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Spain: European leader in mobile device use

Spain: European leader in mobile device use

According to the  E-interactive research, Spain is set to head into the mobile devices use in Europe with its penetration of mobile devices market of 63%. It is at least what the E-interactive research on the mobile technologies market in Spain shows. It becomes a clear business opportunity, with a 63% of market penetration. Usability, speed and adaptability are the keys to apps development in 2013.

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Mobile devices have multiple implications and synergies that involve a differentiating element according to the return on investment (ROI) and the opportunity cost. The expected growth of the mobile industry for the coming years is continuously increasing. Companies make bullish forecasts for future investments and budgets for the mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is the key element in the development of local business. 88% of smartphone users search for local information on their phones. Thus, it becomes so important to develop apps adapted to this type of business.

The E-interactive research also yields data associated with the use of mobile applications: a user downloads on average 19 apps per month, from which uses 8. Most of the users agree with the free downloads and this is a trend that seems to be homogeneous in the entire population.

Mobile applications are used mostly for maps searching, social networks and email. And the most distrust utilization: online banking. Tablets have a position of another important mobile device, growing the fastest in the general area of Internet connections. The prime-time for the use of mobile devices is the morning and noon.

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