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Looking for mobile app developers: Where and how to find them?

The approach and the personal situation can be different, but it always ends with the same sentence that we know got used to hear: “looking for app developers, where can i find them?”

Generally, finding app developers can be a difficult task if you are new to the TIC and mobile sectors. But nowadays thanks to internet and at platforms like Yeeply, the work in order to find the right developers is much easier. But first let’s explain in which cases you would need to hire an app developer.

I have a good app idea and I’m looking for app developers

If you are not native in the mobile sector it’s obvious that you will need an app developer for your project. The normal thing to do would be to open your search engine and type “I’m looking for app developers” but do you really thing that this is going to solve your problem?

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It is quite possible that while doing that search you found this article from a web you probably never heard off and written by a person you never heard off but dear reader let me tell you that you have some to the right website, we definitely can help you with your project or at least give you a bit of guidance in your search for professional app developers.

I have a company and I want to go into mobile

Recently we have seen at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona that we can now check in the hotels with only a smart watch and without going through reception. This is a good example of how to go mobile and succeed with your company, the opportunities for your company when going mobile are limitless and you will certainly benefit from an app for your SME. Anyway looking for app developers that suit your needs is no easy task if you have no knowledge of the sector.

I have little or no knowledge of app development

Luckily you have arrive to the right place because we are experts in the externalization of mobile app projects. Our platform, Yeeply, can help you no matter what the stage of you mobile app projects, we can help you from zero or just help you finish it. We can also help you to find from the best app developers for your team in order to create your mobile app project to the best marketing experts for your mobile app.

Yeeply is a marketplace in which you would find simply and intuitive a good app developer for your project. No matter in what operating system you want to develop your app (Android, iPhone, Windows etc…) or the language you want to develop it on, at Yeeply you will be able to find the best app developers from all around the world that will bid on your project  to offer their services.

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Steps to find app developers for you project?

The most important thing before start with the project is to have a budget, but also to see which would be the budget need it in order to complete your app project. You don’t need to have your business plan ready neither look for app developer, you just need to have the basis of your mobile project like the operating system or if you will need to register to use the app.

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The creation of mobile apps is not cheap, the more features you want to include and the more complete you want your mobile app to be bigger the budget you will need. A good tool for a free estimate on your mobile app could be howmuchcostanapp.com , it’s a free tool that helps you calculate your approximate budget needed for you app project by answering very easy questions about the operating system, the features or interface etc.

Once you have it, this are the 6 steps to follow at the Yeeply platform:

  1. The first step is obvious, the first thing you have to do is register on the platform if you have not already done so. You can do this via social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn, or with your email account.
  2. After you log in, you have to concentrate on writing a good project app. It is not always easy, but the trick lies in explaining everything you have in mind about your app and explain it the best you canso that anyone can understand it, you can even include mock-ups if you have them. Then you just have to access the page after publishing the project and it will be visible to developers of apps.
  3. Proposals will come from more than 6,000 apps developers worldwide registered at Yeeply. They will make bids and proposals and even make you more questions about your project to have a better idea of what you want in your app.
  4. Now comes the good. You have to choose among developers of mobile apps the one that best suits your needs, whether the result of the app and budget. If you’re not sure which is the best of all you can ask us and we will advise you, we are at your disposal, but always remember that there are certain things you should know about apps developers before hiring them.
  5. Develop your app! Divide your project app in milestones and define appropriate deadlines for each of them. This way you can easily follow the progress made by the project receive, the developer will have feedback from you before they continue working.
  6. The payment method: This is one of the most delicate points in the development process apps. In our platform we propose the method of payment “Escrow”. It consists in putting the money in an escrow, client pays the platform an advance payment for the mobile application to be developed. But this is the important part, the developer will not receive the money until the job is delivered and you’re satisfied with the work. This is also another reason why it is recommended that the project is divided into stages or milestones, so you can make small payments each time the developer delivers the work specified in each of the milestones. Thus, both the client and developer ensure delivery of work and receiving the corresponding payment.
  7. Once payments are released and the app developer delivers the project, game or web app, you will have mobile app ready!

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