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Best productivity apps for 2018

Best productivity apps for 2018

It’s almost NYE, which means it’s time to set personal goals for next year. You might be thinking about proposals like eating healthier, getting more exercise or quit smoking. But what about work-related goals? Which things would you like to improve while being at the office?

When we look at productivity for example: do you consider yourself to be productive during the entire working day?

According to a study of vouchercloud, you are less than 3 hours productive during a regular working day of 8 hours. This study was conducted among nearly 2000 UK employees, all aged over 18 years, working fulltime in an office role.

If your answer is “no” to the question before, you belong to the 79% percent of the population among office workers that feel the same way. This means it’s time to find a way to get more productive and start to feel more satisfied with your work results once you are leaving the office.

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Top 10: best productivity apps

Here is a list of the best productivity apps that will help you to do more in less time. The apps are divided into two segments: apps that help you to manage your time more efficiently, and apps that will help you to keep your focus while completing your daily tasks.

Time savers

#1 Buffer

This app enables you to manage all your social media accounts in one place and can save you hours of content management. No more logging in to multiple accounts and having to post content at the time you want it to be public. Simply schedule posts and keep track of your performance on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Just add the text, link, image or video and choose when it has to be posted.

#2 Hours

This time tracker app will help you to stop forgetting about the time, note when you change tasks, and remind you to stop the timer after completing an assignment. You can easily set reminders, use timers to track how long you are working on something, and set time frames for completing a task. Challenge yourself to complete daily tasks faster than ever.

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#3 Pushbullet

This app syncs your computer with your phone, avoiding you need to switch between different devices while you’re working. This way, you can check your social media and other apps on your computer screen while your phone is plugged into the charger. The app is especially useful for people who use their phone for various tasks during the day.

#4 1Password

Go ahead, forget your passwords. This app remembers them all for you, which can save you a lot of time remembering and searching for passwords. 1Passwords is like a safe for all your login codes and keeps record of which password you used for each website you visit. This way you will be able to enter into sites with a single click.

#5 Trello

This management app gives you an overview of all your projects and tasks. You can use it at work or at home to manage your team and get your own tasks done on time. Create boards to organise anything you’re working on and invite coworkers to collaborate. Within a board, you can create cards that include a specific task where you can add checklists and assign it to yourself or to your coworkers. Furthermore, the app is free and even supports the Apple Watch.

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Stay focused

#6 Strides

Strides is a habit-forming app that helps you to reach your goals. It works highly motivational and allows you to set goals and easily keep track of them on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Every goal you set includes a Target, Habit, Average and Project tracker. Set goals for anything you want to improve, whether it’s health, business, money or productivity related.

#7 Noisli

This app helps you to improve your focus and boost productivity. Noisli provides you with a list of sounds that put you in the focus zone and help you concentrate. The app includes noises like the sound of dripping rain, calm waves, chirping birds or a crisping fireplace. You can create a mix of different sounds and discover which sounds really help you to focus.

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#8 Writeroom

If your daily tasks require a lot of writing, Writeroom can help you to finish these tasks more quickly. This app enables you to write without any distractions and is only available to Mac. It’s a free solution that blocks out every other part of your screen and forces you to only focus on the document in front of you. This way you won’t get distracted from your work by emails, notifications or chats that are popping up the whole time.

#9 Siteblock

Another solution for people that are easily distracted by surfing on the internet, Siteblock could be a great solution. In case you have a bookmark from a tech blog or social media channel that you can’t stop looking at every 30 minutes, just block it with this extension. Although this is not really an app, this chrome extension could be a real time saver. Get rid of your bad clicking habit and concentrate on the tasks that really matter.  

#10 Forest

Put down your phone and focus on what’s more important at work. Plant a tree whenever you want to focus and set a timer of 25 minutes for example. The tree will grow in the following time, as long as you won’t answer calls, surf the internet or check emails. Once you exit the app to do something else, the tree will die. If you stick to your tasks without getting distracted by your phone, you will eventually build a forest of trees. A great way to look back to see how productive you have been during the last weeks.

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Find out which apps are the most effective for you and get ready for a fresh start in 2018. Focus on productivity rather than the number of hours you are spending on a task. Get more done in less time.

? Happy New Year!  ?

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