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Apps to increase the productivity of your SME

If you want to improve the productivity of your SME, there are five mobile apps that you cannot do without. Previously in the Yeeply blog we wrote about how apps are necessary for your SME. Now we want to present five essential applications  to improve the productivity of your company. These are mobile applications that will help you in your daily tasks like: both to manage activities and improve communication with your employees and customers.

5 apps to increase the productivity of your SME

  • RescueTime: an effective tool to help you manage your time at the computer. It allows you to control how much time to spend on each task and suggests if you have managed your time well to accomplish a job. It also lets you organize your time assigning different time slots and alerts you when that period is over and you are to move to the next task. RescueTime also allows you to block certain web pages that can become a distraction while working. Ideal for managing your time effectively and efficiently.
  • YAMMER: it is a kind of ‘twitter’ but for employees of the same company. It is an internal communication tool that works through the intranet but also can invite strategic contacts from the outside of the company. You can also write private messages between the members. It is an edgy and informal manner that various company employees express their thoughts or desires without resorting to the traditional channels of mail or chat
  • TURBOSCAN: this application allows you to transform your smartphone camera into a scanner if you are outside the office and need to scan documents to work with them online or send them. Ideal  when you have to make a business trip or if your business goes long periods of working away from the office.
  • RAPPORTIVE: it is a tool that allows you to identify the sender of an email in your email inbox. It is very simple, by only putting the mouse cursor over the name it will tell you who the sender is, will show his profile picture on social networks or will show you the latest tweets he has written.
  • TEAMVIEWER: is an app that lets you manage any computer via Internet or to make online meetings for up to 25 participants.

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