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Hiring a remote Android app developer : advantages and disadvantages


You may have come across our website by typing “looking for an Android app developer for a mobile project” on your computer or something very similar. Well, congratulations! You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will not discuss how to find the suitable developer, as we have already done so in the article “How to find the best mobile app developers“. Instead we’ll now help you to know better which kind of Android programmer you’ll need for your project.

One of the topics we would like to break down is the one that states that hiring an expert who resides in the same country as you is always preferable, mainly due to geographical proximity. Well, we want to bring this myth down: long live globalisation! It’s precisely the internationalisation of processes that has allowed us to get more interconnected. In fact, communication is now possible even if we are on the other side of the world and sending huge files anywhere is perfectly feasible.

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So why not consider remote working? Many companies have employees in other countries who are working remotely. This is also possible for app development and design jobs. Therefore, considering taking a step forward and trying to find an Android app developer outside Spain is not such a crazy idea. Let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages associated with looking for a programmer who resides in another country.

An Android app developer outside my country… Does this benefit me?

We will discuss Android in the first place. There’s no point in denying that Google’s operating system leads the mobile technologies market. Therefore, finding an app developer on the international scene for this operating system will pose no problem at all. Android developers are closely followed by iOS developers, so you’re on the right track if you are conceiving your app project for both operating systems.

Competitive prices

Differences in local currencies, standards of living, country’s GDP, etc. There are many factors that determine the difference in price of a mobile project − be it an app or a game − associated to one country or another. However, much more competitive prices are to be found in Latin American countries than in Spain and the European Union.

If you’re on a tight budget you might be interested in going for remote working when developing your app by choosing an Android app developer located outside Spain. This may be your main reason for outsourcing your app’s development; another may be to increase your benefit.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

The Value Added Tax or VAT is virtually an extension to your application project’s price. So it’s worthwhile remembering how this tax works: if you reside in the same country as your Android developer or the corresponding development company, such country’s VAT will apply. It’s 21% in Spain, 16% in Mexico and 21% again in Argentina, for instance.

In addition, when issuing invoices between countries of the European Community, the development company or freelance developer should be registered in the register of intra-Community operators to able to leave the tax out in the invoice; if not registered, your country’s VAT will be applied to the invoice.


Language can obviously be one of the main drawbacks. But let’s not forget that nowadays virtually all professionals have notions of English and perhaps even of more languages. However, language can be a great advantage when focusing on the Latin American market, as it’s a big advantage to share the same language − especially if you’re worried about the possibility that communication might otherwise not be good enough.

International experience

Still focusing in Latin America, we would like to emphasise that these countries have become app development workshops for the United States and Europe, mainly due to their competitive prices. As for 2015, these countries are pretty much used to working with outsourcers coming from more mature − and more expensive − markets such as the USA or Europe.

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And what are the drawbacks?

Of course this arrangement also entails some drawbacks, as we already mentioned before. You’ll have to decide whether the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. The choice is yours to make.

Less convenient schedules

We’ll have to deal with different time zones as a result of working with professionals based in other countries. When working with experts who are waking up when we are going to take a nap, we must be willing to make an extra effort and be soundly organised to arrange well-scheduled meetings when needed.

Languages, the flip side of the coin

Another benefit to be drawn from working with Android developers residing in Latin America is that we have the same language: Spanish. We may come to learn that it can indeed be problematic when the developer who we have hired or are willing to hire speaks a different language than ours.

Fortunately for us, the vast majority of developers around the world are fairly proficient in English − due to the requirements of our globalised world. Thus, it will be very easy to communicate with the developer with whom you are creating an app if you master this language.

A matter of quality

One of the advantages associated to hiring a freelancer for your Android project through platforms like Yeeply is that you’ll also benefit from obvious added value features that will contribute to the quality of your experience. The marketplace will provide the necessary advice and assistance to choose an Android developer that fits your project nicely. This way, your project’s result will be the best due to the added value provided by Yeeply.

Tailored recommendations regarding app development when you are not a mobile industry expert come in as a godsend. Sure they are very much appreciated, right? Well, that’s exactly what you can obtain from our platform. In addition to being able to check the quality of the apps already developed by each and every one of the programmers. You may consult their portfolios and select the developer or development company that suits your project best.


Are you ready to create your mobile app?

We’re certain to have already convinced you that looking for an Android developer is an excellent choice when it comes to carrying out your mobile project. It’s as easy as defining your application project in depth by including all possible information about your idea and then publishing it on Yeeply so that we get on with it. Are you ready to create your mobile app?

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