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5 best practices for mobile app development


As you know, in Yeeply we help app developers throughout the whole process of finding app projects that fit their skills and knowledge. Besides advising both sides throughout the process of mobile app development, we mediate between both parties and reduce the risks incurred in outsourcing mobile app development projects.

However, the process of mobile app development –regarding programming itself– is a task that app developers carry out by themselves. Therefore, to succeed and avoid making silly mistakes in mobile app development, we would like to point out some tips to improve the whole process and thrive in the development of mobile apps.

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1. Knowing the market of mobile app development

The most important thing for mobile app development professionals is to know what is happening in their environment. Whether we speak of a development company with a large team or a freelance developer, it is essential to know what’s going on in the mobile app development industry to be able to keep up, be competitive and offer a product that is both up-to-date and innovative. Falling behind in terms of technology, design or mobile marketing can prove fatal and mean our death knell as professionals.

And yes, being updated in mobile marketing and design is also a must. Even though you might only have been commissioned for the development of mobile apps, it is advisable to know a little about trends in other disciplines related with the mobile app industry. It may be enough to keep track of what has been done regarding the development of successful mobile apps similar to our own.

In other words, if you are an Android developer, it is best to know the mobile app development industry for Android in full. You will have to know what trends in app design are coming this next 2015, what kind of designs work well, how to program the app to optimize it for mobile marketing strategies and even start developing mobile apps having already in mind which kind of business model they will follow and apply such choices to their programming and design accordingly.

2. Keep a close eye on design trends but… Distinguish yourself!

It is exactly so. You have to be aware of the current trends in app design. We come across lately with many functional designs that blend intuitive designs with skeuomorphism. These face flat design, which is well known and familiar among mobile app development professionals and is still currently widely used in mobile applications.

But most important is that, although you may be inspired by successful designs, you have to distinguish yourself. Stand out! This way you will get the user to hold your app as innovative, distinctive and bringing an added value.

3. Security, among the most valued in mobile app development

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We have very specific data on how security issues are approached by companies and throughout mobile app development. And the sheer truth is that they are not given the importance they hold, resulting in gaps in app security.

A study carried out by IBM –reflected upon this information graphics– indicates that 50% of companies do not budget a single cent on mobile app security. Also, 40% of companies do not review the code of their apps looking for security vulnerabilities.

On average –and in general–, companies do not even review half of the apps they create and 33% of them never check security or the errors that arise. This means that as much as 1,000 million records with personal data were exposed to cyberattacks in 2014.

This is the reason why either as developers or as entrepreneurs we must be particularly careful with security issues and establish a proper mobile app development process to avoid our apps from being hacked and customer or user information from being stolen. This is also one of the most valued aspects by mobile app users.

The mobile app development process of an app whose security may not be disrupted will always be better. If an app is private, its users should feel reassured, knowing that their data and private information lay in good hands.

4. Testing: eliminate errors!

All programming work should be tested before being delivered. Regardless of it being a web, a computer program or an application. Being a good application developer involves delivering perfect work. For any given developer, this is one of the keys to success.

As experts in development of mobile apps, we advise that only carrying out your own testing on your app is not enough. Have another developer test it and, thus, obtain additional professional feedback on your mobile app development procedures.

Likewise, try to get someone’s opinion from outside the app development world who is an average user for an unbiased view of your work. Is it functional? Does it contain any errors? Only then should the work be delivered to the client.

5. Provide ongoing support

A good way to please your customer a great deal is providing him with ongoing support, even if the project has been a one-time work. In other words, assure him that you will keep the app you’ve created working along time. It is not all about mobile app development.

In fact, customers appreciate quite a lot that you get involved in the project. And besides, you will greatly benefit from it. You will have a small amount of regular income for the app’s maintenance and if it was properly developed it will only need some small changes over the time. It is an offer that will come in handy to retain customers and to generate a good image amongst other potential customers.

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