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Interview with Carlos Ferrando about the Closca Water App

Interview with Carlos Ferrando about the Closca Water App

Closca has recently developed and launched its new Closca Water App with the help of Yeeply.

The company was born as a response to the climate crisis arising from a social and cultural crisis. Its objective: 

Tackling the global need for water consumption and trying to make single-use plastic bottles a concept of the past.

Finding, transporting, and consuming water in a conscious way is the change of attitude of this new plastic-free community that counts on tools such as Closca Water App, Closca Bottle & Bottle Wave to become ambassadors of this movement. 

We spoke to Carlos Ferrando, CEO of Closca, about how the company is trying to raise environmental awareness and how the app is helping to achieve this goal.

Tell us about yourself in one sentence.

I strongly believe that the planet is a reflection of the society that inhabits it, and that we must commit to making ourselves more worthy of a better planet. Working towards this end, I work every day at Closca to inspire the change that the planet needs.

Can you tell us about Closca (Missions, vision, audience, problem you’re trying to solve).

Closca is the Valencian brand that uses design and innovation to encourage us to think and inspire us to change our habits to make a positive impact on the planet. 

With its products, Closca invites us not only to think but also to share the message so that we can act as a society to combat the problem of climate change. Even small changes in our habits, like ditching the car and getting around by bike or scooter, or using reusable bottles instead of plastic ones for drinking water, help reduce the negative impact of our consumption habits on the planet.

What was the project presented to Yeeply?

The project was the Closca Water App. It is the first free mobile app that allows you to not only find water wherever you are and record your daily hydration. You can also measure in real time the positive impact that your sustainable habit has on the planet. And in this way, make your efforts in the fight against the plastic crisis tangible.

As a company, why was this project important and what were its objectives?

At Closca we believe that the climate crisis stems from a social and cultural crisis. 

#MyLastPlasticBottle is our movement to address the global need for water consumption and aims to make single-use plastic bottles a thing of the past.

Finding, carrying and consuming water in a conscious way is the change of attitude of this new plastic-free community that already has tools such as Closca Water App, Closca Bottle and Bottle Wave to become ambassadors of this movement.

Source: Closca Water App

Why did you decide to outsource the development of your project and work with an external team?

When we decided to tackle the plastic challenge with the #MyLastPlasticBottle challenge, we did not have the necessary talent internally to develop the application we were dreaming of.

For this reason, and because we wanted to have the best people to make it happen.

What were your main objectives when looking for a team to outsource the project?

The fundamental objective was to create a great digital product at all levels. It had to be an application that would add value to the user, with a good interface, but at the same time be very intuitive and easy to use for people of all ages – a challenge in itself!

What were your main objectives and expectations when publishing your project in Yeeply?

Yeeply has a large portfolio of professionals so our goal was to find the perfect team to realise our idea: to create a free mobile app that allows you to find water wherever you are and measure your positive impact in real-time.

Closca CEO with the product. Source: Closca

Why did you finally choose Yeeply to carry out your project?

We knew the company, we knew of their good work and great talent and the communication was superfluid from the first moment. We made a great team! And that was reflected in the final result of the product.

What were the services outsourced with Yeeply? What did the project include?

At Closca we had a clear idea of what we wanted to achieve and how we would like it to be and we were missing the development of the application, which Yeeply took care of. We had in mind an application that, like Google maps, would guide you to points where you could refill your bottle and drink water without using plastic. This had to be done in a very simple and intuitive way, and Yeeply was the key to this. All the technical and navigational aspects fell to them, as they had the expertise.

What team did you work with via Yeeply? What would you say were their strengths and why were they a good match for your project?

Yeeply was our technical support, the “pillar” that Closca lacked internally and that they were able to deliver in a very natural way. The agile and efficient way of working was the highlight in the development of the project. When you work with ease, it reflects in the result 😉

How was the development process with Yeeply? Could you describe it?

The process of working with Yeeply was very smooth from the beginning. From making contact, planning the project, managing and executing it… always co-creating and working as a team. It’s a pleasure when talent and good execution come together as a team.

How was the communication with the team you worked with? And the general experience?

At Closca we are very happy with the way the whole project was developed. Communication was always fluid and the treatment was always attentive and added value to the project. Of course we recommend it 100%.

How do you feel about the results and the final version of your project?

As a mobile application, it is constantly evolving and developing but we were very satisfied with the version we made with Yeeply.

Closca Water App home screens. Source: Closca Water App

Can you explain to us what the application can do and what kind of benefits do your customers have from this application?

The current version of the app has different functionalities but always with the same goal: to stop using plastic bottles for drinking water and to receive rewards for a positive footprint on the planet.

The app allows you to: 

  1. Connect your Closca reusable bottle.
  2. Locate water refill points to refill your bottle. There are more than 240,000 worldwide.
  3. Join challenges and be part of a global movement.
  4. Earn points redeemable for rewards on the Closca marketplace.
  5. Measure your positive impact by drinking water without generating plastic waste.

Is the application still updated regularly? New functionalities etc.

Yes, we are always working to improve the user experience. From visuals and content to usability and the creation of new functionalities that help to achieve the ultimate goal, which is to use technology and an everyday element such as the mobile phone to stop generating plastic waste when drinking water.

Would you recommend Yeeply for any kind of development?

Of course! They are super easy to work with. Agile methodologies, good communication and deadlines, and very competitive prices. Closca recommends Yeeply 100%.

If you’re looking for the best app development experts for your digital project, tell us what you need. We’ll be happy to help you.

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