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5 reasons why Recruitment Agencies need an App

5 reasons why Recruitment Agencies need an App

There’s an app for that’ isn’t just a catchy tagline, it’s now used as a joke amongst friends. But, so often, it is also true. There is a steady increase in the development of mobile apps in areas that have traditionally been web or email-based.

One of these areas is recruitment. Recruitment agencies usually have a website but things change daily. Often a website can’t keep up with the turnover of jobs being filled and new jobs coming in. There is also a need to attract new candidates to your agency, as well as jobs for them to do.

Today’s candidates are expecting something more. Most candidates have the following things in common:

  • They are comfortable with tech.
  • They use apps for other interactions and expect most companies to have a mobile solution for them.
  • They want to receive alerts and notifications wherever they are but discreetly as they might still be in another job.

A mobile job app can address issues like this as well as offering so much more. Here are our 5 reasons why recruitment agencies need to consider app development.

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1. App features that work for the Recruitment sector

Recruitment is fast-paced. Using an app often gives you faster information on candidates and will notify them faster than sending an email. An app can send push-notifications when jobs are posted that match their profile listing.

Engagement is higher in apps. Candidates can send messages directly to the recruiter who posted the job. It is a chance to ask any questions and find out more about the position.

An app simplifies the process of searching for suitable positions. Apps using scrolling and touchscreen make applying for positions easier and makes candidates more likely to apply for positions that they see and like. Search can also be used as a sliding scale to adjust for expected salary and other benefits.

Tiger Recruitment is the first secretarial agency in the UK to have developed its own bespoke app. Their features include jobs searches and notifications. They also send out hire updates on new jobs, including an ‘urgent’ feature for out-of-hours requests. This is especially useful for temporary positions.

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2. Contact candidates wherever they are

A constant issue for recruitment agencies is contacting candidates. Often candidates work at one job while looking for another. You want to keep in touch with them but also be discreet.

Sometimes recruiters’ messages get drowned out in a sea of emails. Using an app gives you direct access to candidates. As we mentioned, an app gives you the chance to engage more with candidates. It also gives candidates the chance to have up-to-date job information on their mobile. They can check notifications when it is best for them and reply quickly.

Taking their job search away from email gives advantages on both sides. Recruiters are also able to update candidates more quickly as things change. Getting feedback from an interview or finding out if they’ve been shortlisted no longer takes a series of phone calls when an update on the app can do the same.

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3. Make a splash in your niche

Many recruiters find themselves in direct competition with big sites like Monster, Indeed, and Reed. One way that recruiters mark themselves out from these sites is to specialise in one niche. They have contacts and jobs that other firms don’t have access to. This, in turn, attracts more candidates. Those looking for the best jobs in their niche will come to them.

This is also an area where developing a custom app for your recruitment agency can help. Candidates know from your reputation that you are the place to go for jobs in their sector. Downloading your app is their way to access the jobs that only you have.

Specialist recruitment firm Charles Levick work solely in the financial sector. As they put it:

‘We know our market, we take time to know our candidates and clients and we take pride in delivering a world class professional service.’

Building an app is a great way to showcase your expertise in your sector.

4. Real-time updates for temporary positions

As well as permanent jobs, many recruitment agencies specialise in offering temporary positions. In this environment having up-to-date information about availability and jobs available is key for both recruiters and candidates.

Using an app is more convenient for candidates. This makes them more likely to sign up to your agency. The app can easily give you access to real-time information on their availability so you don’t have to call around to find out who can fill a position.

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5. Apps give you more mobile-friendly options

As we mentioned before many candidates are already working on another job. Candidates are more likely to check their job search on mobile, not wanting to be seen job hunting at workIf candidates are checking your website on mobile it is key that your website is optimised for mobile. If it isn’t then building an app is a great way to build something for mobile while you work on your website.

Kashif Naqshbandi, Chief Marketing Officer at Mason Frank International, gives this as the exact reason they decided to build an app:

“We identified issues with the usability of our website on mobile. The site wasn’t as responsive as we’d like, sometimes hindering the candidate’s ability to apply for jobs. This is why we created the Mason Frank mobile app, helping us bridge the gap between user and mobile, making our user experience as efficient as possible.”

If your website isn’t a good experience, users will go elsewhere. By offering them an app you are able to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Mobile-first is a key trend. With this in mind, having an app is a great way to give your brand further reach and ensure that your recruitment agency goes from strength to strength. We hope that this gives you some food for thought as you consider an app as part of your overall strategy for the future.


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