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Luma: the new mobile app absorbed by Instagram

Luna company announced with great satisfaction its junction with the unstoppable photography mobile app, Instagram, also making part of Facebook. The technology partnership will greatly enhance the new video service of the photographic social network. Although it is not known that new tools will be included in Instagram after this absorption , or if they change those already established. What is clear is that the popular mobile app will enhance the video recording on the go from any mobile device. This will help all lovers of audiovisual communication, since they will be able to create their videos for a greatly reduced price relying solely on a smart device.


Since its beginnings in late 2011, Luma, also known as Midnox, has allowed its users to create and share videos in an almost professional way, thanks to the editing tools that include controls such as filters, effects, image stabilization, brightness, saturation, exposure … Thus eliminating economic and equipment obstacles, necessary for this type of audiovisual products.

According to the company, the agreement is “another big step for the realization of this mission”, since both mobile apps have similar and complementary features. Just a month ago the Instagram mobile app included a new service, giving the opportunity to its users to share videos with a maximum of 15 seconds with the possibility of using 13 different filters, also including “cinema”, a tool to stabilize the moving image.

After the purchase process, Luma’s service has been closed. Nevertheless, all users can access the platform to recover all uploaded videos and the technical support which will remain open until the end of the year. It should be noticed that the purpose of purchasing the social network par excellence has not only been the acquisition of technology, but also the team that is behind the mobile app.

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