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Crowdsourcing and its utility for app development

Sometimes to outsource mobile app development can become too demanding. Not only the time that may be lost while looking for the developer who best suits the needs of the project, but also the fears that arise when a task is trusted to an external provider. Will the developer understand the objectives that you want to reach with the application? Shall the work of the developer be conforming to the parameters set by the company? Is it really a good option or are you wasting your money? To satisfy these doubts, you could use a methodology that is quit unknown in Spain, but that can be very useful for a lot of companies: crowdsourcing.

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What is crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is an open group, which outsource a number of tasks to a group of specialists in a given policy area. In the case of mobile applications, the companies or persons that are interested in obtaining a mobile application proposes their project to a community specialized in developing apps. The community of developers can contribute their knowledge and experience of mobile app development. This process can be solved in two ways: through collaboration, where several members of the community have solutions that meets the crowdsourcer, or by competition, where the crowdsourcer choose the expert whose proposal best meets the desired conditions.

Customers and developers can both get a number of benefits. On one hand, the crowdsourcer can get the mobile application that they need with a high quality and contact with the freelance developer who has solved their need, to contact him whenever you want. On the other hand, the freelance developers obtain economic satisfaction, social recognition, which will increase their self-, further develop their professional skills, business contacts, etc.

Advantages of crowdsourcing for companies

One of the most important advantages that crowdsourcing can give to companies, is reducing the costs, especially because now they do not lose time on searching a freelance developer. Since the project is exposed to a community with a large number of members, the solutions and offers will emerge quickly.  Además, si se opta por un modelo competitivo, los desarrolladores freelance pugnarán por ser elegidos ofreciendo propuestas de calidad.

Since the project is exposed to a community with a large number of members, the solutions quickly emerge. Also, if you choose for the competitive model, the developers will struggle to be elected for a project and will offer proposals of quality.

Moreover, companies can take advantage of the feedback that they receive from the developers. In the future, these professionals can become potential customers as consumers of mobile apps. Furthermore, as mobile developers, they know as the first one of the operation of the mobile market and the needs and expectations that consumers may have regarding an app.

Finally, crowdsourcing can lead to lower economic costs, although that will not happen in every case. In general, companies chose for outsourcing to reduce the investment cost. However, if you offer the freelance a little financial reward, this reduces the motivation and they could feel like their work is not as valued as it should be. For this reason it is essential that companies prove, above all, that the proposals they make them are conform to the conditions and needs of the project, without having to consider the price they will pay for the app.

If you want to develop a mobile application and you think that crowdsourcing could help you by developing the app that you want for your company, remember then that Yeeply has a community of more than 2200 freelance developers and app development companies. Trust them your project and receive a quality application fully optimizing economic investment and waiting times. Upload your project and choose the professional that fits you the best, it is that simple.

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