TestFlight, Burstly, was already acquired last year by Apple. One of the biggest attractions of this purchase was TestFlight, considered one of the most important platforms for developers to test their iOS mobile app development. This tool allows corrections and improvements before the final release of the applications to the general public.

So if you’re a developer of mobile applications for iOS and were using TestFlight, you know: You have one month to move all your tests to iTunes Connect.

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