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Interview with Héctor Badal (Yeeply) – How to take advantage of Digital Transformation in the post Covid-19

Interview with Héctor Badal (Yeeply) – How to take advantage of Digital Transformation in the post Covid-19

Spokesperson Name: Héctor Badal Rodríguez

Position: Founder and COO at Yeeply 


First of all, how are you and your family doing in these times of COVID-19?

We have been very fortunate, being able to work remote, we have been able to look after and protect our family. I imagine it has been a difficult time for many families but together we have pulled through. And it seems we now have reason to be relieved. 

Tell us about yourself, your career, how you founded or joined this company

We founded Yeeply 9 years ago. Our idea was to establish ourselves as a technological partner for anyone who needed a digital project. Our strong point has been to offer comprehensive support, giving the client maximum flexibility, and always guaranteeing the highest possible quality.

We have partners throughout Europe, certified directly by us. This great variety allows us to carry out any type of digital project with any necessary technology.

This has allowed us to become very strong in the development of apps, web pages and digital transformation, both in Spain and in the rest of Europe, and have the opportunity to work with large companies such as Repsol, LaLiga, Acciona, Yellow Pages or SMEs with enormous potential such as Fermax, Aquaservice, Balearia…


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How does your company innovate?

Yeeply is innovation itself. We were born and have grown to revolutionise the way of working. Contracting digital and technological projects remotely, which is now a reality, has always been our way of being, among other examples.

Our extensive experience allows us to be a point of reference for companies, SMEs and large industrial companies that want to be more efficient thanks to new technologies.

Covid has made companies prioritise their digital transformation and we provide them with our experience and that of our highly qualified experts to meet their needs.

Yeeply innovates by providing all the latest technologies that bring improvements to management systems, planning systems and industrial processes, making companies more effective, efficient and competitive. 

We are capable of doing this very efficiently by applying trends and transformations from one sector to another, with the value that this brings to companies.

Our philosophy is to promote and accelerate the digital transformation of companies with a specific focus on the digitisation of processes and management, covering areas such as information exchange, data analysis and the use of the cloud.

For this transformation to be successful, we must put data at the centre of all our projects and never forget cybersecurity as a fundamental part of the business system, to protect the investment and efforts that digitalization entails.

Digitalisation process in smes and startups
Digitisation and digital transformation of companies. Source: Pixabay

How has the coronavirus pandemic affected your business and how are you dealing with it?

The pandemic was a bit of a strange time for us, but we learned a lot from it.

According to a recent EY Global Capital Confidence Barometer survey conducted in 46 different countries, 70% of respondents have adapted digital transformation to their internal processes. 

This translated into a 240% increase in the number of projects posted during the lockdown period compared to the same period the previous year. However, this dramatic increase in quantity has not translated into the same quality of projects we receive. 

The conclusion we can draw is that the pandemic has forced many companies to open their eyes to the need to undertake a digital transformation. However, this rapid acceleration of digitisation and the race for innovation has caught many of these companies off guard. 

Many projects we receive do not even come close to meeting the basic requirements to be considered. For this reason, we are and continue to be committed to supporting Design Thinking, the prior study of projects, which will help our clients analyse their needs as accurately as possible and identify the best solution. 

Strategic advice, project support, training, planning, guidance and after-sales customer service are the key elements that have marked our strategy after the coronavirus pandemic.


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Have you had to make difficult decisions and what are the lessons learned?

The pandemic had significant repercussions throughout the business world, and not even Yeeply was spared in this regard. As the founder of the company, I had to make some difficult and irreversible decisions.

First of all, we had to review our marketing strategy, choosing to cut part of the budget previously allocated to certain activities and redirect it to achieve the same results but at a lower cost, thus making the strategy more effective.

The second turning point, and the most complex decision, was letting go of some colleagues and friends who brought a lot of quality and personal and professional value to Yeeply and to me personally. But fortunately all the colleagues soon found their place as they were magnificent professionals. 

What this pandemic has taught not only me, but I think all entrepreneurs and management bodies in charge of a company, is that digital transformation is now within everyone’s reach and that it is an obligation rather than a necessity. Personally, the biggest lesson is that I am now aware that we need to take a proactive approach to change.

In this sense top management needs to take it upon themselves to drive the digitisation of the business from the top, making sure that change is perceived and transmitted through the various corporate fabrics so that it is recognised as an essential approach to adapt and survive.

The pandemic has made us see that we cannot continue postponing the digitization of companies.

E6 Ebook transformación digital

What specific tools, software and management skills are you using to get through this crisis?

One of Yeeply’s strengths that has set us apart since the company’s founding has been our ability to adopt practices to digitise our business processes and improve them over the years. In this sense, the cornerstone of our business model is our online platform, which allows us to quickly and efficiently manage all the projects we receive from our Leads, as well as manage our collaborations with our service providers. And always in a remote format and oriented to remote working.

Thanks to the initial investment in this digital tool, we have been able to improve our administrative and commercial processes year after year, making them agile, effective and efficient, which translates into better sales performance, reduced costs and maximum service to the customer.

Regarding our way of serving our clients, in addition to offering all the technologies that we have mentioned above, I would undoubtedly highlight the design and management method that we propose and that we always recommend adopting, Design Thinking accompanied by Lean and Agile Methodologies. This methodology allows improving the management of companies in all their processes, making them efficient in all conditions, agile and proactive when adapting to change.


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Who are your competitors? And how do you plan to stay in the game?

To stay in the game, we will do what we have always done: promote innovation and deliver ever more effective and efficient integrated business management systems, believe in our projects and those of our customers, and provide 360-degree support at all project stages in a clear and transparent way, connecting them with the best teams of developers around the world and paying the utmost attention to customer service.

Our platform has been structured to improve the search and facilitate the selection of a supplier, reducing the risk of project failure and increasing the efficiency of contracting technological resources that are so complex today. 

All this benefits the customer in terms of quality of service and costs, both in terms of time and expenses.

Thanks to our large number of partners and Yeeply project managers, we are able to organise an integrated digital transformation strategy with profiles from different disciplines. Big companies, SMEs or Startups do not have to think about anything other than explaining what they need.


What Yeeply aspires to is to be your associate, your partner in defining the strategy and digital transformation of your company.


Through an agile methodology, good communication and very competitive deadlines and prices

If you need support for your digital project, do not hesitate to contact us.

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