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Everything You Need to Know to Start the iOS Development of your App

Everything You Need to Know to Start the iOS Development of your App

If you run a startup or a SME and want to launch your own app, you may have found yourself in the dilemma of which iOS programming language to choose to make your app a reality.

You know that it is not an easy task and if you do not have technical knowledge in this area, the choice is even more complicated. Therefore, you want to help you understand the different options on the market, so that you can make the best choice for your iOS development.


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Things you should know before starting iOS development

Below is a brief list of key points to take into account when developing your iOS apps development.

1. Define your main purpose

Before starting to shape iOS app development, you must be clear about what specific problems you solve with the application, if there are other apps aimed at solving the same problems or what differences exist between your application and the rest. In this way, you will be able to build a functional and differentiating tool.  

2. Carry out market research

Knowing your public and segmenting it according to its characteristics will help you have a better overview. This information will serve as a guide for the iOS development of the app, making it useful and similar to the tastes of consumers, making it easier to achieve success with your product.

3. Devise a development plan

It should contain all the information you need and be as detailed as possible. It must reflect the tools that you are going to use, the characteristics of the interface, functionalities to be covered, the results that you hope to achieve and how to measure them. A good plan will allow improvements and changes to be made afterwards, if necessary.


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4. Capacity assessment

From the beginning it is convenient to decide if you want to involve your internal team or if you need to have a team of specialists such as an application developer, front-end, UX or even a project manager.

5. Consider native, hybrid, and web apps

When developing an application, you must take into account if your users are going to use it on any platform (tablets, computers, mobile phones…) or if you want its use to be focused, for example, only on their mobile phones. Based on this answer, you will have to choose between native, web or hybrid applications

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Types of solutions you can adopt in iOS development

It is not convenient to start a house from the roof. So that you can start building your application with a good foundation, we will tell you about different types of development solutions.

Native apps

For their development they use the native language of the device on which they are going to be installed. For Android they are developed in Java and on iOS with Objective-C or Swift.

These applications are recommended for the use of official tools for each type of platform.

Hybrid apps 

The first type of multiplatform apps. They are developed using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS web technologies, which will also run in the system’s native browser. 

Its creation is cheaper than native apps and it can be run on multiple devices, facilitating its distribution. 


The second type of multiplatform apps. Applications that are accessed from the mobile or tablet browser, and that work in the same way on all devices.

They reduce development costs and constitute the simplest solution. In addition, their compatibility and usability between devices make them very attractive.

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Freelance iOS developer UK working on an iOS development project. Source: Unsplash

The best iOS programming languages for app development

What is the iOS programming language for app development that you should choose? Next, we present the languages’ characteristics in order to help you make the right choice.

1. Swift

Language for developing macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and tvOS solutions. It works with the Cocoa, Cocoa Touch and Objective-C frameworks.

It’s open source, it guarantees good scalability and performance and it is secure. It is easy to use and makes the development process fast. 

However, it is a relatively new language so it has more limited resources than other languages ​​like Java. 

It is a good option if you want to create an application in a short time in a safe and reliable way. As it is regularly updated it also facilitates the introduction of improvements.

2. Objective-C

Originated as an extension to the C programming language and is primarily used to program Apple operating systems.

We highlight its dynamic writing and stability. However, it is a difficult language to learn and its functionalities are limited.

You should consider it only if you want to create an app that is available for all kinds of devices, including older versions of iOS that Swift doesn’t support.


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3. C#

One of the most popular programming languages. It is commonly used for applications on Windows, and today it can also be used to develop native software for virtually any platform, including iOS.

Some advantages are its high performance and speed, its open source, multiplatform support and its scalability. On the other hand, being based on the Microsoft .NET framework, it is not a very flexible language. 

It is a good option if you want to create mobile applications for Android.


In addition to creating websites, if you combine it with Apache Cordova or Visual Studio for Mac, it also allows us to develop apps for iOS.

It is very economical, it is multiplatform and allows you to create offline.

As drawbacks you have that it does not allow building native applications and can cause some problems in the responsive.

It is a perfect option if you want to develop a simple iOS application in a short time that can also be accessed offline

5. Java

It is another of the most popular languages ​​and one of the favourites for the development of Android applications, but it can also be used in multiplatform applications.

Its code doesn’t need compilation to run on any platform, it’s a flexible language, suitable for both native and cross-platform development.

As disadvantages we name its low performance and the need for a large storage memory.

If you already have an Android mobile app developed in Java, you might consider using the same programming language to create the iOS version.


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