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How to find the best Mobile App Developers

How to find the best Mobile App Developers

In the process of mobile app development, one of the fundamental steps is finding the adequate app developer(s) or digital agency to realise your project. If you read our blog frequently, you already know how to define a good mobile app project.

However, the success of an app idea cannot be guaranteed without the help of adequate mobile app developers, unless your project is very basic. Indeed, DIY tools offering templates can be found online and they do not require knowledge of programming. In this case, your app idea is unique, but most of the projects need to be carried out by an experienced app developer.  And Yeeply can help you with looking for the right team of experts.

Certified and Qualified Mobile App Developers

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Yeeply is a premium marketplace specialised in finding the best web and mobile app developers for your tech project. On our platform, it is possible to connect with freelancers but also digital agencies that are experts in app development, ideal for bigger projects. In addition, the team of Yeeply is made up of skilled and experienced project managers. They are here to advise you on any aspect of your app and help you with the management of your project. From the conception phase to the publication of your app in the stores and the implementation of your marketing strategy.

These are the professionals that Yeeply can help you to find:

  • Mobile app developers. For any type of mobile devices and programming languages. We have experts in app development for iOS, Android, HTML5 and more.
  • Mobile game developers. Mobile game development is much more complex than mobile app development. If your project is a mobile game, you will need to find app developers able to program on Unity or other platforms.
  • App designers. To combine design and usability with creating a unique app experience, you will need a designer. This expert will advise you on the UX and UI of your project.
  • Mobile marketing experts. Publishing a mobile application in the app stores is not enough to attract users. A marketing expert will help you to make your app known, increase the numbers of downloads, and most importantly, retain users.

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Hiring an App Developer vs. a Digital Agency

The creation of a mobile app does not only mean programming codes. Long hours of work must be dedicated to the design to make it attractive and user-friendly. You should not forget about marketing and particularly the elaboration of your business plan to monetise your app. That is why many project initiators wonder whether it would be more reasonable to hire a digital agency instead of a freelance developer…

If the project is simple, you will not need to hire several professionals to get the job done. In addition to programming, most of the developers have skills in app design. However, complex apps require native development and you will need at least one developer per platform. If you are creating a game, we recommend you to find a designer fully focused on the visual aspect. A digital agency will probably be best fitted to meet the requirements of such projects. In addition to the team of designers and developers, you will have managers at your disposal to supervise the project completely. A digital agency will also be able to implement profitable marketing and monetization strategies.


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Operating systems and programming languages

The research process of a developer always starts with the definition of the basic features of the future app. The most important one remains the operating systems on which it has to work. Android, iOS? Each operating system uses a different programming language for its apps. As a result, you need to know which operating systems you are targeting to find a developer with suitable skills.  

Various operating systems can be found on the market, where some have a larger market share and, therefore, offer a larger audience. This should definitely be taken into account if you want your app to be successful.

1. Android 

Google’s operating system is the market leader worldwide, except for the USA or Switzerland where Apple holds on to the biggest share. Despite that, Android is the market leader in mobile operating systems, representing more than 80% of mobile device users around the world. Without a doubt, you will need an Android app developer if you wish to conquer the market of mobile apps.

2. iOS

Apple follows Android and dominates the tablet market with the iPad. It is recommended to create your app on iOS, as the operating system represents 15% of the global mobile market share. Moreover, Apple users are more willing to spend money on apps. Therefore, this could be a strategic target for your business model. And as there are many differences between creating apps for Android and iOS, you will need to look for one who is specialised in this particular operating system.


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3. BlackBerry

You will not dominate the market for mobile apps with BlackBerry. However, it could be an interesting focus of development if you have already achieved significant results on the previous OS.

4. Symbian, Ubuntu Touch & Firefox OS 

These minor operating systems are the speciality of a few app developers. However, they will always be necessary for popular apps such as Facebook or Whatsapp.

5. Web Apps 

This type of app is programmed in HTML5, CSS and JQuery Mobile, among others. Their access to the peripheral devices and components, such as the camera or Bluetooth, is limited. However, they are ideal for certain types of projects. The most used framework for this type of development is Adobe Phone Gap.

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6. Interpreted language

In this case, the app is programmed and then translated to the programming language of the device. This type of programming allows a faster development process of the app by the developer and eases access to different platforms.

Native languages exist for almost every OS. By choosing native development, you will have to create two distinct apps if you want to see your project on both iOS and Android. This means the two apps will not have similar codes. The native solution, however, guarantees the highest quality.

If you opt for cross-platform development, your app will be accessible on various systems from a single code. The quality might be affected but the results can be excellent for certain types of apps. If this solution seems suitable for your project, you will have to find a cross-platform developer.

So, do you have an app idea and are you looking for the best mobile app developers to carry it out? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Yeeply, we are here to help you realise your project!

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