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The 6 Best Examples of Successful Super Apps

The 6 Best Examples of Successful Super Apps

There are already applications for everything, but the Super Apps come to make our daily lives even easier. 

It is a new model of applications, which instead of focusing on a single function, encompasses different solutions for different problems, so that using a single app, we can solve most of our needs.

In Asia, the use of this type of apps is widespread. For example, there are already more than 120 million people using the popular WeChat Super App.


What is a Super App?

A super app is like a Russian doll with multiple compartments inside. Each of these compartments is a mini-application with a specific function (messaging service, payments, etc.). The set and fusion of all these mini applications occurs in the operating system of the Super App that operates, manages and centralises different needs in a single place.

These types of apps offer a fluid, efficient, contextualised and integrated experience. In contexts such as finance, they help consolidate different services to facilitate, for example, data analysis. They also serve to promote economies of scale, as they take advantage of the effect of having a large user network. They even give a better and more personalised user experience for all types of sectors, with the consumer being able to make a large number of adjustments of their choice.

The concept of super application is expanding and generating platforms for workflow, messaging and collaborative work

Over time, these Super Apps are expected to incorporate elements such as chatbots, IoT, and even experiences in the metaverse.


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Necessary characteristics that an application must have to be a Super App 

How do we distinguish an app from a Super App? As we explained a few lines above, the Super Apps encompass different services in the same program.  

These are the main functionalities that Super Apps can include:

1. Social platform

They must have an instant messaging platform that helps create a community around the application, through interaction with other users. 

2. Financial services

A good banking function is essential, since through the Super App you can make purchases and bank transfers and even pay for services.

3. Services and online purchases

Currently we no longer only access the purchase of objects through the internet, we also obtain access to all kinds of services. We can hire services such as transportation, health or delivery.

4. Inclusion and social responsibility

It is essential that the application be accessible and navigable for all ages and social groups and must take into account groups with disabilities such as hearing, cognitive, vision problems, etc.

5. Data privacy

These applications are a juicy source of data for hackers, especially for financial data. Therefore, super applications must place special emphasis on avoiding attacks that compromise the security of their users’ data.

successfull examples of superapp
All the benefits of a Super App at your fingertips. Source: Unsplash

The main advantages of Super Apps

Super Apps are beneficial for both end users and businesses. These are the main advantages of this technology:

1. It reduces the risk associated with product launches 

This is because user communities are very broad and cover larger regions of the public.

2. They attract more investors

These super applications attract many more users, which means a high business and economic potential.


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3. They Build Strong Customer Bases

By integrating different services, they have the opportunity to attract more audience and make it easily loyal.

4. Save development costs

The “mini-applications” that make up a super application, by having common integrations, allow them to be included more easily within a Super App.

5. Regroup users from other platforms

By encompassing different functionalities, Super Apps can reduce the costs of acquiring new customers, since it will be easier for them to migrate to these more complete platforms.

6. Better knowledge of customers

Thanks to the automatic synchronisation of data from users’ social and financial profiles, much more complete and useful profiles can be created without the need to pay for additional studies.

7. Get a higher billing

Being applications with a greater number of users, the overall spending on the application increases as its functionalities grow.

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6 examples of successful Super Apps

1. WeChat

It is the most popular Chinese super messaging application right now and a resounding success story within the Super Apps.

In addition to its traditional messaging service, WeChat has dozens of mini services. These services include, for example, chatting, live streaming, shopping, ordering food delivery or booking a trip, all from this same application. It is estimated that its users spend more than 4 hours a day on this application.

2. Grab

In its early days, Grab was a ride-sharing service like Uber. However, the application took a turn and in 2018 it joined different financial institutions giving rise to GrabPay. 

Currently GrabPay is a very successful super financial application where 187 million users make about 25 million transactions on a monthly basis. Its services include the purchase of movie tickets, hotel reservations, delivery or commercial loans.

3. Revolut

Revolut is one of the Super Apps in Europe and has developed one of the few financial super apps that are used all over the world. This app was the first whose goal was to help people make better financial decisions.

In addition to carrying out more than 150 million monthly transactions, it uses a policy to help its clients improve their financial health, putting dozens of innovative products at their fingertips.

4. OMNi 

It is one of the fastest growing super apps in Central America. It launched in 2019 and has seen an increase of 500,000 downloads in less than a year. With these figures, it has become the most downloaded application in the Costa Rican Google Play store. According to its founders, this rapid growth has occurred thanks to listening to the needs of Costa Rican society, to which they have provided solutions through their app.

OMNi is a platform that facilitates health care services, finances, transportation and even shared bikes.

5. Gojek 

It is the first unicorn company in Indonesia which began its journey in 2010 offering food delivery services. It currently has GoRide, GoShop, GoSend and GoFoof and has become one of the best applications in the world, offering more than 20 different services. Because of this, it is the most popular digital payment provider in Indonesia.

The Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam are among the nations where Gojek operates. 

6. Zalo

Like WeChat, this app started out as a simple Vietnamese messaging app. However, it became popular thanks to its good performance and now has almost 70 million active users, more than Facebook Messenger. 

Currently, in addition to messaging, it offers HD image sharing and video calls and made the leap to super applications thanks to ZaloPay, where users can pay bills and transfer money directly in the chat bar. It is currently adding functionalities such as a gaming platform or shopping at the supermarket.


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At Yeeply we help you develop your Super App

As you have seen, shaping a Super App is not an easy task. Our advice is to always start with a base version, an VPN to test the app and then add more features and services over time according to user demand and feedback.

This type of pattern increases the chances of success, allows costs to be broken down and helps control the flow of activities in its development.

At Yeeply we always follow this methodology that allowed us to deliver more than 2,000 projects successfully. 

Remember that if you are looking for help, at Yeeply we have a team of professionals who can help you carry out your project.

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