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The Best Apps for Entrepreneurs

The Best Apps for Entrepreneurs

Nowadays it has become very difficult to find someone who does not have a smartphone.

One of the reasons why these devices have become so popular is the use of apps. Applications have crept into our daily lives and have helped us make life a little easier.

We no longer only enjoy useful apps in our daily lives, entrepreneurs can also benefit from multiple advantages when using specific apps in their companies.


Advantages of using apps for enterprise

The reason why apps have moved from our personal lives to our professional lives is because of the many benefits and versatility they bring to businesses.

If your company has a need, almost certainly there are already apps for entrepreneurs that solve it.

Among the main advantages that make mobile apps a great work tool for all types of entrepreneurs is their accessibility. We no longer need to be in front of the computer to carry out any action in our company. It is enough to have our smartphone at hand. 

How can the use of an app help your company?

We can manage our business remotely, send an email, a quote and even have a meeting wherever we are, we just have to take our phone out of our pocket.

Another point in favor of mobile applications is that they streamline and improve processes through specific apps. They allow us to optimize steps, perform repetitive tasks automatically and more efficiently, saving us time that we can dedicate to other tasks that do require all our attention.

And last but not least, apps allow us to increase our productivity.  

As an entrepreneur, time is rarely in abundance and you have to juggle the hours of the day to reach the objectives that we have set for ourselves in the morning and the applications are a good help to organize ourselves and save time to the maximum.


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The 10 best apps for entrepreneurs

Although there are as many apps as there are types of businesses and needs, we have compiled a list of some of most useful and popular:


If you’re the type of person who jots down all your ideas, but then can’t find your notes, Evernote is for you.

This application saves notes, photos, audio files, documents and web pages

It helps capture and organize ideas and more, automatically synchronizes with other platforms you are using, facilitating access, sharing files with other people and even scanning documents.


Inspiration is everywhere, but we can’t always read that interesting article or watch that inspiring video. The Pocket app solves that problem by allowing the user to manage different reading lists and consume content saved in multiple formats, even offline. It also allows you to categorize the files in our personal area.


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If you have a project on your hands, Trello can be your salvation. It is a collaborative organization app, in which, through an intuitive system of colored labels, you can see who is working on each task and the status of each one of them. It allows you to add lists, attach files, leave comments and share boards. 

But not only do you have to create collaborative projects. You can also use it for your personal projects and organize the steps you must take and have everything organized in one place. A marvel!


If you can’t hire a graphic designer right now and you need to do, for example, an infographic, you can do it yourself through Canva

It is a design tool for beginners that will help you create all kinds of visual content such as invoices, budgets, posts for social networks, presentations and a thousand other things without dying trying. It puts at your disposal a highly intuitive interface with countless templates and options with which to make unique creations.


“Errr… and what was the password?” With so much on your mind, it can be cumbersome to remember passwords that are often a combination of several letters and numbers. 

With a free version Available for PC and Mac, Lastpass is your personal password manager that frees you from remembering your passwords. 

The premium version costs $12 and can be downloaded to your mobile device.


Today our calendars are full of meetings and different events and to take everything it is essential to have it written down. 

Google Calendar is an agenda and electronic calendar developed by Google to write down, prioritize and plan events, meetings or any appointment, both personal and professional, in one place.

You can add multiple calendars and share them, allowing various levels of access for different users. 

apps for enterprise
Mobile applications for entrepreneurs. Source: Pexels


If you want to put into practice one of the fashionable strategies, email marketing, we bring you a very useful app for entrepreneurs.

Mailchimp is a simple tool that will make it much easier for you to send personalized emails to capture the attention of potential customers. In just a few clicks you can have an email marketing strategy that will speed up your sales.


A good level of productivity begins with good time management and in this sense, Toggl is of great help.

Toggl Track is time tracking software that allows you to tag different tasks and projects so you can know exactly how much time you spend on each type of work. This time control will help you to optimize your productivity.


One of the basic things when running a company is to keep financial management up to date. Through the Mint, the task of administration and monitoring is much easier.

Unify bank accounts, bills, credit cards and investments in a single application so that you can have all your financial information in one place.


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Running our company’s social networks is essential, but it’s not always easy. Buffer is a set of social media marketing tools that make your task much easier.

Help schedule your posts, view performance analytics, or manage access by assigning different roles.

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