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New Apple: Ready for app development for Apple Watch?

Before yesterday, the technology brand Apple presented through Keynote in Berlin the spectacular arrival of its new products, including Apple Watch that we already knew was coming. Finally we have seen it in full operation, and cannot wait to put ourselves with app development for Apple Watch. But what really gives the smart watch Apple?

Features of Apple Watch

In the words of Tim Cook, CEO, Apple Watch is the “personal device” made to date. For its quality as a wearable it took a long time, and has a battery that’s designed to last around 19-24 hours of use.

apple watch different colors

The apple watch will complement any smartphone and will implement usability of your iPhone, apple expects to see a good response by customers on the 24th of April which is the official release date for the Apple watch . In terms of design, Cook said that “what you wear is an expression of who you are” so Apple Watch will be available in three basic (Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition) models that fit who you you’re given its highly customizable nature.

It also includes the Digital Touch technology to let you connect to other watches. It also monitors the exercise you perform and has compatibility with Apple Pay. It seems that Apple wanted to enhance interactivity with their wearable, you can pay, exercise … It seems that Apple Watch can do everything. Now we can get down to work to start with the app development for Apple Watch and get all the juice that seems to have this new wearable.

What about app development for Apple Watch?

The official presentation of Apple Watch’s opened the season to begin the app development for the Apple Watch. In fact we can already see the first apps for Cupertino smart watch in the new version of iOS 8.2.

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The first app dvelopment release for Apple watch allows us to pair it with the iPhone in order to install apps in the apple watch and to access to settings. The app will only show on your iPhone once the pairing of both devices has been done properly.

Furthermore, in the very App Store we can already see the section apps for Apple Watch when accessing from the iPhone. Does it open your appetite? Well Apple has already opened the WatchKit to start with the app development for Apple Watch. Do you already have your ideas for projects of app development for this device?

Other news from Apple

The smartwacth from Apple was not the only novelty introduced by the US firm. The Cupertino are determined to popularize Apple TV, and still trying to include in its smart TV system a new streaming service in which collaborates HBO. If we add to this the arrival of a spectacular new MacBook, thinner, lighter and 12-inch screen retina. A powerful machine, designed for designers.

Apple also wanted to demonstrate its commitment to healthy lifestyles and health. And we can see its commitment with the release of Research Kit hand, a free software designed for researchers, including a package of useful apps for your clinical cases. The first five applications are already available.

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