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How to create apps with no programming knowledge

How to create apps with no programming knowledge

It’s quite clear that mobile applications are fashionable. And increasingly those created for companies and businesses in particular − be it for online stores, restaurants, supermarkets, cinemas, etc. It may be the case that you want one for your business but don’t know anything about programming, let alone about developing an app from scratch. To create apps without knowing how to programme one can be a touchy subject.

You may be thinking about bringing your business up-to-date and betting on mobility. But to create apps − or several of them − for your company is much more than what it may seem at first glance: having a corporate app entails many additional benefits.

For this reason, in this article, we’ll try to help you find a way to create an app that suits your business best without having to know how to programme. Of course, remember that you must analyse both the market and your business to determine if you really need an app before taking the leap, as well as other aspects such as what features should it have or what devices should it be available for.

Do I really need to create an app?

As already mentioned, the first unavoidable step is analysing the market to determine if you really need to create an app, since in many cases it may be enough to create an adaptive web or a responsive website. Our niche market may not be enough to develop a mobile app that proves profitable for us. Therefore, it’s necessary to determine what benefits will develop an application bring to our business and if it’s worth investing in this kind of technology before embarking on this endeavour.

We’ll have to ask ourselves: will creating an app really contribute to the business? Will I offer any special service through my app? Will it make the buying process easier for the customer? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, creating an app for your business can be a very good idea indeed.

Do I need a corporate mobile app?

On the one hand, having a mobile application improves a brand’s positioning quite a lot and also generates greater confidence from the consumer’s point of view. In addition, it can help us promote our company by including functionalities in it such as sharing on social networks. This way our customers − if satisfied with our services − will recommend us to other potential customers.

Your app will also create a direct line of communication between your business and your customers. It’s a way to be close to them, to be there whenever needed. You’ll be literally in their pockets twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. That’s an advantage with which a physical store cannot compete. Besides, it involves mobility that allows your business to be accessible to the customer even during his vacations or when he’s travelling.

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‘DIY’ tools: create apps without knowing how to programme one

There are some tools out there with which it’s not necessary to know anything about programming in order to create apps. These companies and websites will help you create your app by following about ten standardised steps or so. This process always involves templates that are much standardised with which to create your mobile application. They are known as ‘Do It Yourself’ platforms (DIY platforms).

This method’s main disadvantage is that the apps created with it are all very similar to each other. Also, templates are very limited if we don’t know anything about programming and aren’t able to modify the code. At the end of the day, we’ll end up with very simple mobile applications created out of templates which will differ little from those of our rivals in the industry. We’ll obtain a standardised app, while the apps that succeed are those committed to design and user-friendliness.

How can I create a mobile app without knowing how to programme?

An advantage of these DIY platforms is that they mimic those already being used for creating websites, like WordPress for example. They are easy to use and really enable you to create apps without knowing how to programme. And − on top of this − it’s a relatively inexpensive process compared to creating an application from scratch. However, the app can’t be very complex.

Finding a developer to create your app

Another option for creating an app without having to personally know how to programme is to outsource the task. You may not have a single clue on how to programme or perhaps your company doesn’t have a team of developers at hand. Either way, the best option to carry out your project may be hiring freelance developers or finding a team made up of specialists. It has its advantages: the result will always be of a much higher quality and you’ll obtain a tailor-made application adapted to your business’ conditions. Also, your app’s development process will be customised to meet your business’ needs and not vice versa as with DIY platforms.

It’s true that the cost of hiring an expert developer is much higher but it’s still worthwhile. Besides the quality of the end result, you’ll also have an expert by your side to advise you. This expert will be at hand for counselling and also for solving any possible technical issue that may arise.

Depending on the kind of mobile application you need to develop, you’ll have to search for one specific kind of app developer or another. Perhaps you’ll need to find an Android developer, an iOS developer or one who’s able to develop on different platforms. Finding one can be hard if you haven’t determined exactly what your needs are.

I’m looking for a mobile application developer

In developer platforms like Yeeply, we give you a helping hand to create apps from the very beginning. We’ll help you polish your idea and get a good mobile application project defined from the first moment. Remember that defining your project clearly and being precise about your corporate app’s needs and your niche market is going to be essential.

Once you start getting bids from several developers, you must weigh what each of them can bring to your project. There are several things that you must find out about each of these developers to make sure they fit in your project nicely before choosing one or another. Asking for references or examples of their previous work − for instance − may help you decide better.

Also, remember that Yeeply will be there throughout the process to advise you whenever you need counsel. We’ll help you find a suitable and reliable developer, making the hiring process easier and guiding you through its different stages. In addition, we’ll make sure your project gets delivered: the developer will not get your money until he finishes your mobile application. Can we help you develop your mobile app?

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