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Enterprise Apps: the In-house Mobile Solution for your Business

Enterprise Apps: the In-house Mobile Solution for your Business

Nowadays, there are mobile apps for almost everything – from entertainment to news, sports and even apps that offer business solutions to companies. The last type of application is often referred to as an enterprise app.

Mobile apps for businesses are often meant to increase worker productivity, leverage big data and help optimise the efficiency of business processes.

Unlike consumer apps – like social media apps, gaming apps or e-commerce apps – enterprise apps don’t focus on the demands of individuals but on the specific needs of a business.

In this article, we’ll tell you more about the benefits of enterprise apps and the different types you can create for your business. Keep reading to find out more!


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Reasons why Enterprises build Mobile Apps

Enterprise applications are often designed to integrate with other applications used by the organisation and are created to be used across different networks.

The mobility of enterprises has increased significantly over the last two years. Here are a few reasons why an in-house app may be a great solution for your business:

Achieve greater ROI

One of the reasons companies are investing in mobility is to achieve a greater return on investment (ROI). According to VMware’s Digital Workspace report, companies across all industries that invest in mobility generate an average ROI of 150%.

While a commercial mobile app is sold to customers – where ROI is generated from premium versions, gamification elements etc. – the ROI of enterprise apps comes in the form of increased productivity and efficiency.

Employee Productivity

A mobile app for your business could help increase the productivity of employees by offering them the possibility to get work done without being in front of their computers. Enabling workers to update and finish tasks at every time and any place.

Enterprise mobility has become a must-have for any competitive business. Why? Because it gives real-time insights, live updates and a chance to save on operational expenses. Besides, companies that are following this mobile app trend are considered more attractive to potential employees.


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Optimise business processes

Another advantage of creating an app for your company is being able to optimise business processes. For example, you can decide to measure the time it takes to execute a task or process from the beginning until the end. Having access to this information will help to solve recurring problems and make important decisions.

The secret is to start tracking these time slots as soon as possible to investigate variations. With this data, an average time cycle can be determined, and deviations can be detected in time.

Leverage Big Data

Enterprise apps give employees the ability to access, for example, customer data in real-time. All important data of the organization is accessible on the go thanks to the connectivity of the internet with smart devices and mobile apps.

With these insights at hand, you provide your employees with all the relevant information they need to get a sense of what’s happening in the organization. Besides, it’s a great way to detect problems or opportunities at an earlier stage.

Information Source

Providing vital corporate information via an in-house app is a great way to reduce costs. Think about internal guidelines, equipment manuals, workplace safety standards or the terms of a bonus program. This way everyone has access to the same information and miscommunication can be prevented.

Also, the internal app can be used to communicate company news. For example, when new people are hired, important strategic decisions are made or any other news the entire organisation needs to know about.


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Types of Enterprise Apps for your Business

Now that we’ve discussed a few common benefits of creating an app for your business, we’re going to talk about the most common types. You can also check the best app business models for further info.

Enterprise apps can be divided into four major categories:

  • Enterprise systems. Meant to model and automate business processes by integrating information across different departments. Data that was previously fragmented in different systems can seamlessly flow across organisational levels and functions.
  • Supply chain management systems. Aimed to help businesses manage relationships with their suppliers. Logistics companies, distributors, purchasing firms and suppliers are able to share vital information so they can purchase, produce and deliver goods and services efficiently.
  • Customer relationship management systems. Meant to coordinate the interactions of a company with its customers in the areas of sales, marketing and service. This to increase turnover, improve customer satisfaction and optimise customer retention.
  • Knowledge management systems. Aimed to support processes to detect, codify and share specific knowledge. This to create new insights and integrate external information sources. If the company already uses an intranet, it can also be connected to the app.


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Optimising business processes, improving productivity and achieving greater ROI are just a few benefits enterprise apps can offer your business.

At Yeeply, we believe creating a mobile app for your business can solve internal problems. We see it as a modern way to collect, share and analyse internal data to help achieve goals in a more efficient way.

As an expert in the app development industry, we’ve helped many companies build an enterprise app to help differentiate themselves in a way they never managed before.

Are you exploring your options and searching for the right partner to develop a mobile app for your business? Contact us to discover how we can help you!

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